(Thomas chuffs through the magic buffers and onto Sodor, whistling and catching up with the rest of the group just as they are discovered by the diesels)

Diesel 10: Ah-ha! There's the blue puffball, and look who he's with! Splodge! Come and destroy!

Splatter: No. You do it yourself!

Dodge: Yeah, we mean that!

Splatter: Emphatically.

Dodge: What does that mean?

Splatter: I have no idea.

Dodge: But, good word.

Thomas: Run, Lady! Quickly! And I'm going to help you!

Burnett: (hopping inside Lady's cab) So am I, my Lady. I will not let you down again.

Diesel 10: Ahh. Who needs you, Splodge?

Mr. Conductor: (as Lady and Thomas chuff away) Watch out for the viaduct! It's dangerous!

(Lady and Thomas puffs away)

(Mr. Conductor thinks for a moment)

(Diesel 10 then cackles as he passes by)

(Mr. Conductor shouts)

Junior: What's the matter?

Mr. Conductor: Lady. That engine's name is Lady. She's part of the clue to the source of the....

Mr. Conductor and Junior: Gold dust!

(Mr. Conductor and Junior scream)

(The scene cuts to Diesel 10 chasing after Thomas, Lady and Burnett)

Diesel 10: Now I'll get you, Burnett Stone!

Burnett: (looking back) No, you won't! Because the magic you refused to believe in will get the better of you!

Diesel 10: You can run, but you can't hide! Right, Pinchy? (opening and closing his claw and cackling at Thomas) Pinchy's hungry!

Thomas: Ooh, get back! (chuffs away from Diesel 10)

Burnett: (putting his hand on Lady's side) Come on, Lady.

Diesel 10: Coming, puffball! (growling)

(Diesel 10 tries to chase Thomas and Lady over a watermill)

Diesel 10: (giggle cackling) (singsong) Look out!

(Thomas and Lady went through the tunnel)

Diesel 10: Here I come! Duck, Pinchy! (anger glare and breakdown)

(As Diesel 10 went through the same tunnel which Lady and Thomas went through, Pinchy, Diesel 10's metallic claw, ducked through the tunnel)

(Thomas and Lady are seen getting away from Diesel 10)

(Diesel 10 goes under a bridge)

Diesel 10: I like my lunch "steamed"!

(Diesel 10 laughs as he moves closer to Thomas and tries to grab him)

Diesel 10: (growling)

(Then, they chase over another bridge and under Percy, who is pulling a goods train)

(Burnett then looks at Diesel 10)

Diesel 10: Heh! Petty fast... for a puffball.

(Burnett then looks away)

(The viaduct starts to crumble and Lady starts to cross it)

Burnett: Well, Lady. This is your Shining Time too.

Lady: (crosses the bridge) I hope so.

Thomas: Come on, Lady. Little engines can do big things!

(Lady goes across the viaduct, which grows wider. Thomas follows her)

(A stone falls and Lady crosses safely before Thomas)

(More stones fall, making a gap. Thomas slowly goes to the gap and jumps through)

(Two pieces of arc fall, making a big one)

Burnett: Well done, Thomas! Well done! (blows Lady's whistle and Thomas whistles after him)

(Diesel 10 attempts to cross the bridge but then looks down and gasps)

Diesel 10: Uh oh. Ooh, what's going on? Ho...ho...ho...hold it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Diesel 10 tips as he falls down the viaduct)

(Boomer falls onto the barge but Diesel 10's claw extends and manages to grab onto a broken track from the viaduct)

Diesel 10: Ah. Ah. Puffball! Teapot!

(The broken track breaks)

Diesel 10: Tin cannon!

(Diesel 10 lands into a sludge-filled barge.)

(The towboat tows the barge with Diesel 10 away.)

(Diesel 10 sighs and is almost fallen from the barge.)

Diesel 10: Oh. Oh well. Nice time of the year for a cruise. (chuckles slightly but disappointedly as the barge tows the antagonist away)

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