Thomas and James at the Cinema: Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2019


Joseph May as Thomas

Rob Rackstraw as James

William Hope as Edward

Kerry shale as Gordon

Matt Wilkinson as Diesel 10

Jesse Schwartz as Leo (from Little Einsteins)


Leo: (Narrating) Hi, I'm Leo, And I'm Going to Tell You a Story About Trains, Folks Far apart, And The Magic Railroad That Brought You Together.

(Thomas Coming Out The Tunnel and Whistling)

Leo: Every Story, Like The Railroad Past as Heroes, Meet Thomas, He's Our Number One Hero.

Thomas: Hello. (Whistling)

Leo: But He's Running a Little Late Today, This is the Island of Sodor Where Thomas and his Friends live. is a One End in my Special Universe.

Gordon: Good Morning.

James: Hello Thomas.

Thomas: Hello James; Edward.

Edward: Good Morning Thomas.

Thomas: Morning Percy, Hey Wake up.

(Henry as he Chuffs Under the Bridge with a Freight Train)

Leo: I Like Helping Out Here, By The Vacation as Well Sir Topham Hatt of Course.

Thomas: Well Enough For That.

(The Movie Screen is Too Fast)

James: Uh, Thomas, What Are You Doing?

Thomas: I'm Fast Forward Until We Come In.

James: But You Can't Go Out of Order!

Thomas: Who Control My Forcing Pal, I Got The Remote!

James: When Everyone is Going to Get Confused, We Got a Go Back to Begin of the Story.

Thomas: Were Not Ending Begin of the Story.

Thomas: Hello. (Whistling)

James: Yes We Were, The Whole Time.

Edward: Yes, Gordon, Even You.

Thomas: Yeah But They Don't Know That.

Diesel 10: GET OUT OF MY WAY!

James: Then Why Don't We Tell Them Our Story?

(Thomas and James Screaming)

Thomas: Hey, I Got an Idea, Why Don't We Tell Them Our Story?

James: Oh, I Like The Sound of That.

Thomas: A Little Backstage Tour, Take Him, Behind The Scene For Refeeling Him, Enterment When in the Story When in the Story.

James: Because They Don't How Did Really Worried, That Worried That You Know?

Thomas: Goodness Him Better Myself.

James: But Soon Does This Mean We Have To Go Back to the Beginning?

Thomas: Oh No James, No, We're Going Way Back, To Before, The Beginning.

Narrator: Thomas and the Magic Railroad, In Theaters June 21 2019, Rated G?