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Presented in Association with The Isle of Man Film Commission

A Robert Zemeckis and Britt Allcroft Film

(Magic sparkles shine with words)

Starring Kate Melton as Lily Stone

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Owen Wilson as Burnett Stone and Lightning McQueen

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Alec Baldwin as Mr. Conductor

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

David Tennant as Mr. Conductor, Junior

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Nick Palatas as Patch

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

John Leguizamo as Billy Twofeathers

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Anna Sophia Robb as Tasha

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

with Nicolas Cage as PT Boomer

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

The Umbilical Brothers as Thomas's Fireman and Driver

(words disappear and magic shines again with words with the saying "Get me out of here!")

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly as Ant and Dec

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Marcello Magni as Pingu

(words disappear and magic shines again with words and the Teletubbies giggling)

David Thomason, John Simmit, Nikky Smedley and Pui Fan Lee as the Teletubbies

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey Mouse

(Words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Hayden Rolance as Burnett Stone, Jr. and Nemo

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Albert Brooks as Marlin

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Ellen DeGeneres as Dory

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Yvonne Grundy as Nia the African Engine

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Larry the Cable Guy as Mater

(words disappear and magic shines again with words and Diesel 10's claw clanging)

Neil Crone as the voice of Diesel 10

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Tina Desai as the voice of Ashima the Indian Engine

(words disappear and magic shines again with words)

Mara Wilson as the voice of Lady the Magical Engine

(words disappear and magic shines again with words and Thomas' funnel smoke puffing)

and Daniel Radcliffe as the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine

(words disappear and magic shines with movie title)

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

(the movie title disappears)

(The scene shows a young girl with a book beside her)

Adult Lily: Hi everyone, my name is Stone... Lily Stone. I'm here to tell you a story about a blue cheeky tank engine named Thomas who gets to have a visit on the Magic Railroad. If you don't know what that is, the Magic Railroad is a magical railroad as imagined by Burnett Stone, my grandfather, and was operated by Lady, the lost steam engine at Muffle Mountain. I believe that most folks, like yourselves, understand that on a train journey, great adventure may never be very far away and that long after the sound of a train whistle has vanished, it's romance will be safe in every human heart- whatever age, whatever the time... Most folks are happy to know this- sadly, a few are not- which is a pity because that's all it takes to cause a lot of trouble to some of the most precious things in life... so that's why you should listen to what I say as I tell you a story.

(The floating light morphs into a book)

Adult Lily: This story, unlike any other stories, is a very special one.

(The book opens itself and flips its pages to Chapter 1)

Adult Lily: This story is about trains; folks who were far apart; and a magic railroad that brought them together... as they were meant to be.

(Thomas coming out of the tunnel, whistling)

Adult Lily: Every story, like a railroad, has its heroes. Meet Thomas. He's our number one hero.

Thomas: Hello. (whistling)

Adult Lily: But he's running a little late today.

(The scene zooms out to reveal a page from the book with a picture of the bridge of the water mill)

Adult Lily: This is the Island of Sodor where Thomas and his friends live. The magic here is closely linked with a special universe in this story.

(Scene flips to the next page with the moving picture of Knapford Station with all the engines)

Duck: Hiya, Gordon.

Gordon: Good morning, Duck.

James: Hello, Emily.

Emily: Hello, James; Edward.

Edward: Good morning, Emily.

Emily: Morning, Percy. Hey, wake up.

(Scene flips to yet another page of Henry as he chuffs under the bridge with a goods train and over Bulgy's Bridge with Edward passing by him with cattle trucks as Percy passes with trucks by Thomas with Annie and Clarabel under the bridge, Bertie honking as he rolls by)

Adult Lily: Everything runs swell here. Under the authority of Sir Topham Hatt, of course. And this is when the story all began.

(The pages is flips another which was the scene of Gordon at Wellsworth station with the express, counting how many seconds late Thomas was)

Gordon: Four, five, six, seven, eight…

Thomas: Who do we appreciate? Practicing your numbers, Gordon. That's a good engine. What are you counting?

