(The scene shows blue wheels trying to move)

(Thomas is seen struggling to move some heavy trucks)

Thomas: Unrhhh! Nrrgh.

Julia: Come on, Thomas. Keep pushing.

Alice: You can do it, buddy.

Spencer: (puffing next to the Knapford Station platform) Dear oh dear, Thomas. Looks like you've got some tricky trucks. Maybe you need someone like Edward to shunt those trucks.

Thomas: I may need someone to do it, but I can do this.... (struggling) by myself. Hhhhhnnnd!

(Two workmen run over to fix the trucks)

Spencer: Oh. Typical Tank Engines. When will they ever learn?

(The Stationmaster's whistle blows. Spencer then blows his whistle twice and puffs away)

Thomas: (struggling) Come on, trucks! You can do this!

(A workman fixes the brakes on the trucks which sends Thomas flying)

Thomas: Whoooaaaa! Ahhh!

(Thomas's trucks hits the buffers)

Thomas: Uh!

Julia: Ooh. Thomas. You okay?

Thomas: Yup. I'm okay, Julia. Stupid trucks nearly sent me off the rails.

(The scene goes into the opening titles)

HiT Entertainment presents

In association with Mattel Creations

A Thomas & Friends production

Based on the Railway Series by Rev. W Awdry

Written by Andrew Brenner

Created by Britt Allcroft

With the Voices of

John Hasler

Tina Desai

Yvonne Grundy

Nigel Pilkington

Rob Rackstraw

Matt Wilkinson

Nicola Stapleton

Anthony McPartlin

Declan Donnelly

Julia Charlie

Co-directed by Don Spencer

Directed by David Stoten

Narrator: Thomas & Friends - The Steam Games.

(The scene fades to a bush area)

Narrator: Sometimes.... some things go well. But, one rodent.... was out hunting.

(Scrat jumps out of a bush and out of view. He then jumps from the left to the right of the screen. He then sniffs the ground.)

Scrat: Aha.

(Scrat marks an X on the ground. He is about to plant it until....)

(Scrat gets catapulted by Toby's cowcatcher as Toby is passing by with Henrietta)

(The scene cuts to a Troublesome Truck. Scrat lands in it)

(The scene cuts to the inside of the Troublesome Truck. Scrat recovers)

(Scrat sniffs around the Troublesome Truck)

(The Troublesome Truck gets coupled to several other trucks)

(Scrat gulps)


(The scene cuts to a far away distance. Thomas is seen chatting with Edward and the MerseyGirls at Knapford)

(The scene cuts to Knapford Station and to Thomas, Edward and the MerseyGirls)

Thomas: And then all of a sudden, bam. The trucks suddenly sensed by flying and knocked me into the buffers.

(Edward gasps)

Thomas: I know right?

Julia: It was terrible, Edward. Thomas tried to move the trucks.

Edward: Well, why didn't you ask for help, Thomas? You should've asked Nia or someone to help you with the trucks if they were heavy.

Thomas: I know. But.... as they say, no one is perfect. A lot of people aren't perfect all the time.

Edward: Yes. Like Ant. He caused a car crash and split up with his wife Lisa. Sometimes the boys aren't perfect.

Thomas: I know.

(Thomas then looks at the wall and sees a workman putting up a poster advertising an event titled "The Steam Games")

Thomas: The Steam Games? What's that all about?

Julia: No idea. It's probably just a team sport.

Thomas: Team? Hmm. (Gasps) It probably IS a team sport. I'd better tell Ashima and Nia. (Toot toot) (He puffs away)

Edward: Thomas? Where are you going? We don't know what this sport is.

(Thomas had already puffed away. Edward moans)

(The scene fades to 

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