Thomas & Friends Video Game Reboot is the first Thomas video game for the Wii U. The game takes a much darker, and gritty approach to the classic children's television series. The game was announced at E3 2011. This article is under construction

Thomas & Friends Reboot

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The game starts out with a festival on Sodor. The New and Younger female Mayor of Sodor is starting a ceremony, but is interrupted by Diesel , and his sidekicks Arry, and Bert. Diesel  is looking for the elements of disaster so he can deliver them to his boss. The Mayor refuses, and Diesel  tells Arry and Bert to activate the robots from the ship. , and pull out guns ready to shoot the Mayor to death if she dosen't give any answers. Out of nowhere a teenager with blue hair named Thomas comes, and grabs the Mayor. Diesel  is furious to see Thomas ruin his plans, and commands Arry and Bert to activate the robots with guns again. They start shooting at Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt but Thomas is too quick. However he is confronted by Arry  and Bert, who Thomas must fight. Meanwhile Diesel  has caught up and kidnaps the Sir Topham Hatt. Arry and Bert follow, and Thomas is knocked unconcies.

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