Gordon: (as the passengers exit Annie and Clarabel and cross over to the express coaches) I'm counting how many seconds late you are. What does that sign say?

Thomas: Hmm, Sodor Railway. Really reliable and right on time... (Gordon sniggers) ...signed Head Of The Railway Sir Topham Hatt.

Gordon: (as the doors in his express coaches slam close) You mean The Fat Controller, little Thomas. And neither were you on time, were you?

Thomas: And you're just being bossy, Gordon. Now if you'll excuse me. I have to collect Mr. Conductor. He's going to be looking after us while Sir Topham Hatt takes a much needed holiday.

Gordon: Well, I think we can take care of ourselves.

Thomas: Hold on a second! What does that say?

Gordon: I don't know, maybe you forgot to read it.

Thomas: Okay! The notice at the bottom of the "Sodor Railway" sign says on the bottom "Sorry for delays during repairs, we are making this a better railway." See?

Gordon: Yes. Of course, there are delays during the repairs of some railroad tracks.

Thomas: Well, don't worry about it, I will because from any accidents on this railway.

Gordon: (sighs) First is the delays, then the train getting late, now what's next? (Gordon Gasps)

Ashima: INCOMING DIESEL! (Passes Thomas and Gordon)

Thomas: What's the matter with Ashima? Why is she...? (Thomas gasps)


Gordon: (trembling, chuffs away but then backs down on his own coaches) Oh, what in the name of Sodor was that? (shaking)

Thomas: So that's why Ashima was panicking. That arrived today and is a problem. I call him Diesel 10, He was 10 out of 10 for being a bully with devious deeds and brutal strength. Sir Topham Hatt sent him here to help us steam engines but Diesel 10's behaving as though he hates us. We'll all have to be very careful.

Gordon: You're right, little Thomas. Maybe we do need Mr. Conductor here after all. On time.

(The guard's whistle blows)

Gordon's Driver: I believe that was the guard.

Gordon's Fireman: Come on, Gordon. Your boiler's stoked up and you're ready to go.

Gordon: Okay, my crew. Goodbye, little Thomas. (chuffs away)

Thomas: Bye, Gordon.

Thomas' Driver: (looking out of his cab) Come on, Thomas. Let's get you a nice long drink and you'll be back at the sheds before you know it.

Thomas: I hope so. (chuffs away) And I'd better calm Ashima down after what happened.

(Scene cuts to the mountainsides that lead to Shining Time)

Adult Lily: Mr. Conductor, well, he's the little man with the sparkle and he knows Thomas well. He lives at the other end of his own universe. You can see the land from far away across oceans of time, in which oceans don't literally go time traveling anyway. You can always see it up and over Muffle Mountain, and hidden deep in the valley... is his hometown... Shining Time.

(The song Shining Time plays like it does in the real movie as we get a glimpse of Shining Time where it shown Mr. Conductor giving plant food for the flower pot and people is enjoying in Shining Time Station. Scene then cuts to the big city. It is a dark rainy day)

Adult Lily: This is where I come into our story. I lived with my parents in the big city and I saw magic that no one else has time to like lovely reflections of light on a rainy day. Soon, I was off to stay with my grandpa on Muffle Mountain.

(Scene cuts to inside a townhouse)

Lily's Mom: Come on in, Lily. Your dad wants to say hello.

(Scene cuts to Lily holding a harmonica and letting it roll in her hands)

Lily's Mom: Come on, Lily.

(Lily puts her harmonica in her pocket and watches inside her house to a cramped room where her mother is packing, handing the phone to her)

Lily's Dad: Hello, Lily.

Lily: Hi, Dad. When are you coming home?

Lily's Dad: Not until later, Lily.

Lily: Oh, okay. I hope your job goes well. (sighs disappointed)

Lily's Dad: My job's okay. I love you, Lily.

Lily: Love you too, Dad. Bye. (hangs up and looks to her mother) Why did my dad have to go away, mom? I wanted to say goodbye to him before he left.

Lily's Mom: I know, honey. But your father had to get to work. Now please help me pack. You're gonna carry this on the train after all.

