(The scene cuts to Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and Rebecca arriving at Knapford Yards)

Gordon: Uh. Thank goodness that we got away from that blue brat.

James: I can't believe that he betrayed us.

Nia: You can't do this to him.

Ashima: He... is... important!

Gordon: Quiet, you two!

The Fat Controller: What on earth is going on?

Nia: Sir. Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and Rebecca ditched Thomas when we were on the Mainland.

James: That's not true. He betrayed us after he told us he might be the only one left of his model basis and....

The Fat Controller: That is no reason to give me excuses! And why are Ashima and Nia coupled up behind James and Gordon?

Nia: It's because.... Uhh.... me and Ashima tried to.... Uhh.... stay with him but.... Uhh....

Ashima: These five jerks inconveniently tugged us away from him!

Narrator: The Fat Controller was not very happy. So was Edward, Henry, Toby and Philip.

The Fat Controller: Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and Rebecca.... that is no reason for you five to leave one of my engines on the Mainland. You have made Ashima and Nia very upset. Get your sheds now or else I have to ban you from this Railway. Am I making myself clear?

Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and Rebecca: (Looking guilty) Yes, sir.

(Gordon and James uncouple from Ashima and Nia. Ashima and Nia glare at Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and Rebecca as the five of them puff out of view guilted)

Sid: Pfft. What total jerks.

Nia: Oh. Typical. And I'm not sleeping in Tidmouth tonight.

Diego: Yeah. Good idea.

(Ashima puffs backwards looking sad. Nia notices her. She puffs backwards after her)

Nia: Ashima? What's wrong?

Ashima: (starting to cry) It's just.... I didn't want to leave Thomas.

Nia: (Sighs) So did I.

(Two whistles blow)

Ant: Hey, guys. What's up?

Dec: You look upset.

(Ashima starts to cry)

Nia: (looking sad) Thomas had been left on the Mainland because he told us something that he shouldn't have told Gordon, James, Percy, Emily and Rebecca.

Ashima: (looking sad) Well believed him, but they didn't.

Dec: Oh. I heard. We heard The Fat Controller telling them off.

Ant: And that's why we couldn't find Thomas to watch us play Mario Tennis Aces.

Dec: Oh. I'm so pissed off that they left him there. Oh.

(The MerseyGirls run towards the others)

Julia: Guys? What's all this Thomas getting

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