(The scene cuts to the Teletubbies giggling on the platform of Knapford Station)

Teletubbies: Eh-oh.

Narrator: The Teletubbies were very proud with Thomas.

Teletubbies: Very proud.

Narrator: And The Fat Controller had told Thomas's friends to make him feel welcome.

Teletubbies: Oooh.

Narrator: So... Po wanted to do something special for Thomas.

Po: (Gasps; Giggles) Special for Thomas.

The other Teletubbies: Oooh.

Narrator: So... Po got herself ready for her special thing.

Po: Special thing.

(The Teletubbies walk out of the Love Home)

(The scene cuts to the toys in the spare room in Ant & Dec's room)

Woody: Hey, Buzz? Do you think Thomas made a good find?

Buzz: Hmm. I think he did make a good choice of a find. Besides... he's fallen in love with someone from India.

Woody: You mean Ashima, Buzz.

Buzz: Yeah. Her.

(Woody, Buzz and Jessie jump down from the window and along with the others walk towards Thomas and Ashima's room)

Jessie: Guys. When he told us about that cave exit find, we were all blown away by it.

Woody: Yeah. And besides, what could he do next, eh?

(The scene cuts to Thomas and Ashima in the river)

Thomas: Ashima? Do you ever think I'll find something better than the cave exit?

Ashima: (Chuckles) Maybe. I don't think you'll find anything better than the cave exit.

(Thomas and Ashima hear Po giggling)

Thomas: What's Po giggling for?

Ashima: Maybe for something cool.

(The scene cuts to the Teletubbies)

Narrator: Laa-Laa called Thomas and Ashima over to see Po do her special thing.

Laa-Laa: (Gasps) Laa-Laa call Thomas and Ashima. Yay. (Calls out) Thomas and Ashima?!

Thomas: What is is, Laa-Laa?

Ashima: What do you want?

(Thomas and Ashima puff backwards)

Laa-Laa: Look.

Thomas: Wow. That's kind of... um...

Ashima: That's kind of boring if you ask...

Po: Yāt, yih, sàam!

(Po hits the rock and it flies through the air)

Ant: Oh my God.

Thomas: Wow.

Ashima: That was cool.

Thomas: I didn't know that a Teletubby had such great moves.air

Dec: Hang on a minute.

Ant: There's a door there.

Dec: And there's Mike.

Teletubbies: Uh-Oh.

Ant: That's not good.

Dec: (clicks tongue)

(The rock continues flying and goes through the door)

(Bones cracking are heard as the door closes)

(Mike screams)

Ant: Ooh.

Basil Brush: Heh. I'm sure he'll be fine. No pain no gain as they say. (Looking at us) At least that's what Crash and Eddie say. (Chuckles)

Thomas: Where are you going, boys?

Ant: Oh. We're just going to, uh....

Dec: Make a contest.

Thomas: Oh, right.

Dec: Right. Let's get started.

Ant: See ya later.

Ashima: Ready, Thomas?

Thomas: Yes. I'm good. Ready....

(Thomas's wheels start to turn)

Thomas: Steady....

Annie: Thomas? Don't even....

Thomas: Go!

(Thomas and Ashima puff out of Knapford fast)

Annie: Think about iiiiiiit!

(Annie and Clarabel shout)

(Thomas toots)

Ant: Hey. What shall we do next, huh? I wanna play some snooker.

Dec: Well, I wanna play some golf.

Ant: Well. To settle this....

(The scene cuts to Lightning McQueen and Mater)

Mater: (whispering) Hey, buddy? What are they doing?

Lightning McQueen: (whispering) I don't know, Mater. They do know, though, that everything's not a competition.

(The scene cuts back to Ant and Dec standing behind the river. They grab hands and put their fingers up ready to do a thumb war)

The Duo: One, two, three, four. I declare a thumb war.

(Ant and Dec's thumbs fight each other. Ant's thumb flattens Dec's)

Dec: Ahh.

Ant: Yeeesss! Get in there.

Dec: Dammit.

(Basil Brush pops inbetween them)

Basil Brush: I say. Why do two geordies like to play together?

Ant: I don't know, Basil.

Dec: Why DO two geordies like to play together?

Basil Brush: Because... they're always gaming.


Basil Brush: Ba ha ha ha he ha. Boom boom. (Chuckles)

Ant: That's not even funny.

Dec: Come on, Ant. Let's get the golf clubs.

(Ant & Dec walk off)

(The water tingles behind Basil)

Basil Brush: Looks like love is in the air, viewers.

(Basil pops down)

(The scene cuts back to Lightning McQueen and Mater)

Mater: (whispering) What was that all that about?

Lightning McQueen: (whispering) I have no idea.

(Lightning McQueen and Mater hear Sid talking)

(The scene cuts to Manny, Sid and Diego)

Sid: I'm telling you. Cave mines are so edgile and so distinctive. They may even include treasure.

Manny: What on earth are you talking about, Sid? About this gobbly guck about treasure.

Sid: You know how Thomas found that cave exit, Manny?

Manny: Yeah?

Sid: There may be some like diamonds or gem stones. I bet there's a whole bunch of those out there.

Diego: That's a little disturbing. But.... I do not see any like gem stones or diamonds, Sid.

Manny: Diego's right, Sid. Maybe there's like a gold coins or..... or..... doh.

Diego: Crystals, Manny?

Manny: Yeah! Yeah! Crystals. Why didn't I think of that before?!

Sid: Oh. Seesh.

(The scene cuts to the mainline)

(Percy and Nia zoom past)

Nia: Come on, Percy. Keep up.

Percy: I'm trying. I'm trying.

Nia: You know that I'm going to win if you don't hurry.

Percy: (Gasps; Giggles) I don't think so! (He puffs away quickly)

Narrator: Percy tried to keep up with Nia. He puffed and huffed. Wheel turn by wheel turn. He just couldn't give up. Then there was trouble. There was a sharp bend in the track.

Percy: (Gasps) Nia! Stop!

Nia: (Gasps) Oh. Ohh. (Panics)

Narrator: Nia applied her brakes, but it was too late.

(Nia yells)

Narrator: She toppled off the track.

(Nia lands on her side)

Narrator: Her load just stayed on the tracks.

Nia: Oh.

Narrator: Luckily, no one was hurt.

(The scene fades to Judy and Jerome rescuing Nia)

Nia: Oh. Thanks, Judy and Jerome.

Jerome: Anytime.

Judy: We're always there to help.

(Thomas puffs into view with Annie and Clarabel)

Thomas: Are you alright, Nia?

Nia: Yes. I'm alright. Just a little accident, Thomas. That's all.

(Thomas puffs away from the accident)

Narrator: Thomas was puffing down the mainline with Annie and Clarabel. When all of a sudden...

(A rock just barley misses Annie and Clarabel)

Thomas: Whoa!

Annie: What in the world was that?

Clarabel: Whoever that was has to be careful.

(Thomas, Annie and Clarabel hear Po giggling)

Thomas: Oh. It can only be one.

(Annie and Clarabel laugh)

Annie: A Teletubby?

Clarabel: Throwing a rock?

Po: Eh-oh!

Thomas: Hi, Po!

Narrator: And Thomas puffed away. Annie and Clarabel almost felt like they were about to split their sides laughing.

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