(The scene cuts to Brendam Docks)

Cranky: Gosh. There's a lot of trucks here. How many trucks did you order off Ebay, Pingu?

(Pingu shrugged in confusion)

Carly: I think that Pingu's a bit confused.

Salty: Ooh. That's a lot of trucks, Pingu, matey.

Big Mickey: Wait a minute. Are those trucks green?

Cranky: And is that Percy's number?

(Pingu jibbers angrily)

Pingu: Noot noot!

(Pingu walks off angrily)

Thomas: What's the matter with Pingu... (Gasps) How many trucks has he got there.

Carly: Cranky says that these trucks came from Ebay.

Percy's Trucks: Hello, Thomas!

Thomas: Uh... Hi there... Percy's Trucks.

Cranky: What? How can you tell those trucks are for Percy?

Thomas: Because Pingu ordered them from Ebay.

Percy's Truck 1: Come on, Thomas. Let's go and surprise Percy.

Narrator: So Thomas coupled up to Percy's Trucks and he set off for Knapford Station.

Percy's Trucks: See you later, suckers!

Porter: What the?

Gator: That was a bit silly.

(The scene cuts to Thomas about to puff round one of the corners toward Knapford)

Narrator: Later that day after he parked Percy's new trucks, Thomas went to collect Annie and Clarabel.

(Thomas heard indistant speaking)

Narrator: Then... he saw Stanley talking to a new engine. "I've never seen an engine like that before." Thomas puffed to himself. And he puffed over to meet the new engine.

(The scene cuts to Platform 2 of Knapford)

Stanley: And then, he flew over a canyon and I had to come and rescue him.

Charlotte: Wow. That's an interesting story.

(Thomas toots twice)

Thomas: Hi, Stanley. Hello, um.... New engine.

Stanley: Hello, Thomas.

Charlotte: Hello, sweetheart.

(The scene cuts to Thomas. He gasps)

Narrator: "Cinders and ashes." Thomas puffed to himself. "No one has ever called me that."

(The scene cuts to Stanley and Charlotte)

Charlotte: My name is Charlotte. And I came all the way from Germany.

Stanley: And she's my pen pal.

Thomas: Wha.... (Looks to his left and right and then to Stanley) Pen pal? (Stammers) Y... You never told me you had a pen pal, Stanley.

Stanley: Heck yeah. I've been telling her about all your adventures, Thomas. Like when you went into that flooded mine and when you got lost on Misty Island.

Thomas: Um... (Stammers) Th... That's great. Um. I should heading off on my branch line now. Bye. (Toots as he puffed away)

Narrator: Stanley was amazed. He didn't expect Thomas to be so stammery about a new engine on Sodor.

Stanley: Um. Bye, Thomas.

(Stanley and Charlotte look at each other in confusion)

(The scene cuts to Arlesdale Yards)

Mike: How many trucks do you need, Diesel?

Diesel: As many as possible.

Bert: Well, I don't think that's a good idea.

Rex: Too many trucks is too hard to pull.

(Diesel couples up behind the trucks)

Diesel: Nonsense. After all... I'm full of surprises! (Laughs)

Flora: What the heck is going on?

Rosie: Why is Diesel shunting too many trucks?

Bert: Because he's "full of surprises" as he says.

(The scene cuts to Knapford Station. Thomas, Ashima, Nia, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Emily, Toby, Donald, Douglas, Oliver and Toad are seen near the platforms. Pingu, Ant, Dec and the MerseyGirls are seen next to Thomas and Ashima and the Teletubbies are seen near the small pool where Dory, Marlin and Nemo where)

Douglas: Wow. That's crazy to think how many trucks a penguin can order?

Donald: Wait a minute. How much money did Pingu order?

(Pingu looks at his Apple iPhone)

Percy: (Gasps) That's a cheep price for that truck.

Basil Brush: Two pounds? You could a puppet for that price.

(Doing!; The scene slides forward)

(A boy buys a puppet)

Boy: That's a good price.

(Doing!; The scene slides forward)

Basil Brush: Oh.

Ashima: That's cheep.

Duck: So... for twelve trucks...

Oliver: That is... (in his head) 12 × 2 =...

