(Thomas and Princess Twilight Sparkle are chuffing through the magical buffers and onto Sodor, whistling, chuckling and catching up with the rest of the group just as they are discovered by the diesels)

Pete: (as he moves closer towards Thomas and Hanazuki on the track next to them) Ha-haaa! There's the blue puffball, and look who he's with! Splodge, come and destroy!

Splatter: No! You do it yourself!

Dodge: Yeah. We don't like you!

Splatter: Emphatically.

Dodge: What does that mean?

Splatter: I have no idea.

Dodge: But, good word.

(Boomer, still in Thomas' wake, flies through the magical buffers)

PT Boomer: (screams) Ooh, wait for me! I'm after that engine!

(Boomer lands onto Pete's cab)

Boomer: Oof!

Pete: (cackles)

Thomas: Run, Hanazuki! Quickly! And I'm going to help you!

Burnett: (hopping inside Hanazuki's cab) So am I, Hanazuki, I will not let you down again.

Edward: Be careful protecting Hanazuki, Thomas.

Mavis: And me.

Thomas: Don't worry, Edward and Mavis. I will.

Princess Twilight Sparkle: I hope so.

Leni Loud: Me two.

Luna Loud: So do I.

Hibiki Houjou: Me three. Konata Izumi: Me four. Mister Munky: Me five. Molly: Me six. Gil: Me seven. Goby: Me eight. Deema: Me nine. Oona: Me ten. Nonny: Me eleven. Reika Aoki: Me twelve. Yayoi Kise: Me thirteen. Vampirina Hauntley: Me fourteen. Poppy Peepleson: Me fifteen. Bridget: Me sixteen. Lee: Me seventeen. Lucy: Me eighteen. Zeke: Me nineteen. Maddie: Me twenty. Akane Hino: Me twenty one. Miyuki Hoshizora: Me twenty two. Kagami Hiiragi: Me twenty three. Tsukasa Hiiragi: Me twenty four. Miyuki Takara: Me twenty five. Rox: Me twenty six. Sunny: Me twenty seven. Blair: Me twenty eight. Luan Loud, Lynn Loud, Lucy Loud, Lana Loud, Lola Loud, Lincoln Loud, and Lisa Loud: Me twenty nine. Lori Loud: Me thirty. Kanade Minamino: Me thirty one. Ako Shirabe: Me thirty two. Ellen Kurokawa: Me thirty three. Edward: Me thirty four. Nao Midorikawa: Me thirty five. Megumi Aino: Me thirty six. Hime Shirayuki: Me thirty seven. Yuko Omori: Me thirty eight. Iona Hikawa: Me thirty nine. Olive: Me forty. L.B. and Beep: Me forty one. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie: Me forty two. Buttercup: Me forty three. Bubbles: Me forty four. Blossom: Me forty five. Jessie: Me forty six. Yamada: Me forty seven. Kosuda: Me forty eight. Karen Minazuki: Me forty nine. Urara Kasugano: Me fifty. Komachi Akimoto: Me fifty one. Nozomi Yumehara: Me fifty two. Rin Natsuki: Me fifty three. SimplySpiral: Me fifty four. Jefferz: Me fifty five. Naku: Me fifty six. YinYang1st: Me fifty seven. lilmenchi: Me fifty eight. Rachellular: Me fifty nine. Saki: Me sixty. Ashley: Me sixty one. Samantha Willoughby: Me sixty two. Jargonaise: Me sixty three. Wei: Me sixty four. Haruhi Suzumiya: Me sixty five. Mikuru Asahina: Me sixty six.

Pete: Ah! Who needs you, Splodge?!

Mister Conductor: Look out for the viaduct! It's dangerous!

(Hanazuki and Thomas leave)

(Pete cackles)

Rarity: Jerk.

(Mr. Conductor thinks for a moment and shouts)

Junior: What's the matter?

Mister Conductor: Hanazuki. That engine's name is Hanazuki. She's part of the clue to the source of the...