Lily: I understand. But why do I have to go to Grandpa's. You're only having a baby after all.

Lily's Mom: Well, I didn't want to be at home while I was having a baby and staying with Grandpa is cheaper having a babysitter. Plus it will give you more time to get to know him better. It will be fun and only for a few days after all.

(From the clutter of space, Lily notices a black-and-white portrait of her grandpa and grandma, causing her attitude to soften)

Lily: I like this photo of my grandparents. Where was it taken?

Lily's Mom: (rising up and looking at the picture) That photo was taken at a school dance they were at. Burnett says that her dress was as green as the apples on a summer's apple tree.

Lily: I see. (looking closer at a picture to see a boy frowning at the couple dancing) But who's this other boy? He looks quite suspicious around grandpa and grandma.

Lily's Mom: That's Boomer. Pete Tiberius Boomer. Also known as P.T. Boomer. Your grandfather said that he's a really nasty mean old man. Then later, just before your grandparents got married, Boomer destroyed something very precious to your grandfather then Boomer left from your grandfather from years ago. I've never known what it was and neither did your grandmother tell me.

Lily: Wow, what a mystery.

Lily's Mom: I know. Come on, Lily. Let's get back to packing. We've got a big day tomorrow.

(Scene zooms of the house and out of the city and back to Shining Time Station where a train whistle occurs)

Patch: There, Mutt. Paint job's finished. I reckon Shining Time's the best of any welcome sign in our valley.

(Mutt barks)

Patch: Well, I'm glad you agree. Your master's old map sure helped a lot.

(Mutt barks again)

Patch: He's on his way back now, is he? You hear that train whistle sooner then it hears itself.

(Train running through the valley with Billy waving to children in the field. A mysterious man on a motorcycle crosses the level dirt road in front of Rainbow Sun, startling Billy to stop the train)

(Billy walks up next to Patch and Mutt and looks at the poster)

Billy: Fine work, Patch.

Patch: Thanks, Billy. And oh, I've been looking at your map. What are these mysterious shadowy lines doing on it? They look like straight railroad tracks but I can't see any tracks around here except for the ones that you travel on.

Billy: It's a mystery which makes this land so...

Patch: Magical?

(Billy points to him with agreement)

Patch: Well, I'd better be off to Muffle Mountain. I promised Mr. Stone that I'd clean his yard today.

Billy: Does Burnett Stone ever give you a smile?

Patch: No, but he doesn't frighten my horse either, (jumping up on the saddle and patting his horse on the saddle) which I don't think he's a bad man. I think he's just... sad. (rides off with his horse)

Billy: Keep on the lookout for a stranger! (sighs to himself) Almost had one killed on the way in. (looking at the poster that Patch finished and then putting his hand on Mutt's head) Come on, Mutt, old boy. Let's go to the platform.

(As Billy and Mutt walk up to the platform, the mysterious man from the motorcycle is waiting for them. Mutt growls at him)

Boomer: So I guess you're Billy Twofeathers, huh? Do you know who I am, Billy?

(Billy looks at Boomer calmly)

Billy: You're P.T. Boomer. And you left when I was a child. What has it been like 30 or 40 years now?

(Boomer take off his goggles)

Boomer: It's been that many years, Billy. So now I'm back with a question. (silence as Boomer walks to Billy) Where's Burnett Stone? (grunting)

Billy: Wherever he wants to be, Boomer...

Boomer: Playing innocent like the rest of this valley. Eh, Billy?

Billy: Yes, there is innocence here and unless you want to be exiled from these mountainsides, I suggest that you don't mess with it. (looks across at the meadow at beautiful flowers) Those flowers are beautiful, aren't they? Mr. Conductor planted them this morning.

(Boomer scoffs and looks at the flowers, taking a swing at one of them and walking away, Billy pick up the broken flowers and feeling worried of him)

(scene cuts to Muffle Mountain cottage)

Adult Lily: Nobody in the valley knew that in Muffle Mountain, there was a secret that Burnett shared only with his love Tasha.

Young Burnett: One day, Tasha, I'm going to drive this engine and I'll take you with me.

Tasha: Promise me you will, Burnett. Promise?

