Okay, now that you have read about the first four engines, it is time to read about the last four engines. James, Percy, Toby and Emily are those engines. Here they are.

James Gets Tricked - James teases Gordon because he thinks he works harder

Percy's Surprise - It is Stephen Hatt's 17th birthday and Sir Topham Hatt has a surprise for him. Percy is asked to take the surprise, but there is one catch. Only Sir Topham Hatt and Percy is to know that the surprise is a car. So Percy cannot tell anyone.

Toby and the Light Rail Train - Diesel and his brothers, Jakko,Sidney, Den,Dart,Splatter,Dodge Paxton,Arry and Bert go on strike from pulling passengers on the branch line as they think that it is below them and demand that they get allowed to pull special mainline trains such as The Express and The Flying Kipper. So Sir Topham Hatt asks Toby to partner up with a light rail train named CeCe. The diesels later make fun of Brandon because he is pulling passengers on the branch line and they try to take advantage of CeCe as well.

Duncan's bad day - Duncan gets out of his shed and steals one of Skarloey's fright cars and then he threatins to scrapp Rusty.

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