The Sodor Garratt is a locomotive that comprises of Will, the water tank, Grady, the boiler, and Cory, the tender.


Being an Indian class locomotive, they may have been built in India in the 1930s. At some point, likely after being built, they were sent to a small branch line in Australia. Eventually, the Fat Controller somehow acquired the strange locomotive in 2021. Will and Cory did not get along too well after their arrival, which led to an accident with some trucks. After being repaired, they proved themselves useful after they evacuated some fuel wagons from a factory fire, preventing further destruction.


The engine most resembling the Sodor Garratt is a BNR Class N Garratt locomotive from India. It is unknown if this was the inspiration or the garratt is a custom design.


Being at the front, Will considers himself the leader. This can cause him to be a bit arrogant sometimes, though he is a very hard worker and wants to get his jobs done. Sometimes, he can rush his jobs but takes great pride in his work. Grady had a building error that messed up his brain, making him a bit mentally disabled. However, he does not let that get to him and is very proud of himself. His eyes are all wonky because of his issue. Cory is laid back and considered the brain of the three. He is very logical, which sometimes can annoy Will.


  • The three have an Australian accent.
  • Grady's mental problems were inspired because of an error in the model that made his eyes all wonky.
  • They are similar to Mighty Mac in that they all form one

engine. However, Mighty Mac is fused together while Will, Cory, and Grady can be detached.

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