The first season of Thomas & Friends In the Legend In Viking Railway started airing on June 4, 2020 in the

UK. Mark Moraghan narrated all twenty-six episodes in the UK.


All of the stories in the first season were originally written by the Rev. W. Awdry, including a one-off story commissioned by the staff, Not So Hasty Puddings, the book based on said episode being commissioned by the staff so as to have every episode in print form first. The stories were adapted for television by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton. The seven engines introduced in this series became the core of the cast in later series. The Pilot for the series was an adaptation of Ryouma's New Coaches, which was remade entirely when the rest of the episodes were shot.


(Note: * means that an episode was not narrated by Mark Moraghan in the US and was only narrated by George Carlin in the US.)

Screenshot UK title (top)

US title (bottom)

Original UK release date Episode number #
Ryouma's New Coaches 1th July 2020 #01
On her first day, Thomas takes Mia and Vicky, which makes Ryouma cross. He eventually forgives her after saving him from hitting a broken down Percy
Edward and Matoi 2th July 2020 #02
Edward's crew feel sorry for him and take him out one day. Then he helps Matol when he gets stuck on a hill.
Yogi Gets the Express 3th July 2020 #03
Yogi takes the express instead of Gordon.
Obelix The Flying Kipper 6th July 2020 #04
Obelix is chosen to pull the "Flying Kipper". However, ice jams the points and snow forces down a signal, leading Obelix  to crash.
James and Asterix 7th July 2020 #05
James meets a splendid but arrogant streamliner named Asterix who is taking the Halvar, Ylva and Son Vicky to a party. James advises Asterix to take on water, but he refuses to listen.
Viking Trouble in the Shed 8th July 2020 #06
The big engines go on strike so the Muscle Controller buys a new Viking engine called Gouki to help.
Toby in Trouble 9th July 2020 #07
Toby and Henrietta gets in trouble with a policeman. When the Muscle Controller hears about it, he buys Riki.
Saved from Yak 10th July 2020 #08
Ryouma meets Yona Yak at the Yakyakistan and tries to help make him become useful again.
Diesel In Dirty Objects 13th July 2020 #09
Riki and Toby often get teased by Diesel about their old-fashioned appearance. However, Diesel crashes into some tar tanker wagons.
James and the Viking Express 6th August 2020 #10
When Asterix is switched the wrong way and gets lost, James is given the Express.
Berk's Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks 7th August 2020 #11
Everyone on Berk struggles in the hot weather, Hiccup and Astrid were putting out fires while The Muscle Controller meet's the Fat Controller was forced to wear a safari hat to keep himself cool.
The Way She Does it Viking Wood 8th September 2020 #12
Daisy boasts about transporting an entertainers group.
Ryouma, Terence and the Snow 20th November 2020 #13
Ryouma meets Terence the Tractor and says his wheels are ugly. However, Ryouma is shown just how useful they are when he crashes into a snowdrift.
Ryouma and Will's Great Race 20th November 2020 #14
Ryouma meets Will the Bus who challenges him to a race.
Yogi in the Dark 27th November 2020 #15
Yogi is accidentally given paint that glows in the dark.
Animal House 27th November 2020 #16
With the winter storms approaching, the Percy and Gouki are forced to find a way to help the Berk farm animals (yaks, sheep, etc.) overcome their fear of the dragons. If they can't, Berk will starve from lack of eggs, milk, wool, etc.
Edward Runs Away 4th December 2020 #17
Edward forgets Percy's warning about going on the main line and is so startled by Obelix that he runs away.
Obelix's Special Coal 4th December 2020 #18
Obelix is not feeling well. The Muscle Controller comes to a conclusion that Obelix needs Welsh coal to perform well.
Viking for Hire 11th December 2020 #19
Without the need for dragon killing weapons, Gobber finds himself without a job in Berk. It's up to Thomas to find a new calling for his friend and mentor.
The In Whistles and Sneezes 11th December 2020 #20
Matol's whistle jams and he cannot stop whistling while Yogi sneezes at some troublemaking boys.
The Terrible Twos 18th December 2020 #21
When Ryouma discovers an injured baby dragon who he names Torch, Thomas takes a fierce dislike to the energetic and mischievous beast. But unbeknownst the riders, Torch's much bigger and angrier mother is looking for him, and is headed their way.
Thomas, Ryouma and the Snowplough 18th December 2020 #22
Thomas ignores Ryouma's advice to put on his snowplough.
All in Vain Special 25th December 2020 #23
Asterix has to take the Mayor to Callan Castle, but is mortified when he finds a tiny scratch on his paintwork.
Emily Strikes Out 26th December 2020 #24
Emily prejudices a new Viking crane called Kelsey, but eats his words after Kelsey helps Obelix after an accident.
Down the Mine Henry 26th December 2020 #25
Henry goes to a lead mine to collect some trucks but foolishly passes a danger board and falls down a mine.
Not So Hasty Puddings Yona 26th December 2020 #26
Ryouma is cross with Yona for telling him he is not reliable enough when the Muscle Controller assigns her to deliver some Christmas puddings to the Mrs. Kyndley's house is snowed in.


Characters Introduced


  • When the series was first broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom, two episodes would be compiled into one ten minute block with a name board sequence featured in between. For subsequent broadcasts, the stories were shown individually.
  • This series took roughly seven months to film, starting from September 1983 and being finished in March 1984.
  • According to Ringo Starr, his narration for this series took eight days to record, including retakes for four episodes due to the tone of his voice.
  • The Norwegian, Finnish, Slovenian and early Swedish narrations credit Ringo Starr as the narrator, even though they were re-dubbed in their respective languages.
  • Most of the series' scripts were partially edited for the US versions.
  • In the Ukrainian version, Ringo Starr's voice can be heard in the background.
  • This was the only series for several things:
    • The only series to have its UK recordings released in the US.
    • The only series where lead was used to create the human characters. From the second to eleventh series, all human characters were made from resin, so they could move around more easily.
    • The only series where the trucks have their faces embedded in their bodies. From the second to eleventh series, the trucks have moulded faces, although some first series style trucks appeared in some of these episodes.
    • The only series to date dubbed in Slovak and Icelandic.
    • The only series in the Finnish dub that Thomas was known in all the episodes as Thomas the Tank Engine.
    • The only series filmed at Clearwater Studios in Battersea, as the next being Shepperton Studios.
    • The only series to be released on Betamax. Two tapes were released and consist of all the episodes. The first includes the first half and the second includes the second half. Kaledioscope re-released the VHS releases on 28th April 1986 and VCI also re-released them on 16th May 1988 with simular tactics from the latter two releases as the Nameboards were used in the opening titles, this also happened for the 1990 Bumper Special as did for the Betamax releases. From 1993 the VHS releases were given new covers and renamed from their original lookalikes 
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