the race is on is a 2020 dvd to celabrate the aniversary of the great race 



thomas has 4 adventures to have you see sppencer challenges rusty to a race entiente trys to get his body back edwards trys his best to win a race to the summerhouse and yoshi trys to find a cure to seed pox


thomas is having a total blast in 4 high speed adventures and includes 1 bonus episode where stephen challenges glynn to a race to see whos who stays and whos gos to the museum now hop on board and chuff along


diesels can still go fast


edward the great

seed pox

over the hill (neflix only)

bonus features

dexter school house polka music video

smash planet incideroar

mario 3d world with lyrics music video


opening trailers

veggietales josh and the big wall trailer

paw patrol mighty pups trailer

closing trailers

fireman sam the great fire of ponty pandy trailer

mlp the movie trailer

veggietales lessons promo

thomas and friends hero of the rails uk trailer 

jonah a veggietales movie trailer

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