Dory: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Hey. What's happening?

Marlin: Something's wrong. Let's get back to the house to play some Mar...

Nemo: Ssh.

Thomas: Ashima? What's the matter?

Ashima: (Sighs) Thomas... There's something I've neglected to tell you.

Thomas: What's that? Is it sad?

Ashima: Yes.

Nemo: Did you hear that?

Ashima: It's a story of how I became an engine.

Thomas: What? That doesn't sound sad.

Ashima: It... it... it... (Holds breath)

Thomas: Ashima?

(Ashima surfaces)

Ashima: (Sighs) It does sound sad, Thomas.

Thomas: Oh. Well, tell me about it, then.

Ashima: Okay. When I was young, I used to be an expert at everything. But, one of my friends was jealous of me. Especially swimming. But, one day...

Thomas: What? Go on.

Dory: Oh, boy. I'm intrigued.

Ashima: of my friends turned evil.

(Thomas, Dory, Marlin and Nemo gasp)

Thomas: What happened, Ashima?

Ashima: (Sighs) My "used to be friend" was threatening me with a spell. He just pointed his wand at me and then I turned into a Tank Engine. I looked awful. I was a horrible colour. But when the Great Railway show came around, I was painted a better colour.

Thomas: And that was pink, with cool designs.

Ashima: (Sighs) Exactly. It's just that... I... I...

(Ashima cries and embraces Thomas, then lets go)

Dory: Boy. That story was a bit scary.

Marlin: Scary? Scary? That's more terrifying than Dory's whale talk.

Nemo: And when you were inside that whale.

Marlin: Exactly.

Thomas: Ashima, it's okay. No one's gonna hurt you.

(Thomas strokes one of Ashima's ponytails)

Thomas: And I'll still love you more matter what. Even in a river.

Ashima: (Chuckles) Thanks, Thomas.

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