thomas is wanted for is crimes against humanity in bosnia. he and his friend Pickle Chungus kill obama and steal the reddit gold.

thomas says swear words a lot and is mean. he should be cast into the fires of hell for sinning. he is also very racist and frequently participates in the mexican drug cartel by smuggling coke into the USA for Jose.

in the last episode of season 26 thomas gets shot 7 times by a 9MM M9 Berreta handgun by the police after a raid on a warehouse storing gold, rubies, jewellery, diamonds, emeralds, garnets, amethyst, silver, iron, and the soul of Chris Pratt contained in a cursed necklace's blood diamond.

before dying, his last words to james and percy are:

"get that necklace, make sure i am avenged and bring justice to alaska. you have nothing to fear, bur fear itself. goodbye my dear friends. cinders a-and a..ashes......"

this leads on to season 27, where percy and james spend ages trying to find the Priest of fusrodah and stop him from talking to the dragon known as "nicholascage" so that Big Chungus is kept in his tomb, and unable to destroy the world.

they fail their mission

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