Thomas and More of the Trucks

Written By The Venomoth

Thomas was chuffing to the washdown. He was still cross over the incident where head been derailed by Harvey.

"Bother that Harvey!", Thomas said to himself. He was very cross.

He finally arrived at the washdown. A while later, they finished, and Thomas began puffing back to Brendam Docks to get some more flour for the bakeries. When he arrived at Brendam Docks, he saw the flour wass already loaded onto the trucks. Thomas was surpirsed they got the trucks ready on such short notice.

"How did you know?, Thomas asked.

"We heard of the crash.", Cranky arrogantly said.

"So we came to help." Salty added on.

Thomas was coupled up to the trucks, and off he went to the bakery.

While he was on his way, the trucks were very fussy.

"Stop pushing! Don't tug so hard! BE GENTLE!", the trucks screamed.

"Won't you bothersome trucks be quiet?, Thomas demanded. The trucks became silent.

When they reached Henry's Tunnel, the trucks began to plot a revenge plan.

The trucks applied their brakes, and Thomas stopped in the tunnel. He couldn't speak due to being tired out for carrying the resisting trucks for a few miles. To make matters worse, The Fat Controller was there. He went over to Thomas. He was very cross.

"Thomas, please do not become a new Henry.", he said.

The trucks laughed and giggled. They thought they had gotten Thomas good.

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