Thomas and Harvey

Written by The Venomoth

Produced by The Venomoth

Directed by Dat Boiiiiiii

The Island of Sodor is an island coated with railway lines. It also has a dock called Brendam Docks. At the docks, engines, cranes, and social workers work hard to maintain stability and make the Island of Sodor great again.

One day, Thomas had arrived at the docks to pick up some cargo. He had collected some Flour for the bakery to make cakes for a party.

"I hope the bakery can make some yummy cakes to eat!', Thomas cheerfully said.

"You like to eat cakes?", Salty asked.

"No.", Thomas replied. He never really had an appetite for anything ever since he crashed into the stationmaster's house.

Just then, Harvey arrived at the docks. He had to pick up some pipes for a bridge.

"Good Morning, Thomas!" he cheerfully screeched.

"Good Morning... Harvey." Thomas replied, reeling from the completely random scream Harvey just let out.

"What are you doing now?" Harvey asked Thomas.

"I have to deliver this flour to the bakery.", he said. "I better get going. I musn't be late!"

Thomas chuffed away towards the bakery. Harvey got his trucks loaded with the pipes, and went in the same direction as Thomas.

Thomas was puffing away, and he stopped at a signal. Thomas was cross.

"Bother that signal!", he snorted. "We were going so well too!"

When the signal turned green, Thomas started chuffing again. Unbeknownst to him, Harvey was near Thomas, and was Heading straight for him!

Harvey didn't stop. Due to a faulty signal, he felt no reason to stop, until he saw Thomas!

"Bust my Boiler!", he screamed. He applied his brakes, but it was too late.

Harvey hit Thomas in the corner, and toppled off the track. Thomas was derailed, and he fell down a hill with his trucks.

Harvey was worried. "Oh no! What will I do? I have my pipes and he has his flour!"

A couple of hours later, Edward came with Rocky. Rocky was surprised.

"What happened here?", Rocky asked with a strange tone in his voice.

"Uh. Stuff I can tell you later.", Harvey said. "Can you just put me back on the rails?"

Rocky put Harvey, and later Thomas, back on the rails. He wasn't able to save Thomas's flour trucks, but he was able to get Harvey's pipes. As Harvey huffed away, Thomas went back to Brendam to get some more flour. But that's a story for another day...

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