Narrator: The other engines were a bit confused about Thomas's story of his past. Until...

Thomas: There's...... uh..... a little-known thing I never told you.

Rebecca: What's that?

Thomas: Some of my brothers and sisters are still out there. And if not, I might be the only one left.

(The others gasp)

Ashima: Really?

Nia: Well, we'd better find not let that happen and...

Percy: What on earth did you just say?

(Thomas gulps)

Nia: Don't, Thomas. Don't.

Thomas: I.... might be the only one left.

James: You might be the only one left?

Thomas: Yes. Because....

Gordon: We told you that you weren't the only one left.

Henry: But, you lied to us!

James: We thought we could trust you.

Percy: I... thought I could trust you.

Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Emily and Rebecca: But, we don't!

(Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Emily and Rebecca puff away)

Nia: Guys, wait!

Ashima: Thomas can still find his remaining brothers and sisters!

Thomas: Percy! Wait! We can still find them!

Percy: (calling out) I don't wanna help you ever again, Thomas!

Toby: (furious) Go Away, Thomas!

Nia: (with anger) You know what? I'm telling The Fat Controller about you five!

(James and Gordon couple up in front of Ashima and Nia)

Nia: Hey! Let us go!

Ashima: Thomas! Help!

James: Don't you dare, you two!

(Ashima and Nia look behind them and see Thomas. Tears start to fall down Ashima's face. James and Gordon puff away in dismay and anger)

Narrator: Thomas didn't want Ashima and Nia to go. But he knew that he had said what he was not supposed to say. He had even let down his friends. That... was the worst thing that he could have ever done. Thomas... felt... terrible.

(Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Emily and Rebecca glare at Thomas. Ashima and Nia look at him sadly pleasing in their head to stay with him)

(Manny, Sid and Diego stare in horror)

(Diego glares)

Diego: Don't worry, Thomas. They won't get away with this.

Sid: You jerks! You won't get away with this!

Manny: Sid.

Sid: What? They won't.

(Manny, Sid and Diego realise that Thomas is gone.)

Manny: They've scared him off.

Diego: Except for Ashima and Nia.

Sid: Yeah. Because they didn't want to leave Thomas behind.

Manny: You know what?

Diego: There's only one thing left to do.

(Manny, Sid and Diego glares as James and Gordon)

Sid: Get them!

(Manny, Sid and Diego run after James and Gordon in frustration)

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