Ant: (Gasps) What?

Dec: That's...

Ant and Dec: 24 pounds on Ebay.

(The others gasp)

Henry: That is a cheep price.

Edward: Usually for 12 items, it would be a very expensive price.

Toby: That's very true.

Narrator: But what the others didn't know was that Diesel's trucks were moving at some speed.

Thomas: (Gasps) Those trucks are heading for Percy's Trucks.

Narrator: The others watched as Diesel's trucks raced round the bend.

(Thomas, Ashima and friends watch the trucks at a speed of almost 24 mph)

Percy's Trucks: Oh no!

Narrator: Diesel's trucks hit Percy's Trucks!

(Percy's Trucks end up flying in the air and end up falling back down)

(The scene cuts to Scrat)

(Scrat is about to plant his acorn until.....)

(Scrat looks up)

Scrat: AHHHHH! (He moves out of the way)

Percy's Truck 1: Uh-Oh.

Narrator: The trucks crashed to the bottom with a big crash.

(Pingu gasps in horror)

Basil Brush: Ooh. Scrat has dodged the trucks. That's acorn power. (BING) Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Boom boom.

(Ant & Dec look at Basil in concern)

Dec: This is serious, Basil.

Julia: Is everybody okay?

Dec: Yup.

Nia: We're fine. But.... (gasps)

Ant: Oh..... my..... God!

Narrator: All of Pingu's money went to waste. The others gasped in horror. And Diesel felt worst of all. He knew that it was all his fault.

Diesel: That is just... (his eyes widen)

(Diesel notices the others glaring at him)

Basil Brush: (looking at us) Now there's trouble. (Fake chuckles)

Percy: You big meanie! Why did you destroy my trucks like that?!

Diesel: I didn't mean to! All I wanted to do was... was... gahh!

The Fat Controller: Diesel!

Diesel: Uh-Oh.

The Fat Controller: What do you think you are doing?!

(Diesel blushes in embarrassment)

Dec: Go on! Say it!

Thomas: (whispering) Ssh. Don't get yourself involved in this, Dec.

(Chelsea whimpers)

Julia: (whispering) Shh. It's okay, Chelsea. Just act serious.

Diesel: Thomas and Ashima have fallen in love, sir! All I wanted to do was to make him feel silly by giving him no coal or water! That would be the reason...

The Fat Controller: That... is none of your business, Diesel! There is no excuse to do that! You have definitely caused a lot of confusion and delay! And another thing... you do not ever do that to one of my engines!

Thomas: And me and Ashima can fall in love anyway we can, Diesel!

Ashima: Thomas is really special to me!

Percy: Same with me!

James: Me too!

Nia: Me three!

Dory: Me four!

Marlin: Me five!

Nemo: Me six!

Ant: Me seven!

Dec: Me eight!

The Fat Controller: Everybody is agreeing that Thomas is special! And you don't think that's true!

(Diesel backs up)

(The Fat Controller gasps)

Marlin: Diesel!

(Diesel continues to back up)

Marlin: (Faint) What do you think you're doing?! You're gonna make...

(Diesel glares and switches to Thomas's track)

Marlin: ...Thomas feel upset and The Fat Controller is gonna catch you...

(Diesel continues backs up on Thomas's track)

Marlin: (Faint) ...before another person does! Get back here! I said...

(Diesel goes straight forward)

Marlin: ...get back here now! Stop! If you take one more move, Diesel... no! Don't you dare! (Thomas glares at Diesel. Ashima protects Thomas) If you put one more buffer on that Engine... are you listening to me?! Don't touch Thom...

(Diesel touches Thomas)

The Fat Controller and Marlin: Diesel!

The Fat Controller: Get back to the Dieselworks now! Are you clear?!

Diesel: Uh! Yes! I'm clear! And you're gonna end up in the scrap yard one day, Thomas!

Thomas: No, I am not!

Diesel: Along with all your brothers and sisters!

(Thomas gasps)

Thomas: (With anger) Don't you ever say that, Diesel!

The Fat Controller: Devious Diesel, you do not say that about Thomas! For saying that, you have to stay in the Dieselworks for 3 months! Am I making myself clear?!

