This is my 1st series of my fanmade series of Thomas and Friends, all set after the latest real life series. Series 1 consists of 26 episodes like the original series and will have characters from older series in it too.

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1. Thomas and Harold- Thomas is on his branch line when Harold drops some cargo for the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Thomas takes it and he and Harold race to there, but Thomas takes a wrong turn and gets lost...

2. Thomas, James and the Lost Dog- Thomas is looking for a lost dog, but James thinks he can find it first. Thomas and James race around searching and cause confusion and delay and miss the dog whenever they pass it.

3. A Turntable for James- James hates the turntable at Tidmouth Sheds, because it is too close to the windy sea, and he refuses to use it, but and Makes Gordon sad  going backwards with his passenger train causes an accident. Will James learn his lesson?

4: Granpuff Returns- Duke returns to the Island of Sodor after working at the Mainland. Peter Sam and Sir Handel show him the changes in the Hills, but Duke shows he's more than capable when Duncan derails!

5. Jeremy's Calling- Jeremy the Jet Plane has no passengers in the wet weather and feels left out of work. Thomas tries to find him Molly's passengers but to no avail and Jeremy searches in a storm...

6. No Trouble for Terence- Thomas, BoCo and Harvey have trouble getting through the muddy lines, so Terence arrives with his plough to push through the mud.

7. Henry's New Wheels- Henry is at the Sodor Steamworks to try out new wheels. When he is fitted, he doesn't know his tender wheels are stiff. Will he stop in a bad place?

8. Thomas and the Umbrella- Thomas is fighting the stormy weather when the Fat Controller's umbrella is swept away and Thomas gives chase, only to end up hitting the buffers as it flies away!

9. Percy and the Poor Repairs- Percy is shunting when he sees that the Railway Inspector says his recent whistle repair is bad. Percy doesn't believe him until his whistle breaks...

10. Going for the Gold- At the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is to take Peter Sam to get a repaint. Rheneas wants to be painted yellow for a change and Thomas looks for  green paint and makes a mistake and even makes Rusty mad.

11. Thomas and the Tinsmith- Thomas is to collect the tinsmith to repair some metal at the Smelters, but the tinsmith stops to repair James, Percy and Henry's coupling rods. Will they ever get to the Smelters?

12. Bumpy Bertie- Bertie the Bus has to travel on bumpy roads and it rocks his passengers. As Thomas collects tar and workmen, Bertie bumps off the roads and close to the line!

13. Thomas and the Cards- The school teacher's birthday comes and Thomas is to collect birthday cards for the children to give to her, but rain makes them soggy...

14. Thomas' Small Job- Thomas is to collect a mouse from the pet shop and take it to Knapford for Stephen  . But the mouse escapes and scares the engines.

15.  Thomas and Skarloey- Thomas is working at the Blue Mountain Quarry with Skarloey and Paxton. While Paxton takes his load of stone, will Thomas listen to someone as small as Skarloey?

16. Belle to the Rescue- Belle is working hard to put out fires, but feels she isn't useful with other emergencies. Later, she proves she is when  Whiff gets trapped in a burning   shed!

17. Edward Slows Down- Edward is teased for being slow by Norman, so he uses special coal, but when he has to take a slow goods train, he doesn't slow down and is pushed by the trucks...

18. Toby and the Hens- Toby is working on a farm, where he has to take hens to the market. But when Gordon biffs him , the hens get scared.

19. DUCK'S DEAD- Duck is shunting in the yards when he sees some runaway trucks. They hit the buffers and a lump of coal hits Duck's funnel. Is it broken? (Warning: DO NOT WATCH THIS EPISODE AND THIS MAKES YOU SAD AND VERY BAD BUT YOU CAN GET IN TROUBLE IF YOUR PARENTS SEE YOU WATCH IT) (Warning: This episode has extremly bad words in it)

20. Thomas' Promise- Thomas is collecting the children from school and promises to be on time. But when James breaks down on his line, Thomas is delayed!

21. Trundling Engine- Rheneas is shunting at the Transfer Yards when he decides to find other work only to end up lost as he trundled without paying attention...

22. Strong Butch- Butch is strong and carries heavy vehicles. But when he has to use his crane arm to pull Gordon, it snaps and he runs into a ditch.

23. Harvey's Death- Harvey is clearing rubble but unforenetly he dies, and when Donald and Douglas find out they fell very sad . and Then SIr Topham Hatt has a funerral for Harvey and tells the other engines about there good friends Harvey how died on the traacks.all the engines fell very sad.(WARNING: Do not watch this episode because it is very tragic and might make you sad).

24. Gordon Gets It Right- Gordon sees the branch line is damaged and warns Thomas who is jealous of Gordon's bigger line and ignores Gordon and regrets it!

25. Paxton's Old Buffers- Paxton's buffers are old and make it hard to shunt trucks. When he askes for new ones, he has to wait for Percy to be repair him ...

26. Thomas and the Sheep: Thomas is working on his branch line, but some sheep have strayed onto the line and to avoid them, he goes into a siding and he derails.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • The Fat Controller
  • Duke
  • Peter Sam
  • Sir Handel
  • Rheneas
  • Skarloey
  • Rusty
  • Duncan
  • Jeremy
  • Oliver
  • Terence
  • BoCo
  • Harvey
  • Duck
  • Madge
  • Trevor
  • Arthur
  • The Railway Inspector
  • The Tinsmith
  • Bertie
  • Rosie
  • The Teacher
  • Schoolchildren
  • Diesel
  • Stephen Hatt
  • Bridget Hatt
  • Paxton
  • Mr Percival
  • Mrs Percival
  • Flynn
  • Norman
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • Harold
  • Butch
  • Cranky
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Salty
  • Victor
  • Kevin
  • Luke
  • Owen
  • Merrick
  • Belle
  • Scruff
  • Whiff
  • Lady Hatt (does not speak)
  • Jem Cole (does not speak)
  • Thumper (does not speak)
  • Workmen (do not speak)
  • Bulgy (does not speak)
  • Henrietta (does not speak)
  • Farmer Trotter (does not speak)
  • Nancy (does not speak)
  • Duke and Duchess of Boxford (do not speak)
  • Alicia Botti (does not speak)
  • The Policeman (cameo)
  • The Vicar (cameo)
  • Dowager Hatt (cameo)
  • Old Bailey (cameo)
  • Miss Jenny Packard (cameo)
  • Rocky (cameo)
  • Toad (cameo)
  • Horrid Lorries (cameos)
  • Colin (cameo)
  • Freddie (cameo)
  • Hank (cameo)
  • Stepney (cameo)
  • Mighty Mac (cameo)
  • The Bird Watcher (cameo)
  • Mr Bubbles (cameo)
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