(Woody is seen hiding behind a tree. He turns and sees the Love Home in awe)

Woody: Wow.

(The scene cuts to a bottom angle shot at the Love Home and then cuts back to Woody who looks around and spots a cone and beams)

(Whilst Thomas and Ashima are playing in the water, Woody, who is under the cone, sneaks past them without them noticing. He then throws the cone away into a bush, adjusts his hat and sneaks into the open door)

(The scene cuts to the inside of the Love Home. Woody climbs up the banister and heads into Thomas and Ashima's room. There, he looks around stunned)

Woody: Wow. This is like Andy's and Bonnie's room combined. Except... Andy's room was only great when he was a child.

(Woody looks around the room and thinks)

Woody: But, how am I gonna get out without being spotted?

(Woody then spots Dory going down a pipe and brightens up. He climbs up the slippery tank and once he gets up there....)

Woody: (as he walks backwards) (chuckles; yells) (He drops down the pipe)

(The scene cuts to the pipe area outside)

Dory: (as she shoots out the pipe) Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (She splashes into the water and surfaces)

(Woody's screaming is heard in the pipe)

Nemo: What's that sound?

(Woody comes out the pipe screaming and skims the ground just avoiding the water)

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