The Skyfoogle is a video on Michael Rosen’s YouTube Channel.

Release Date: February 23rd 2008


The Skyfoogle.

There was a man who turned up around our way once, put up a tent in the park he did,

put notices all over the streets saying he was going to put on show, a terrifying creature called the Skyfoogle.

No one had even seen this thing before, the show was on for 2 o'clock the next day.

Next day, we all turned up to see the fiercest animal in the world. The man took the money at the door.

We all poured into the tent, with a curtain in front of it. We all sat down and waited, the man went off behind the curtains,

Suddenly, we all heard a terrible noise. There was an awful yelling and crying, there was the noise of chains rattling, and someone shouting, suddenly the man came running on to the stage in front of the curtains.

All his clothes were torn, there was blood on his face and he screamed,

"QUICK! GET OUT! GET OUT OF HERE! The Skyfoogle has escaped!"

We all got up and ran out the door and got away as fast as we could,

By the time we got ourselves together the man had gone.

We never saw him again. None of us ever saw our money again either.

And none of us, has ever seen, the Skyfoogle.


  • This poem is read by Michael Rosen.
  • This poem is from the Hypnotiser.
  • The Skyfoogle is mentioned in some Michael Rosen YouTube Poops.
  • "QUICK! GET OUT! GET OUT OF HERE!" is often said in Michael Rosen poops as well.
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