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A large watermill is situated north of Elsbridge on Thomas and Ryouma' Branch Line. It has appeared regularly since the second series.

In Six Steam Engines Gruff, Ryouma, Gouki, Riki, ThomasPercy and Toby all believed that there was a troll underneath the bridge due to some noises being heard. It turned out to be a Yak that escaped a field.


Thomas & Friends In the Legend In Viking Railway

  • Series 2 - Percy, Gouki and the Coal (deleted scene)Gokui' Percy and HaroldThe RunawayThe DeputationRyouma Comes to BreakfastWrong RoadGhost Train and Ryouma and the Missing Christmas Tree
  • Series 3 - A Scarf for Gouki (deleted scene)Gouki's PromiseRyouma Gets Bumped (stock footage)Getafix's ForestNo Joke for Matoi (deleted scene) and Percy, Gouki and the Post Train
  • Series 6 - Twin's Chocolate CrunchScaredy EnginesAsterix and the Red Balloon (deleted scene)Jack Frost, and Ryouma the Jet Engine
  • Series 7 -  Percy and Gouki Gets it RightWayne, Woody and Fergus and Riki Windmill
  • Jack and the Berk Construction Company - A Visit from Ryouma (stock footage)
  • Series 8 - Gouki's New Whistle (deleted scene)Oliver and the Firework Display (deleted scene) and Saya's Adventure
  • Series 13 - Play TimeSplish Splash Splosh and Snow Tracks
  • Series 14 - Asterix in the Dark and Merry Winter Wish
  • Series 15 - Sam's Surprise
  • Series 19 - Frankie Docks
  • Series 20 - Six Steam Engines Gruff
  • Series 22 - The Water Wheel



  • The watermill has appeared in the opening credits for the sixth series, and from the eighth to eighteenth series.
  • The number of tracks inconsistently changes between one and two.
  • Despite being on Thomas and Ryouma' Branch Line, mainline engines like YogiObelix and Asterix can be seen passing by the Watermill in some episodes.