#1.the Enchanted Herd

Gordonfan's Thomas and Friends: Year of the Horse Fanfics.

Hello I will be your narrator for this story, lets Began.

Narrator: one day Mays was Eating hay when Hiro the leader of the Enchanted Herd came to see him.

Mays: hey sir.

Hiro: today I am sending you to meet one of Northwestern Herd's Warriors.

Mays: may i ask what the name is.

Hiro: Toby.

Mays: oh you mean him.

Hiro: yes now go.

Narrator: he said, soon he met Toby.

Mays: hey Toby.

Toby: hey Mays, you have been told to come here cause one of are Warriors is Sick so your to there place for a while.

Mays: who is the Sick Warrior?

Toby: its Molly so your taking her spot until she gets Better.

Mays: can I go see her.

Narrator: he said soon were with Rosie a red roan mare, she is the Medicine Horse for the Northwestern herd.

Rosie: hey Toby.

Toby: Mays wants to see Molly.

Rosie: well what brings him here, and you know it is always special when one of the Enchanted herd horses visit.

Mays: I need to know Molly's job.

Molly: I just roam the island looking out for trouble.

Narrator: meanwhile lady was loanly.

Lady: I miss Mays.

Miya: how sweet but bitter.

Lady: Be quite Miya you will not understand.

Narrator: and Miya stormed off. then Proteus came in.

Proteus: what is wrong Lady.

Lady:(upset) it's Miya she was teasing my on the fact that Mays is not here.

Proteus: don't mind her, she has been acting very strangely lately.

Lady: how can i get Back at her.

Proteus: let her get herself in trouble.

Lady: you always know what to say.

Proteus: thanks.

Narrator: then Dawn a blood bay colt came to see Lady.

Dawn: hey mom.

Lady: hey daughter, what are you doing here.

Dawn: with dad not being here, and Tokkiado cant train me today so I am Bord.

Lady: don't know what to tell you.

Dawn: I wish I had at least someone to hang out with when I don't have anything to do.

Lady: *sighs* I know, sweetie.

Narrator: Just then, Misty, an apprentice from the Northwestern Herd, came up to Dawn.

Dawn: (suprised) Misty! What are you doing here?

Misty: I came to just hang out. My dad canceled today's training to make that possible.

Dawn: Is there anything going on at your herd?

Misty: A lot of stuff is. If it's OK with your mom, you can come over to our territory to see what's going on. After all, your herd and my herd work together and keep peace.

Dawn: mom, can I go?

Lady: Of course you can.

Misty: What are we waiting for, let's go!

Narrator: So they went off. When they got there, Edward, the Northwestern Herd's leader, was standing on top of the Herd's announcement rock, which is where they stand on when giving an announcement on.

Edward: No that I'm old and too weak to lead this herd any longer, I will move on to become an elder, and have Gordon take my place as leader. Take good care of our herd, Gordon.

Gordon: I will. After all, it's my first day as a leader and this same day I'm a dad!

Everyone: *whispers to each other* (they are shocked, not angry shocked)

Gordon: My mate, Emily, has given birth to our first foal, a black filly.

Everyone: *whispers again*

Gordon: Now, our new deputy is......James!

Everyone: *cheers*

Misty: I don't believe it!

Dawn: Come on, let's go see Emily's foal!

Narrator: So they did.

Dawn: She's so pretty.

Emily: *laughs* she looks a lot like her dad, don't you think?

Misty: I agree

Dawn: What are you going to name her?

Emily: I'm thinking of naming her.....Starlight.

Narrator: then Flora a brown-and-white Paint mare came to see Emily.

Flora: hey Em... well it is good to have you visit are Herd Dawn, how is Namenki?

Dawn: his leg was hurting him, and Tokkaido Canceled my training today.

Misty: hey Dawn wan't to be friends.

Dawn: sure i would love to be friends with you.

Narrator: meanwhile Hiro spoke sternly to Miya.

Hiro: Miya I hear that you were teasing Lady.

Miya: so it was funny.

Hiro: you know we do not tolerate teasing.

Miya: oh come on.

Lady: teasing is hurt full.

Miya: so what.

Namenki: leave her alone.

Miya: here comes i am in pain.

Namenki: its nit my fault i scream in pain.

Hiro: why are you acting like this?

Miya: you hardly spend any time with me, all you do mostly is work.

Hiro: so that is why your acting rude.

Miya: so you'd pay more attention to me.

Narrator: meanwhile Mays was talking to Thomas a blue roan Mustang stallion.

Mays: how have you been?

Thomas: good, Percy has been acting weird lately

Mays: how weird?

Thomas: I dont know, so how is your daughter Dawn.

Mays: fine.

Dawn: DAD!!!

Narrator: said Dawn as she saw her father.

Mays: what are you doing here shouldnt you be training.

Dawn: training was canceld today.

Misty: and me and Dawn are friends.

Mays: That's great Daughter, lets head home Thomas can you take over Mollys post.

Thomas: sure.

Narrator: he said, when they got back to the herd Lady just came running at him.

Lady: Mays!!!!

Mays: hello dear.

Lady: I missed you so much.

Dawn: and Edward has moved on to become an Elder, so Gordon is the new leader of the northwestern herd.

The end.

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