Thomas & Friends: The Rosie Movie is a new 2016 movie. The movie is usually called "The Giant Mystery". [1] ==Narrator==


It is a big time on Sodor, Thomas and his friends, including Rosie set out on a quest to find the old engine that broke down during his adventure years ago. First they meet Jake and Alex who help with the pack and the steam works. Next they go to Ulfstead Castle to ask Sidney the steam engine about the old engine. Until trouble strikes soon. Rosie bash into Thomas with the Troublesome Turcks, Rosie loves to a backwords and lorword in the yard and bop into a Troublesome Turck Thomas bash one Turck to and crash off the rails and Rosie puff away. one day James the Red Engine is to be poined but Rosie bash into him all over has point work into James, Rosie is a silly tank engine and she puff away for good. A Knapford Station Gordon the Big Engine is pull has express coaches but Rosie bash into him too Rosie is to silly being cheeky befor Gordon, and Rosie puff away. Bill and Ben is pulling turck of the china clay but Rosie puff in and bash into them with china clay flor in the air on the Bill and Ben and Rosie puff away from Sodor China Clay Company. At the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre Belle and Flynn the Fire Engine is sering water like to take out fires Rosie puff in to them she says Hello "Said Rosie". But today Percy the Small Engine puff in to Rescue Centre he see Rosie at Rescue Centre with Belle and Flynn. he said Rosie "said Percy" but puff away but puff in to Belle and Flynn but Rosie is gone away, he said "said Percy". Belle talls Percy to go avdry Rosie, Percy love to go see Rosie agine being in love.


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