(Thomas puffs into view, chuffing very fast towards Gordon's hill)

Thomas: Whoo-hoo! (Echoes)

(The camera freezes, turns around Thomas, and it starts again. Thomas lands on the tracks again round a corner)

Thomas: Hoo-ee. I'm feeling the love. A little bit. I had a little bit of an accident at the Docks. But, I'm better now. But... Ashima thought I was gonna be cross at her. But, you'll have to see how I act to her. (Toot toot) All aboard for a big adventure.

NarratorThomas's Damsel. It was a beautiful day on Sodor. The birds were singing, the water was shining and love was in the air.

(Thomas and Ashima are seen racing to Brendam Docks.)

Thomas: Catch me if you can, Ashima.

Ashima: No problem. I know all your tricks.

(Thomas puts on a cheeky smirk on his face.)

Thomas: Points!

(Thomas switches tracks and disappears. Ashima screeches to a stop.)

Ashima: Thomas? Where’s he gone now?

(Thomas races past Ashima, laughing.)

Thomas: Not all my tricks, rookie. (laughs)

Ashima: Hey! Come back here, you little monkey! (chases after Thomas)

(the two race into the docks. They stop at the same time.)

Thomas: I won.

Ashima: no. I won

Salty: Oh, for goodness sake. You both won. Again.

Thomas and Ashima: Oh. (giggles)

Edward: Well Done Thomas and Ashima, you both win the race.

Thomas and Ashima: Thank You Edward.

Edward: My Pleasure. (blows whistle)

Ant: Ay. It's the two lovers. Good to see you guys.

Dec: Do you know what, guys? We're like you two.

Ant and Dec: Show-offs.

Bill and Ben: Ant and Dec are show-offs. Ant and Dec are show-offs.

Ant: I know we are.

Thomas: They're not real show-offs, Bill.

Bill and Ben: Ant and Dec are show-offs.

Ant: (moans)

Dec: Stop it.

(Later, Thomas and Ashima are finishing shunting when-)

Bill: Come on, Cranky, Don’t let that crate fall! Just because you’re stronger like Big Mickey, Carly and Beresford doesn’t mean you can lift heavier objects than them!

Ben: Don’t be silly Bill, We don’t want another mess happening!

Carly: Be careful with that crate, Cranky.

Cranky: Whoa! This crate is even heavier than Mallard and Spencer. (struggles to hold it up, then he starts to lose control.) Uh oh.

(The crate breaks off and falls.)

Carly: Incoming crate!

Porter: Incoming!

Ant: Look out, everyone!

Dec: There’s an an incoming crate!

Thomas: Ashima! Look out!

(Thomas pushes Ashima out of the way. Then the crate falls on top of him, derailing him and scratching his paintwork.)

(Ant and Dec cringe)

Thomas: Ow.

Carly: Ooh. Are you okay, Thomas?

Cranky: He's okay, Carly.

Salty: Oh, Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.

Ant: Yep. That's gotta hurt.

Dec: No pain. No gain.

Ant: Dec, there is pain.

Ashima: (gasp, in her thoughts) Oh no. Thomas is sure to be cross with me now.

(Ashima runs away. But Thomas isn’t cross, he’s confused.)

Thomas: Ashima?! Where are you going?!

Dec: That's not good.

Ant: No bueno.

(Later, Thomas is seen being lifted back onto the rails. The Fat Controller arrives.)

Jerome: You’re alright, You’re alright

Judy: We’ve got you.

Thomas: Thank You Ryan, Judy and Jerome!

Judy and Jerome: You’re Welcome, Thomas.

The Fat Controller: What’s happened here?

Cranky: I was lifting THE heaviest crate in the world then the chain snapped.

Salty: and the crate went plummeting down faster than a rocket.

The Fat Controller: But what on Sodor happened to Thomas?

Thomas: I got hit by the crate after i pushed Ashima out of the way, sir.

The Fat Controller: I see. Well, well done for saving Ashima, Thomas. But where has she gone?


