Thomas' New Friends is an upcoming DVD. It will have new friends. All episodes will be distributed by Josh Lovell for 9 Story Entertainment, and will have artists in them, as proven by the 2006 WNET logo.


  1. Salty's Secret (Alec Baldwin)
  2. Harvey to the Rescue (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck (Alec Baldwin)
  4. Jack Jumps In (Alec Baldwin)
  5. A Friend in Need (Alec Baldwin)
  6. Emily's New Coaches (Michael Brandon)
  7. Bill, Ben and Fergus (Michael Brandon)
  8. Spotless Record (Michael Brandon)
  9. Peace and Quiet (Michael Brandon)
  10. Gordon and Spencer (Michael Brandon)
  11. Mighty Mac (Michael Brandon)
  12. Molly's Special Special (Michael Brandon)
  13. Thomas and the New Engine (Michael Brandon)
  14. Thomas' Day Off (Michael Brandon)
  15. Thomas and the Jet Plane (Michael Brandon)
  16. Fearless Freddie (Michael Brandon)
  17. Edward Strikes Out (Michael Brandon)
  18. Thomas and the Birthday Mail (Michael Brandon)
  19. Emily and the Garbage (Michael Brandon)
  20. Hector the Horrid! (Michael Brandon)
  21. Don't be Silly, Billy (Michael Brandon)
  22. Heave Ho Thomas (Michael Brandon)
  23. Tram Trouble (Michael Brandon)
  24. Play Time (Michael Brandon)
  25. Thomas' Crazy Day (Michael Brandon)
  26. Thomas and Scruff (Michael Brandon)
  27. Tree Trouble (Michael Brandon)
  28. Welcome Stafford (Michael Brandon)
  29. Away from the Sea (Mark Moraghan)
  30. Samson at Your Service (Mark Moraghn)
  31. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead (Mark Moraghn)
  32. Number One Engine (Joseph May)
  33. Forever and Ever (Joseph May)
  34. Confusion Without Delay (Joseph May)
  35. Trusty Trunky (Joseph May)
  36. Outback Thomas (Joseph May)
  37. Seeing is Believing (Joseph May)
  38. Banjo and the Bushfire (Joseph May)


  1. Five New Engines in the Shed
  2. There's Always Something New
  3. Engine Roll Call
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