The Two Twins is the sixth episode of season 1 and of Tales of the LNWR overall. It will be released in July 2020.


It was Summer 1998, and all the engines were hottened up by the strong heat that they would argue which train was the best.

James and Henry one day were arguing which train was better. James argued that express services were the best, and Henry argued that The Flying Kipper was the best. Everyone was tired of this quarrel. Soon, Donald and Douglas came by with some chickens, and they quoted that chickens were just as important as passengers. Henry and James didn't agree, and continued arguing.

Later, Henry took his Flying Kipper and James took the Express. Sadly, Henry broke down, and just as James was passing by, they asked him if he could take the kipper as well, but he refused. Henry then realised that all trains were equal. They finally stopped quarraling and James took the kipper.

Later, Henry thanked James for taking the kipper for him, and they both became friends again.




  • George Ignatchenko as Donald and Douglas
  • Matteo as Henry
  • Andrew Homer as James
  • Ringo Starr as Thomas (archive recording)
  • Michael Angelis as Gordon (archive recording)


  • MAIN CHARACTERS: Henry and James
  • This is the first episode of several things:
    • The first appearance of the Skarloey Railway, not counting a mention from A Job At The Steamworks.
    • The first episode not to feature any Sir Topham Hatts.
    • The first episode to be based on a magazine story, 'Donald & Douglas'.
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