(Scrat is seen with his acorn in the same place where Duck got stuck. He sniffs)

Scrat: Aha.

(Scrat is about to plant his acorn until....)

(The ground sinks a bit)

(Scrat gasps)

(The storm starts)

Scrat: (growls) (screams)


Narrator: A storm was gathering as Ashima raced away from the docks, feeling very foolish. "I can’t believe I made Thomas crash! I’m such a silly engine." She puffed to herself. Then, there was trouble.

(Ashima into a hole in the track.)

Ashima: (Groans) It can’t get any worse, can it?

(Thunder is heard, then it starts to rain. Ashima frowns.)

Ashima: I had to open my mouth.

Thomas (narrating): Ashima tried to get out of the hole, But it was no use. The tracks were oily and the hole was very deep.

Ashima: Help! (whistles) Heeeeeeeeeelp!


(The scene cuts to the MerseyGirls' house. Julia is looking out of the window whilst the other girls are protecting Chelsea from the storm)

Julia: Man, if this storm is gonna get worse, we'll never get to dancing for a couple of days.

Alice: I agree.

(Chelsea whimpers)

Alice: It's gonna be okay, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I don't like the thunderstorm.

(Alice hugs Chelsea tight)

(Thunder strikes)

Julia: Yikes.

(The scene cuts to Knapford Station)

Narrator: Thomas had just finished being repainted and mended, when he noticed something.

Thomas: Where’s Ashima? She should’ve been back hours ago.

Stationmaster: Well, last time I saw her, she was racing out of the docks, looking very glum. She was heading for Duck's Branchline. But now a storm has started.

(Everyone gasp)

Thomas: (Panicking) What’s gonna happen to her?!

The Fat Controller: Uh, nothing. She’ll be fine. I’ll send the rescue centre out to find her.

Lightning McQueen: Thomas, don't worry. She'll be fine. Nothing's gonna happen to her.

Diesel 10: Last time you said nothing would happen, you ended up getting caged at the Zoo.

(Everyone, even Thomas, laugh so hard that they almost die.)

Gordon: (laughing) I can still remember the horrified look on his wife’s face.

Workman: Might be a problem with that, sir. The tracks to and from the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre are blocked, and the storm is too dangerous for Harold the Helicopter to go.

(Thomas feels a strong gust of wind, then a glass hits his smoke box)

(Thomas looks at the glass, gasps, looks at the storm)

Nia: What's the matter, Thomas?

Thomas: (Panicing) She’ll be ripped to shreds in this storm, Nia.

Diego: Yup. Shira was right. The storm will get worse.

Ant: (Slicks) Well. Diego. That is gonna be a proble... (gets cut off)

Gordon: Well, serves her right for all the trouble she caused.

Philip: I was right. Engines like her are nothing but-

Thomas: ENOUGH!

(Thomas’ voice echo’s around the whole island, leaving the engines dead silent.)

Sid: Yikes.

Dec: Crikey. That was loud.

Thomas: Why are you blaming her for the accident?! I thought you liked Ashima!

Henry: (whimpering) We do like Ashima, but-

Thomas: but you don’t treat her that way! Especially you, Gordon!

Gordon: what- er- that’s not true.

Thomas: But you don’t treat her that way! Especially you, Gordon!

Gordon: What- er- that’s not true.

Nia: Yes, it is, Gordon! First, you don't like change, and now you don't like an engine! Plus: Ashima is the only engine that Thomas loves so much, she’s also friends with Edward, Oliver, Ryan, Daisy and the others!

Ryan: Don’t Listen to them, Thomas, I remember them time you saved Skiff and Sailor John by using my help and Rex, Mike and Bert the Small Railway Engines' help by stopping the pirate ship. We were lucky and my brakes were strong enough to stop the Pirate ship.

Thomas: and I even saved you, Marion, Jack, Alfie and Oliver from that burning Dynamite before the yard even blew up.

Skiff: (doubtful) I remember you saving me from being kidnapped by Sailor John and you managed to save Me and the Treasure before Sailor John even got away. Another time, I flagged down Duck and Oliver since there was a tree that fallen onto the rails and luckily there was no crash from any of them.