Mister Conductor, Junior, Lincoln Loud, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Mister Munky, Olive, L.B., Beep, Mavis, Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, Jessie, Leni Loud, Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Miyuki Takara, Rarity, Ako Shirabe, Lee, Lucy, Maddie, Zeke, Vampirina Hauntley, Poppy Peepleson, Bridget, Yayoi Kise, Reika Aoki, Buttercup, Bubbles, Blossom, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Luan Loud, Lynn Loud, Lucy Loud, Lana Loud, Megumi Aino, Hime Shirayuki, Yuko Omori, Iona Hikawa, Lola Loud, Lisa Loud, Ellen Kurokawa, Lori Loud, Kanade Minamino, Rox, Blair, Sunny, Akane Hino, Miyuki Hoshizora, Hibiki Houjou, Luna Loud, Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru Asahina, Karen Minazuki, Urara Kasugano, Komachi Akimoto, Nozomi Yumehara, Rin Natsuki, Nao Midorikawa, Kosuda, Yamada, Samantha Willoughby, SimplySpiral, Jefferz, Naku, YinYang1st, lilmenchi, Rachellular, Saki, Ashley, Jargonaise, Wei, and Edward: dust! (All scream)

(Scene cuts to Pete and Boomer chasing after Thomas, Hanazuki and Burnett)

Boomer: Now I'll get you, Burnett Stone! Yes!

Burnett: (looking back) No, you won't, Boomer! Because the magic you refused to believe in will get the better of you!

Pete: You can run, but you can't hide! Right, Pinchy? (opening and closing his claw and cackling at Thomas) Pinchy's hungry!

Thomas: Ooh, come back! (chuffs away from Pete)

Burnett: (putting his hand on Hanazuki's side) Come on, Hanazuki.

Pete: I'm coming, puffball! (growling)

(Pete and Boomer tries to chase Thomas and Hanazuki over a watermill)

Pete: (having a mental breakdown) gggggrrrrr!!!!!! (singing a song) Watch out!

(Thomas and Hanazuki went through the tunnel)

Pete: Here I come! Duck, Pinchy! (anger glare and having a mental breakdown)

(As Pete went through the same tunnel which Hanazuki and Thomas went through, Pinchy, Pete's metallic claw, ducked through the tunnel, and so does PT Boomer)

(Thomas and Hanazuki are seen getting away from Pete)

(Pete goes under a bridge)

Pete: I like my lunch "steamed"!

(Pete laughs as he moves closer to Thomas and tries to grab him)

Pete: (roaring)

(Then, they chase over another bridge and under Henry who is pulling a goods train passing James pulling Annie and Clarabel)

(Burnett looks at P.T. Boomer, who takes his gloves off)

Boomer: Okay, Burnett! Hahahaha! The gloves are off!

(Boomer throws the gloves at Burnett and makes a gesture with his arms)

(Burnett then looks at Pete)

Pete: Heh! Petty fast... for a puffball.

(Burnett then looks away)

(The viaduct starts to break and Hanazuki starts to cross the viaduct)

Burnett: Well, Hanazuki. This is your Shining Time too.

Hanazuki (crosses the bridge): I hope so.

Thomas: Come on, Hanazuki. Little engines can do big things!

(Hanazuki goes across the viaduct, which grows wider. Thomas follows her.)

(A stone falls and Hanazuki crosses safely before Thomas.)

(More stones fall, making a gap. Thomas slowly goes to the gap and jumps through.)

(Two pieces of arc fall, making a big one.)

Burnett: Well done, Thomas! Well done, driver! (blows Hanazuki's whistle and Thomas whistles after him)

Thomas: I've done it. I really have. And... and... I've done it for Princess Twilight Sparkle. Oh. She'll be so proud of me.

(Pete attempts to cross the bridge but then looks down and gasps)

Pete: Uh oh. Ooh, what's going on?

(Boomer takes his goggles off in a surprise)

(Pete tips as he and PT Boomer fall down the viaduct)

(Boomer falls onto the barge but Pete's claw extends and manages to grab onto a broken track from the viaduct)

Pete: Puffball! Teapot!

(The broken track breaks)

Pete: Tin cannon!

(Pete lands into a sludge-filled barge.)

(The towboat tows the barge with Pete away.)

(Pete sighs and is almost fallen from the barge.)

(Boomer spits out sludge and looks at his hands, which were all covered in sludge. He then angrily glares at the camera.)

Pete: Oh. Oh well. Nice time of the year for a cruise, eh? (chuckles slightly but disappointedly as the barge tows the two antagonists away)​​​

Thomas: But Mister Conductor, you still don't have your gold dust.

Hanazuki: I think he will soon. Mister Conductor: Wait a minute. Voices:

  • Bryce Papenbrook as Thomas
  • Alexis Tipton as Hanazuki and Komachi Akimoto
  • Denise Oliver as Jessie
  • Andrea Libman as Leni Loud, Karen Minazuki, Naku, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Lucy, Hime Shirayuki, Mavis, Kanade Minamino and Miyuki Hoshizora
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  • Dee Bradley Baker as Burnett Stone and Junior
  • Tom Kenny as Dodge

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