Thomas & Friends Shining Time Station is a upcoming Blu-ray release. It is scheduled to be released November 25th 2014.

It features sixteen season one episodes, twelve season two episodes, two season three episodes, and twelve season four episodes narrated by George Carlin

Disc 1

1. The Runaway

2. Wrong Road

3. Rusty To The Rescue

4. Thomas & Stepney

5. Gordon Takes A Dip

6. James Goes Buzz Buzz

7. A Big Day For Thomas

8. Special Funnel

9. Tenders and Turntables

10. Trouble In The Shed

11. Bulls Eyes

12. Fish

13. Saved From Scrap

14. A New Friend For Thomas

Disc 2

1. Donald & Douglas

2. The Deputation

3. Home At Last

4. Rock 'N' Roll

5. James In A Mess

6. Percy's Predicament

7. Thomas & Bertie's Great Race

8. Henry & The Elephant

9. Toby The Tram Engine

10. Thomas Breaks The Rules

11. A Bad Day For Sir Handel

12. Rusty Helps Peter Sam

13. Trouble For Thomas

14. Percy Takes The Plunge

Disc 3

1. Old Iron

2. Edward's Exploit

3. Granpuff

4. Sleeping Beauty

5. Whistles & Sneezes

6. Duck Takes Charge

7. Thomas Saves The Day

8. Down The Mine

9. Edward Helps Out

10. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party

11. James Learns A Lesson

12. Foolish Freight Cars

13. Thomas' Christmas Party

14. Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree


1. Let's Have A Race (after A Big Day For Thomas)

2. Gone Fishing (after A New Friend For Thomas)

3. Toby (after Thomas & Bertie's Great Race)

4. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover (after Percy Takes The Plunge)

5. The Island Song (after Thomas Saves The Day)

6. Really Useful Engine (after Thomas & The Missing Christmas Tree)

Storyteller: George Carlin

Season 1-3 episodes are restored

This is the fourth Season of Shining Time Station

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