Duck: Oh Skiff, You were brave enough, Captain Joe might’ve left you in the wind for too long, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have stopped in time and I’ve had an accident.

Oliver: I was right, Duck, Toad and I weren’t going fast and luckily we managed to stop just in time.

Daisy: What are you Great Western Engines Talking about?

Duck: We were talking about Skiff saving Us, including Oliver, Toad and my passengers during a stormy night.

Oliver: Daisy, We were just talking about Skiff saving us in the Storm.

Daisy: Fair enough, Oliver, Fair enough.

Ryan: I’m sure you’ll save Ashima just like you saved Skiff from being kidnapped by Sailor John, Thomas.

Thomas: Ryan and Nia's right about Ashima, Gordon! Whenever you look at her, all you see is a pipsqueak, or worse, a target! But I see a sweet girl who is trying her hardest to impress you lot!

Ant: He's got a point.

Dec: Hey.

Ant: Anyway. We're gonna try to prove you wrong by doing something, Gordon!

Gordon: By what?!

Thomas: We are going out in the storm and I’m gonna find Ashima even if it kills me, whether you like it or not. Come on, boys. (Ant and Dec hop into his cab) (Whistles, puffs out) I’ll search the whole island if I have too.

The Fat Controller: Thomas, wait!

James: (snickers) No use, sir. He’s gonna get his girlfriend out of trouble.

Thomas: (Calls out) SHE’S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!

Ant: (calling out) She's his love interest!

Nia: (Sighs) I'm going back to Tidmouth. (She puffs backwards)

Duck: Me too. (He puffs backwards too)

Nia: Good Idea Duck.

Henry: Don’t get your paint spoiled like mine.

Gordon: Oh my Goodness. Maybe they were telling the Truth.

Manny: Thomas! Be careful out there in that storm!

(Manny watches Thomas as he puffs out of view)

Diego: Hey, Manny? Come on. We'd better get to Tidmouth Sheds.

(Manny has one final glance before he turns around and runs to join Sid and Diego)

(The scene cuts to the MerseyGirls inside of their house)

Julia: Uh-oh. Thomas is gonna be in some bother in that storm.

(Thunder strikes)

Julia: I hope this doesn't get worse. But, I do have a feeling something's gonna go wrong.

Narrator: It could.


(Ashima is still stuck in the hole, when she feels something wet hit her brow.)

Ashima: Huh? What was that? (notices the rain. gasps) Uh oh.

Narrator: And it did.

(Thomas is seen struggling to see where he’s going.)

Thomas: (Calls out) Ashima?! Ashimaaa?!

(Thomas’ voice echo’s back and forth.)

Thomas' Driver: The storm is getting worse.

Thomas' Fireman: He’s right. We’ll have to go back. It’s not safe.

Thomas: NO! I’m not giving up!

Dec: Yep. Thomas is right. You go, bluey.

(Crackling noises are heard)

Ant: Thomas! Watch out!

(Then a giant tree falls on Thomas, knocking him unconscious.)


(Lightning strikes)

(Manny, Sid and Diego are seen running in the storm)

Manny: We have to get to Tidmouth Sheds otherwise this storm will get us!

(Crackling noises are heard)

Diego: Manny! Look out!

(Sid and Diego stop. Manny’s eyes widen. A tree falls. Manny stops just short of a fallen tree. Manny stares at it in horror)

Sid: How on earth are we gonna move this?


(The water is going up in the hole where Ashima got stuck.)

Ashima: Oh dear. This is not good. (whistles) Heeelp! (whistles) Heeelp!


(Thomas finds himself face to face with an engine who looks just like him, but bigger. He instantly recognises who it is.)

Thomas: B-Bulldust? Is that you? 

(Bulldust doesn’t reply. Thomas notices steam swirling around his wheels, but doesn't see any steam around Bulldust. Then, he finds the courage to speak again.)

Thomas: You're... not here.

