(Thomas puffs into view, chuffing very fast towards Gordon's hill)

Thomas: Whoo-hoo! (Echoes)

(The camera freezes, turns around Thomas, and it starts again. Thomas lands on the tracks again round a corner)

Thomas: I always have loved Ashima. But... um... there is one counterpart to that. In my nightmares... Ashima hates me. (Hank smacks him) Hank, what was that for? (Hank just glares at him) Sorry about, Hank. He just doesn't like me having nightmares. But, yeah. You'll see what I mean. (Toot toot) All aboard for a big adventure.

(Steam rises)

(The scene shows Sodor at nighttime)

Narrator: Thomas's Nightmare. One night on Sodor, everyone was asleep, everywhere was quiet and calm. Except one or two. Julia was in her hub watching Saturday Night Takeaway.

Ant: (on TV) Bring on the balloons.

((On the TV) Some undone balloons drop down onto Ant & Dec. The audience laughs)

Dec: (on TV) Roll the titles.

(Julia chuckles)

Narrator: Meanwhile elsewhere, Thomas and Ashima were fast asleep in a shed near Tidmouth. Ashima was sound asleep. Thomas, however, was breathing heavily as he slept. He was having a nightmare. But, elsewhere....

(The London Studios)

(The Saturday Night Takeaway theme plays)

(A kid plays with a toy train on Ant's back)

Ant: (indistinct) Ha ha! That tickles.

Dec: (sarcasticly) I'm sorry for the way I treated you. (Rolls eyes) (With excitement) Come on!

(Ant & Dec run down the stairs hi-fiving the audience along the way)

Ant: Hello.

Dec: (With excitement) Eh heh heh heh. (Hi-fiving some members of the audience) Aaaaaayyyy!

(Ant and Dec stand on the stage)

(The Saturday Night Takeaway theme ends)

Dec: Yeah!

Ant: Yeah!

(The audience cheers)

Dec: Thank you very much!

Ant: Thank you very much! Hello and welcome to Saturday Night Takeaway.

Narrator: But, whilst Ant & Dec were having some Saturday night fun...

(The scene cuts to Sodor. Thomas still mutters in his sleep)

Narrator: ...things weren't looking so fun for Thomas.

(Thomas’ nightmare)

Narrator: Thomas was running as fast as he could. Soon he was at the edge of Brendom docks. He tried to turn back, but the thing that was chasing him was blocking his way. It was a demonic Ashima. Her bright colours had gone dark and her eyes were red with anger.

Thomas: Ashima! Please listen! I’m sorry!


Narrator: Then Ashima started pushing Thomas towards the edge. The closer they got, the more frightened Thomas was.


Demonic Ashima: IT’S TOO LATE NOW!

Narrator: With that said, Ashima shoved Thomas off the edge and left him in the sea to rust and drown.


(Thomas’ eyes went wider than a top hat as he woke up from his nightmare. Breathing heavily and with a face drenched in sweat, he realised that he was in his own shed then looked over to his left side to see Ashima sound asleep. Her dark paintwork was gone and her bright colours were back. Her eyes, though shut, were calm and peaceful. He looks up at the clock. It says 7.15pm. He thought in his head about Saturday Night Takeaway being on TV. But, slowly, tears fell from his eyes as he began to cry and the SNT subject went out of his head. It had been weeks since Pingu, the Teletubbies, Ant & Dec, the characters from the Finding Nemo, Cars and Toy Story franchises, Oh, Tip and the MerseyGirls. Ashima had let the subject fly away since they first met, but it was nothing compared to what Thomas was going through. Over the past few weeks, Thomas had horrible nightmares of Ashima hating him and trying to kill him. Thomas’ sobbing was all it took to wake Ashima up.)

Ashima: Mmm… (eyes open a bit) Thomas? (looks to her right, gasps) Thomas? Are you okay?

