The Tube Train

When Sir Topham, Stephen and Bridget Hatt went to the workshop to pick out a new train to help on Toby's Line, The Tube Train was one of them. The tube train is come to sodor in February 26 2013


Stephen pointed to this train as he wanted Sir Topham Hatt to get it opposed to the Settebello that Bridget Hatt saw. But Sir Topham Hatt declined as he felt that she would make too much noise.

She was later brought anyway by Sir Topham Hatt during the official opening of the Elsbridge Corridor Line.


Nothing is really known about the Tube Train's personality, other than she is generous and but seems to have a bad sens of direction as she cut Gordon's train off for a while while passing through Knapford Station.


  • The Tube Train is a real train. This particular unit was retired in 1968.
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