(Bulldust looks down.)

Thomas: Brother…. I’m scared. But Ashima needs my help. (tears slowly fall) She blamed herself for what happened to me, but… It wasn’t her fault.

(Bulldust looks up to Thomas.)

Thomas: I’ve gotta go help her…… because… I-I love her.

(Bulldust smiles, puffs closer to Thomas.)

Bulldust: I knew you had it in you.

(Thomas smiles too.)

Bulldust: You’re me and more. Now show the storm who’s boss.

(Then, Bulldust fades away)

Male Voice:​​​​ (echoing): Thomas! Thomas!

(Thomas instantly wakes up from his coma)

Ant: Come on! You gotta move!

(Then he struggles to get free.)

Thomas: Get up! (wheels spin) Ah! (shifts around) Gahh! Get up! Get up, Thomas! Get up!

(The tree starts to break.)

Thomas: I’m not a piece of scrap! I am not a piece of scrap!

(Thomas snaps the tree apart, freeing himself and whistles loudly. The whistle is so loud it makes the area shake. Then he stops whistling)

Thomas: (yells) I’m not afraid of the storm! I’m not afraid of anything or anyone!

(Thomas continues his quest.)

Ant: Whoa! That was something! What did you eat for breakfast?

Thomas: I ate a rock, if you must know. (picks up speed)

(A few branches are on the track, but Thomas smashes them into pieces.)

Dec: Wa hoo! That’s it Thomas! Run like the wind!

Thomas (narrating): Though I lacked in some things, I made up for it in courage.

(A large boulder is blocking the track. But Thomas uses all his strength and pushes it off the track.)

Thomas: Nothing is gonna stop me! Nothing!

Ant: Yes!

(Dec laughs with joy)


(Manny grunts as he moves the fallen tree out of his way)

Diego: He's done it!

Sid: Yes!

Manny: Okay. Enough dawdling. We gotta get out of this storm.

Sid: And get back to Tidmouth!

(Manny, Sid and Diego start to run)

(Lightning strikes)


(Ashima is terrified of her situation)

Ashima: (Quivering) S-so c-c-cold. (whispers) Please… help me.

Narrator: The storm roared and howled all night long, but Sodor had one thing that the storm didn’t. An E2 Tank Engine with the number one on his side and a lion in my heart. I wasn’t gonna let anything stand in my way. Nothing. Even though some of my paintwork was scratched more, some of my parts were either worn out or had broken off, I still pressed on.

(Thomas arrives at a junction. His paintwork is scratched and his right-side rod is missing. His left side rod is covered in scratches and pieces have snapped off. He also has a cracked funnel, broken glass, only two buffers left at the back and his back coupling is missing. Then he hears a voice)

???: Help!

Thomas: Huh? Who was that?

???: Help please!

Thomas: Ashima!

(Thomas hurries onto Ashima’s line. Ashima is seen up to her chin in water.)

Ashima: Oh no. I’ll be a rusted wreck when they find me.

(A whistle is heard)

Ashima: huh? W-what was that?

(The whistle is heard again.)

Ashima: (Gasps) oh no! it’s a ghost! It’s gonna scrap me! it’s-

(Thomas whistles)

Ashima: T-Thomas?

Thomas: Ashima!

Dec: There she is!

Ant: Found her. Ha ha ha.

Narrator: Thomas's heart chips were swept away by the vision of his true love. His heart sank and his spirit soared and at that moment, he would’ve chuffed through a thousand butts, or even a billion, if only to get to his beloved Ashima.

(Thomas stops at the edge of the pool.)

Thomas: Ashima! You're okay! I thought I was never going to see you again! (sigh) I’m so glad to see you. (notices Ashima beginning to cry) what’s wrong?

Ashima: Thomas. I’m so sorry I scratched your paintwork.

Thomas: It’s okay, Ashima. It wasn’t your fault. It was an accident. Besides, look at what I did to it.