Burnett: I promise.

(Scene closes up to how Lady looks)

Adult Lily: This engine was vital to the magic that these worlds together but only Burnett knew that.

(next scene cuts to Shining Time Station where the phone rings and Stacy picks it up)

Stacy: Hello. Shining Time Station manager Stacy Jones speaking. Oh, yes. The 10:15 from Pelican Falls to Shining Time is right on schedule. You're welcome. (bell rings) At 10:00 to Lucy's Leap is leaving now.

(Boy rolls car at Stacy's desk as Billy walks in)

Stacy: Oh, Billy will you come here?

Billy: Yes Stacy, what is it?

Stacy: Well I have found this child's drawing in an old locker in the lost and found. Look at the signature, Billy. Burnett Stone. (chuckling) It's hard to believe Burnett could ever have looked that happy.

Billy: Well, Burnett had a wonderful smile. And he loved railroading too. (handing Stacy the broken flowers) Here, Stacy. These flowers got knocked out of their basket. Maybe some water will help them live longer.

Stacy: Why did they get knocked out?

Billy: Because P.T. Boomer's back in town and he doesn't deserve to be here. He's never even believed in magic and he's been jealous of Burnett because his relationship with Tasha.

Stacy: Oh. Well then, we'd better take good care of Mr. Conductor.

Billy: And a lot more besides. (Billy walks off)

(The scene cuts to Burnett and Lady in the Muffle Mountain workshop. Patch comes up as Burnett shines his light towards him)

Burnett: How did you find me here?

Patch: I found the entrance to your workshop ages ago. And no, I wouldn't tell anybody.

Burnett: See that switch on the wall. Flip it on.

(Patch flips on the switch, lighting up the workshop and then he sees Lady)

Patch: I guess there was something mysterious about this mountain.

Burnett: Yeah. All mountains have their secrets, Patch. Shouldn't surprise a kid like you.

Patch: Can I help you, Mr. Stone?

Burnett: Sure. You can help dust her off. (passes Patch a cloth) This engine's name is Lady.

Patch: Why is she locked up?

Burnett: She isn't. She's safe from harm. Long ago, I made a mistake as Lady's caretaker. Until when P.T. Boomer found Lady and threatened to destroy her. He chased on his motorcycle, made her go too fast, used up her coal, and he crashed her by ramming her off the rails. (puts his hand on Lady's cab) Patch, she's as precious as gold.

(The scene cuts to Tidmouth Sheds)

(A door opens)

Adult Lily: Coming out of this door are these characters that are related to the story in some way.

(Pingu slides out of the door)

Pingu: Noot noot!

Adult Lily: This is Pingu. He's from Antarctica.

(Pingu rolls like a ball out of view)

Adult Lily: And these four.... they're from a place far away from Shining Time.

(The Teletubbies walk into view)

Teletubbies: Eh-oh!

Adult Lily: These are the Teletubbies. They're from a far away place called Teletubbyland. And they love each other as much as I love my kid.

Teletubbies: Big hug! (They giggle as they hug) Big hug! (They giggle as they hug) (They run out of view)

Female singer: # This is my fight song. Take back my life song #

(The MerseyGirls dance out of the door)

Adult Lily: And these next two host a show called Saturday Night Takeaway.

(Ant and Dec come out of the door admiring the sunshine)

  1. Saturday #

Adult Lily: Ant.... and Dec.

Ant: Ahh. The beautiful sunshine.

Dec: Aint it so gorgeous out here.

Ant: Uh, Dec?

(Dec spots James)

Dec: Eh up, Ant. James is in a spot of bother.

(Scene cuts to James at Tidmouth Sheds being bothered by a fly)

James: Sandal, fly. Boo, fly. Shoo, fly. That's it. Better still, buzz off.

(Thomas chuffs backwards and hits the buffers)

Thomas: Botheration!

James: You weren't concentrating, Thomas. Lucky for you that the buffers were there.

Thomas: (as his driver and fireman exit his cab) That's what buffers are for. To stop engines from crashing. What are you doing in the sheds, James?