Diesel: Ahhh!

Narrator: And Diesel went away with agony.

(Ant and Dec walk down the platform)

Ant: What did he just say to Thomas?

Dec: He said he's gonna do something to... (whispering in Ant's ear) Thomas's brothers and sisters.

Ant: Ohh. He mustn't say that. That'll upset Thomas. Hey, if I say something cheeky to Nia, will I get told off?

Dec: (frustrated) Yes you will. Now, stop it. Before I smash your face in.

(Ant smacks his face)

Chelsea: (crying) That was really scary.

Julia: Oh. It's okay, Chelsea.

(Julia hugs Chelsea and after a few seconds, they let go)

(The scene fades to Thomas and Ashima's births at night)

Thomas: Oh. Why did Diesel say that about my brothers and sisters? And why did he destroy Percy's Trucks?

Ashima: It's all because of jealousy. That's what it is.

Thomas: I wonder what's happening with Percy and his trucks?

(The scene cuts to the Steamworks)

Percy's Trucks: Oh. Please fix us. We need to live.

Victor: Don't worry about it, my friends. We'll have you fixed up in no time.

Percy: Please, Victor. Please, Kevin. I really need it.

Kevin: Don't worry, Percy. We've got all the tooools! Whoa! (He loses control and crashes)

Victor: Kevin.

Kevin: Sorry, boss.

(The scene cuts back to Thomas and Ashima's births)

Ashima: Thomas? Are you alright?

Thomas: Oh. It's just that Percy's Trucks were special. But, there's no way I could fix it. (Gasps) Unless...

Narrator: Suddenly, an idea flew into Thomas's funnel.

Thomas: Ashima? How do you fancy an adventure?

Ashima: Really? Count me in, Thomas. But...will we be back in time for a game with Dory?

Thomas: Yeah. Probably. We'll probably be a couple minutes late, but it's alright.

Ashima: Well... (Yawns) We'd better get some sleep if we wanna have a look. Night, Thomas. (Her eyes close)

Thomas: Night, Ashima. (Yawns) (His eyes close)

(The scene cuts to the inside of the cave)

(Oh and Tip are seen inside the car)

Tip: Are you sure this is safe?

Oh: I'm shures that this is safe.

(Oh and Tip get our the car. They head towards the cave)

(The scene cuts to the inside of the entrance)

(Oh peeks out. He turns yellow as he gulps and turns back to purple)

Oh: Come on.

(Oh gestures Tip to follow him)

Oh: Bees a bit careful. You doos not what to make the ground shake.... (turning yellow) Ahh!

(Oh spots Scrat sniffing around)

Tip: What is it, Oh?

Oh: Squirrel-Rat is looking to plant acorn.

Tip: Just be careful.

(Oh and Tip tiptoe towards Scrat)

(Scrat is seen with his acorn on a straight piece of track. He is seen hopping around. He then sniffs the ground)

Scrat: Ah-ha.

(Scrat marks an X on the ground. He is about to plant it, until....)

(The ground starts to crack around Scrat)

Oh: Let's gets out of here!

(Oh and Tip start to run)

(The ground breaks underneath)

Scrat: Whaa! Nhh. (Screams)

(As Scrat is falling, he tries to grab his acorn. He then splashes into the water. He surfaces and swims towards a raft. A small wave washes his acorn away from him)

Scrat: (growls) (screams)

(Scrat's scream echoes across the cave)

(The scene cuts to the outside of the cave)

Oh: (sighs) Thank heavens we're not Squirrel-Rat.

(A wave noise was heard)

(Oh turns yellow as he gasps.)

Tip: What was that?

Oh: There can only be one noise.

(A wave is heard coming towards the shore)

Tip: Let's get out of here!

(Oh and Tip run towards the car)

(They open the front doors. Oh pulls out his superchip from his pocket and puts it into the chip spot)

(The car rotates around and zooms off. The wave crashes just short of the cave entrance)

(The scene cuts into the car)

Oh: (sighs) That was closeness.

Tip: Good thing that we made it out of there alive and well.

Oh: And as Declan would say, "Goooo team!"

(Oh and Tip hi five each other)

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