(Thomas takes Lily across Sodor, through the dark forest and into the area where the magic buffers)

Thomas: I'll promise we'll get you home to your grandpa, Lily.

(A tumbleweed falls onto the track in front of Thomas)

Tumbleweed: Follow me, partner.

(Thomas groans in surprise)

Tumbleweed: Right this way to Bufferville. Just a walk in the park. (leads Thomas and Lily to the magic buffers)

Thomas: We're going through, Lily.

Tumbleweed: You're on your own from here, blue buckaroo. Whoo hoo.

Thomas: Little engines can do big things! (goes through the buffers which leads to the Magic Railroad) It is dark. And cold. And bumpy. But I'm not afraid. (passes by coal truck) Ooh, there's the missing coal truck.

Lily: Coal truck? (wondering) Stoke up the magic in the mountain. That's part of Mr. Conductor's clue to the source of the gold dust.

Thomas: And Lily, that's what you do with coal. Stoke it up to make steam. We're going to be really reliable and help Mr. Conductor. We're going back for that coal truck. (stops his wheels and reverses) Buffers? Coal truck? We're starting to solve the mysteries, Lily. (stops and couples up to the coal truck then chuffing along the tracks forward again)

Lily: (looking out of Thomas' cab) You're a really useful engine, Thomas.

(Thomas grins with delight)

(Thomas shuts his eyes and groans as he chuffs out of the Magic Railroad and onto Muffle Mountain)

Thomas: Lily? Where are we?

Lily: Muffle Mountain, Thomas.

Thomas: (getting dizzy) I think... I feel... a little dizzy. (Thomas felt sad) I can't go any further. My wheels won't let me.

Lily: Then I'll be back, Thomas. I promise but I must find grandpa.

Thomas: It's getting windy up here.

(Winds picks up, causing Thomas to roll down the mountain)

Thomas: Bust my boiler!

(Patch rides his horse towards Lily)

Thomas: (chuffing farther down the mountain) I've left the coal truck behind!

(Patch rides his horse when Lily comes into view)

Lily: Where's Grandpa? Can you take me to him?

Patch: Jump up.

Lily: Patch, I knew I could count on you.

Thomas: (chuffing farther down towards the trees) Stop, wheels! Stop!

(Patch and Lily continue to ride through the fields to Muffle Mountain)

(Thomas chuffs out of the trees and chuffs through the porthole into the Magic Railroad)

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