James: I'm feeling a little blue which isn't so hot when you're red. I was naughty because Sir Topham Hatt ordered me to collect freight cars from the scrap yards instead of pulling coaches. So I told him that Percy and Toby should do it since they're not as important as I am and he told me think all of the ways I could be really useful. Then I could come out again.

Thomas: He's just trying to make this a better railway for steam engines.

(Diesel 10 lurks up behind the two engines)

Thomas' Driver: Silence, Thomas. Diesel 10's behind us.

James: Uh, Thomas!

Thomas: The harder we work, the less we'll need diesels to help you.

Diesel 10: Help you? (cackles)

(Thomas and James gasp)

Thomas' Fireman: (gulping) Told you so, didn't we, Thomas?

Diesel 10: You'll always need help because steam engines are cowardly, cranky, worn out hunks of metal who couldn't hurt a fly!

James: No, we're not!

Diesel 10: Yes, you are.

James: Aren't!

Diesel 10: Are! Now, I've come back to find a lost steam engine! I'm gonna destroy her and dominate you! And then, you'll be nothing but useless scrap. Right, Pinchy? (cackles and chuffs away)

James: Big bully! Stinker!

(Diesel 10 cackles as Thomas' crew jumps into his cab)

Thomas' Driver: Come on, Thomas. Let's go warn the other engines. Is he stoked up, fireman?

Thomas' Fireman: Why, yes, driver. He is.

Thomas: We're really useful engines! (following Diesel 10) You won't dominate us and you won't destroy her either! And you wouldn't wanna mess with my friend Ashima from India! Or Ant and Dec! We won't let you! Neither will Mr. Conductor! I'm off to fetch him now!

James: What lost engine? What engine is he talking about?

James' Driver: (sighing) I'm afraid I don't know, James.

James' Fireman: But don't worry. Thomas will find out for us.

Ashima: Of course he will, James. Trust him. And Thomas is right. I wouldn't wanna mess with him.

Ant: Yeah. We're not gonna mess with him either.

Dec: We're gonna try and keep an....

Ant and Dec: Eagle eye on him.

(Thomas chuffs on through the countryside)

Thomas: Umm... if Diesel 10 has important business and if it involves destroying the lost engine, then there's sure to be trouble right around the corner. (Nia passes Thomas) I wonder where my other engine friends are. Cowardly, why Toby's the one of the bravest engines I know. And Percy, why's he may be little but he's big in bravery too.

(Scene cuts to the scrap yards where Toby is crossing a rickety bridge with a raging river beneath. After shaking on the bridge, he finally reaches the other side)

Toby's Driver: Phew, what a rickety bridge, eh, fireman?

Toby's Fireman: Agreed, driver. Hopefully Percy and his crew made it over on time.

Toby: (looking back) Are you alright there, Percy?

(Percy slowly chuffs across the bridge and speeds up to the other side and joins Toby)

Percy: Right here, Toby.

Toby: Good. Let's carry on then.

(Percy and Toby chuff slowly through the scrap yards)

Toby: Any sign of Edward or Henry?

Percy: Yes. They're at Wellsworth striking up a conversation about some legend. Thomas told them both but Edward knows a lot about it.

Toby: I have no idea whether that bridge wouldn't have taken the weight of the big engines anyway. Let's get to work, Percy. We're getting closer to those trucks.

(Percy and Toby chuff closer into the scrapyard)

Percy: I'm glad you're keeping me company, Toby. The noise in the scrapyard is quite...

(flames sounds occur)

Toby: Scary? Yes, I agree, Percy, but we must be brave and finish the task that Sir Topham Hatt left us. The sooner we get this work done, the sooner our railway will be better than ever for us steam engines.

Percy: At least Mr. Conductor will be here to watch over us.

(Scene cuts to behind the flames where Splatter, Dodge, and Daisy are eavesdropping on the engines' conversation)

Splatter: Let's go and tell the boss.

Dodge: Yeah, he won't be too happy about this.

Daisy: Come on, you two. Follow me.

