Thomas is the Main protagonist from Thomas and Friends, sometimes he is cheeky, and sometimes he becomes so serious, he has an evil brother called Timothy, and a Couple of Parents called Tom and María. but he never know they.


Thomas was born in 1913, along with her little Brother (only for 5 seconds) Timothy, her fathers we're called Tom and Maria.

One day, the fathers had to go on a travel, so they go trought 3 years, and they didn't come, so Thomas was now the Leader.

Thomas and Timothy had to win their life, so Thomas search empoyment on the Galaxy Railways, he work there for a while, but later he become a normal engine, because he didn't want to leave her brother alone, so they search in Brighton Search and Rescue Center (BSRC).

Thomas gets all of the credit, but Timothy was an 0 to the left, so he get mad and try to assain her brother falling for a viaduct in repair, but that doesn't work and Timothy dies.

In that night, the shed of the engines start to burn, evryone survived, and Thomas discovers that the Fire was by her brother.


Thomas launches Timothy to the Phantom Zone, and he doesn't get out of there... But in 100 Years, he will be back...

Thomas was buyed by Sir Topham Hatt, so Thomas decided to act like a children, Thomas didn't wanted the engines of Sodor to spook, so Thomas hides it to everyone.

When he saved James from a crash, he get her own branchline, so Thomas now has two coaches, Annie & Clarabelle.

In the 2000, The new Millennium, Thomas discover a lost engine called Lady, so he saves she and escape from the evil Diesel 10 and Fall from a Viaduct.

Later, he do amazing things, he make an alliance within' Diesels and Steamies, He discover an lost city, discover an engine from Japan, he discover an lost island (and later he forgot the island and the island sink and later being consumed by the Void because they was one of the biggest fails of the universe), he discover an engine that was feared of being desterred of Sodor, he save an engine so old, he discover an lost treasure, Participate in the Great Railway Show, He make a Journey Beyond Sodor, and He discover that if It's A Big World, there is Big Adventures, and also Make a giant discover in Italy, and they are just some of her adventures, but something was going to change on he...

Her Brother Timothy gets to the earth, with and ejercit of villains, but with the help of Diesel 10, Ferdinand, Kevin, Percy, Charlie and her old Friend Big One, he defeat he.

Thomas contiinue having big adventures, but One evil Engine called Scrapwave get back to life, he sacrifice himself to save the Universe, but in the Beyond, he meet finally her parents, and soon, her friends reunite by regular life, and they life happily ever after.

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