(The scene shows Sid and Julia in a cinema)

Sid: Hey, what's up? It's your old pal Sid the Sloth here. And this is Julia.

Julia: Hi.

Sid: And she kind of looks like a grown up version of the baby that me, Manny and Diego tried to bring back to its family.

Julia: (chucking) Don't go there, Sid.

Sid: Anyway. Me and Julia here were a part of the 2020 remake of the original 2000 film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Julia: And today.... me and Sid are gonna be running down the entire film from scratch.

Sid: So let me and my human MerseyGirls friend take a seat.

Julia: And let's roll the titles. Always wanted to say that line.

Sid: You do know that that line is from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

(The movie starts rolling several clips from the film)

Sid: So. The movie starts with introducing Sodor. Which is kind of lame cause everyone by now should know where Thomas lives. But then at some point during the movie when Thomas and Gordon are having a conversation..... Ashima comes rushing through by shouting, "incoming diesel!"

Julia: (imitating Ashima) Incoming diesel!

Sid: And then all of a sudden, a diesel rushes through as well. And he does look ticked off when he said, "get out of my way!". And then Thomas realised that it was Diesel 10 and he had arrived to cause trouble. Then, we get to the big city where we meet Lily where she was getting ready to pay a visit to her grandpa. 

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