(All diesels chuff backwards to exit the scrap yards)

(The scene cuts to Diesel 10 with Splatter, Dodge, and Daisy by the carved boulder at the quarry, when Diesel 10 is admiring himself on a rock.)

Diesel 10: Wow, Pinchy, this really captures the real me. That's beautiful. I could cry.

Splatter: Um, boss.

Dodge: Yeah, we're here.

Daisy: Yeah.

Diesel 10: All... alright. Listen, you three! I've got a job for you, Splodge and Daisy.

Splatter: Uh, actually it's Sp-platter.

Dodge: A-and Dodge.

Daisy: They're right, boss. Their real names are Splatter and Dodge.

Diesel 10: I ain't got time to say both names, Daisy!

Daisy: Oops. Sorry, boss. I would to like to call them Splodge.

Splatter: Uh-huh.

Dodge: Oh, well.

Diesel 10: I've come back to find a steam engine.

Splatter: Oh, that's easy.

Dodge: Yeah, they're everywhere.

Daisy: Very easy, boss.

Diesel 10: Not the one I want. She escaped me once before. As long as she exists, so do the others. But if she can be destroyed...

Splatter: Did you say destroyed?

Dodge: D word.

Splatter: You mean, like, hurt?

Daisy: You said destroyed, boss?

Diesel 10: Yeah, destroyed!

Splatter: Oh, well there's one small problem there, boss.

Dodge: Mr. Conductor's coming back. He won't let you destroy her.

Daisy: Yeah, he won't let you, boss.

Diesel 10: I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! I'll get him, too! With Pinchy! (cackles and brings out his claw which bumps on him) Ooh! Pinchy, I hate it when that happens!

(Splatter, Dodge, and Daisy laugh)

(Scene cuts to Shining Time Station where Mutt comes in next to Billy and barks as Mr. Conductor arrives from his mini-house by gold dust)

Billy: Well, hello, Mr. Conductor.

Mr. Conductor: Oh, hello, Billy. (sings Thomas tune as he locks his house) Toolkit, check. Ticket puncher, check, check. Aye-aye-aye-aye-aye, all aboard! Just testing, Billy. Musn't let my conductor skills get rusty.

Billy: Important day, Mr. C?

Mr. Conductor: (chuckles) It is a very important day. I'm going to the Island of Sodor. You know it's the only place where I really fit in sizewise. Sir Topham Hatt has given a very important responsibility. A diesel has arrived for the first time to do his work and I must make sure he behaves himself. Excuse me Billy. (writing his notepad)

Billy: I hope your visit goes well, Mr. C.

Mr. Conductor: Thank you, Billy.

Billy: Come on Mutt, let's pick up the broken pots before i'm going to the next station.

(Billy leaves with Mutt)

Mr. Conductor: I must be responsible, reliable and…uh, don't tell me…really useful. I knew that. (uses his sparkle to teleport to Stacy's desk where she smiles and waves at him) I'm sorry, what did you say?

(Fish gurgles)

Mr. Conductor: Oh, why thank you, Moby Dick. I like my sparkle too. You know, gold really is your color.

(Fish gurgles back at him before a boy takes him away and Mr. Conductor walks to Stacy, looking at the painting on her desk)

Mr. Conductor: Stacy, where did you find this painting?

Stacy: In an old locker. It was done by Burnett Stone when he was a child. I was told that he used to work on this railroad but he never leaves the other side of the mountain now. You seem puzzled, Mr. Conductor.

Mr. Conductor: Well, I am puzzled. This place looks like the Island of Sodor but how would Burnett travel there without gold dust? Sparkle's been the only way to make the trip since the lost engine disappeared. Anyway, I just came to say goodbye. I have to go now.

Stacy: Right now?

Mr. Conductor: Why, yes, Stacy. I have to make sure that everything is safe and sound on the Island of Sodor just like I do here. (whistles and disappears in gold dust)

(Billy jumps onto the train with Mutt watching him)

Adult Lily: Like Stacy, Mutt sensed danger. He didn't want either Mr. Conductor or his master Billy to leave Shining Time.

(Mutt barks at Billy as he gives him a thumbs up and drives the train away. Scene cuts back to outside Mr. