Tommy Thomas Bond (1st April 1994-23rd February 2018), a.k.a Thomas the Tank Engine is Gerald Bond's son and Stanley Bond's grandson. He was bio-fused into a E2 Class Engine.



Thomas was born in 1994 in Tidmouth City. He had 4 brothers called: Edward Bond (1990-2018), James Bond (1992-), Toby Bond (1995-2018) and Percy Bond (1997-2018).

In 1998, he went to Kindergarten. Then, in 2004, he was cycling to school when he got smashed by a train.

Originally, Thomas was going to a hospital, but then, Gerald decided to take him to The 0 Shed. Then in 2005, Thomas was complete.

Life as steam engine

In 2006, Thomas got into trouble with a police man, and The Fat Controller agreed that Thomas needed cow catchers. But Stanley Bond regretted the idea and told the fat f*ck that he would punch him in the balls.

In 2013, he recieved two bio-fused coaches called Annie and Clarabel. But then, in 2018, Thomas grew worried about his siblings, because Edward threw up and died, Percy was smashed by Gordon and James was too weak to work. So he and Toby puffed without their drivers to The 0 Shed. What they found there was their clones. They were so shocked that they exploded out of their bodies and when the fat sh*t pushed a button marked "Melt Down", Thomas and Toby's skeletons began to melt and their organs were on fire. They were screaming so loudly that their faces came off.

It is unknown what happened to their boilers. It is likely that the boilers have been scrapped.


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