(Ashima moved onto the turntable and switched tracks to face Thomas, who was shaking with worry. For a while, Thomas just stared at Ashima and saw her eyes weren’t filled with hatred, disbelief and dread… they were filled with care, sorrow and worry for him. Thomas was so happy on the inside, he didn’t know what to do next. Then out of nowhere, Thomas’ lips crashed onto Ashima’s, blessing her with a sweet kiss. Ashima was surprised at first, then she returned the kiss. After a few moments of sweet bliss, they broke off. Ashima just stared at Thomas, amazed by his move. Then she could see Thomas blushing and crying at the same time.)

Ashima: Thomas? What’s wrong?

Thomas: (whimpering) A-As-shim-ma, (hic) I’m so s-or-ry I was (hic) so r-rude t-to you (hic) wh-en you we-re left beh-ind. (even more tears fall.)

Ashima: (gasp)

(Ashima could tell straight off the look on his face that he had the nightmare again.)

Ashima: Oh, Thomas.

(Slowly, she moved forward and they’re buffers softly touched. Then their eyes closed as they went in for another kiss. Slowly, Thomas moved himself and Ashima onto the turntable where they moved into Ashima’s berth. The kiss soon changed from slow and smooth to passionate and fiery. Thomas’ tongue darted into Ashima’s mouth, desperate to find it’s partner. As soon as they found each other, they played with each other. Ashima’s mind was swept away by the texture of Thomas’ soft, warm lips. Thomas’ mind went numb as he tasted her soft, cherry flavoured lips and mouth. Thomas’ mouth was soon covering Ashima’s face in soft kisses. As they continued, Thomas felt whole again; his heart chips were swept away by their kiss. After about 3 hours of making out endlessly, they slowly broke off and stared in each other’s eyes.)

Ashima: Thomas… I could never hate or abandon you… I love you too much to hold a grudge against you. I love you.

(Thomas thought he was dead. He had just kissed the engine of his dreams and now she was saying the words he never thought she’d say. Then, he went back in, smashing his lips onto hers, instantly telling her that he loved her too. Their love had changed from a simple friendship to the love of Romeo and Juliet, but without the dying part. Their lips remained locked as they fell fast asleep.)

(The next morning)

Narrator: The next morning. Everyone was awake and heading off to work. Edward was about to wake up Thomas and Ashima, when she noticed that they sleeping and kissing at the same time.

(Julia runs up to go and wake up Thomas)

Julia: Thom....

Nia: (Whispering) Ssh. Julia. They're asleep. I think it’s best that we just let them have their time together. After all they’ve been through, I’d say they’ve earned a break.

Julia: (Whispering) Yeah. I think it's for the best.

Ringtone: # I just can't wait till Saturday.... #

(Ant stops his ringtone)

Ant: (Whispering) Sorry. That was my Saturday Night Takeaway ringtone.

Dec: (Whispering) Same.

Julia: Let's just leave it. Okay, boys?

(Ant & Dec nod. Then, them and Julia hop into Nia's cab. Nia puffs away)

Narrator: So, with that said, Nia, Ant, Dec and Julia left Thomas and Ashima in the shed. Alone.

(The scene fades to black)

(The scene fades to Vicarstown)

(Vicarstown Station bell rings)

(Thomas arrives at Vicarstown Station with Annie and Clarabel)

Thomas: Has something been on your mind and you're having nightmares? Well, sometimes you regret things. (Steam rises; Narrating) Nemo had been hurt by a giant squid. And Marlin wanted Dory to go away, and forget. Marlin then regretted it. And then he just enjoyed being with Dory. I had a nightmare about Ashima hating me. And after my nightmare, she calmed me down and everything was okay after that. (Steam rises) Don't worry if you have nightmares or something that you regret. But, don't worry. I'll still love Ashima no matter what happens. (Whistle blows) And I know that she'll love me too.

Clarabel: Come on, Thomas!

Annie: It's time to go.

Thomas: See you next time. (Toot toot toot)

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