(Ashima sees Thomas’ paintwork, but is surprised by it’s state. They start giggling, then they laugh. Ant and Dec couple up a chain between Ashima and Thomas. Then, Thomas begins to pull Ashima out of the water. The sheer horsepower of Thomas excites Ashima as she’s pulled out. Soon, Ashima is out of the water and the two set off for home. They arrive at Knapford, drop off Ant & Dec, pick up Julia and quietly make their way towards their sheds. Ashima parks next to Thomas, making him blush again. then Ashima gets curious about something.)

Ashima: Thomas?

Thomas: hmm?

Ashima: Did you really go through that storm just for me?

Thomas: (blushes) y-yes. Why’d you ask?

Ashima: surely you must’ve had a good reason to travel through the storm.

(Thomas blushes brighter. He tries to think of a way to tell his reason.)

Thomas: I-I just thought you should come to our shed and not out in the cold.

(Ashima notices Thomas is worried)

Ashima: Is there another reason?

Thomas: um-I-er-

Ashima: (calmly) Come on Thomas. you can tell me.

(Ashima gives Thomas a gentle smile as does Julia)

Julia: Go on, Thomas. Tell her.

Dec: Come on. Tell her.

(Thomas shakes as he confesses.)

Thomas: (whimpering) w-well, s-since we first met I-I’ve developed f-feelings f-for you a-and m-me, A-Ant, D-Dec and J-Julia j-just w-wanted t-to… k-keep you safe.

(Thomas looks away, embarrassed. Ashima’s eyes widen.)

Julia: True. We did.

(Ashima wasn’t expecting this at all. She wouldn’t have minded if he said he likes helping a friend.  But she didn’t expect him to do it because he loved her. But deep down, she knew that she loved him too. She looks down to her corner at Ant and Dec and smile at them. They then smile back. Slowly, she rolled in front of him. When she looked at him, his face was covered in a stream of tears. His expression made a few silent tears fall down her face. Then, her wheels carried her towards him, then she pressed her lips against his. Thomas’ eyes went wider than before. He wasn’t expecting Ashima to return his feelings. Honestly, he thought she would be more interested in bigger engines. Looks like he was wrong. Slowly, he returned the kiss. Then they pressed their lips harder on each other’s lips. They had never kissed anyone that intensely before. Then, their tongues slid into each other’s mouths and played with each other making Ant and Dec giggle. After 12 minutes of sweet bliss, they broke off for air, staring lovingly at each other)

Thomas: I love you, Ashima.

Ashima: I love you too… Tommy. (giggles)

Thomas: (blushes. Makes a goofy smile, making Julia chuckle and Ashima giggle more)

(Then Ashima gave Thomas a very seductive look as she drew closer)

Ashima: (seductively) Now, come here you.

(Then Thomas and Ashima's lips crashed together again. For a while, they just gave each other little pecks before finally falling into a deep slumber)

Julia: Well done for saving Ashima, Thomas.

(Thomas chuckles and gives a big smile to Julia. Julia smiles back.)

Narrator: Unknown to them, Bulldust watched them, smiling at Thomas.

Bulldust: Well done, Thomas. You’ve found your bravery and you’ve earned that blissful moment. We will meet again, little brother.

Narrator: Bulldust reversed and disappeared into the darkness.

(The scene fades to Vicarstown Station)

(Vicarstown Station bell rings)

(Thomas arrives at Vicarstown Station with Annie and Clarabel)

Thomas: I felt a lot better after rescuing Ashima from that hole. But, what moments have you experienced? (Steam rises; Narrating) Bill and Ben teased me and Rosie because I called Rosie my special friend. But, things turned out all right eventually. I had an accident at the Docks, and Ashima thought I would be cross for ruining my paintwork. But, Ashima learned that I would never be cross for things that she thought that she did. (Steam rises) So, if you did something you never did, don't blame yourself. Just stay calm and things will be alright. Then, just admit that it wasn't you that did it... (Whistle blows) ...and then dangerous things won't happen again.

Clarabel: Come on, Thomas!

Annie: It's time to go.

Thomas: See you next time. (Toot toot toot)

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