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The Thomas & Friends Extended World is a shared universe and expansion of the Thomas & Friends franchise developed by Copy-Ability-Studios.


Primary Timeline

Each of these installments take place in the primary timeline. All elements that have occurred in this timeline are carried over between installments.


  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  • Once Upon a Thomas: A Thomas & Friends Movie
  • Once Upon a Thomas 2: Caution - Friendship at Work
  • Once Upon a Thomas 3: Express Coming Through!
  • The Thomas & Friends Movie: Extremely Exciting Experiments
  • The Thomas & Friends Movie: Engines Lost in Time


Secondary Timeline

The secondary timeline consists of occuring events in alternate universes that are not canon to the primary timeline. Unlike the primary timeline, in which elements are carried over between installments, each installment in the secondary timeline is stand-alone.

  • Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes


  • Chuggington, Fireman Sam, and Ferry Boat Fred were originally not related to the Thomas & Friends universe, but were added in upon being acquired by Nintendo and streamed on their Nintendo Super Films streaming service.
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