Thomas' Favorite Friends is an upcoming US DVD containing twelve episodes. It is released on Febuary 25th, 2018.


Have fun times with Thomas' favorite friends. Thomas has friends with Percy, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, James, Emily, Toby, Bertie, Duck and more favorite friends. Make Thomas and his favorite old friends and new friends like the other engines. Join some fun with favorite adventures with Thomas and his friends!


  1. Philip's Number
  2. Unscheduled Stops
  3. Cranky at the End of the Line
  4. New Crane on the Dock
  5. Hasty Hannah
  6. Bradford the Brake Van
  7. Spencer's VIP
  8. Springtime for Diesel
  9. A Most Singular Engine
  10. Helping Hiro
  11. The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor
  12. A Shed for Edward


  • This is the last US DVD to have Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler to date.
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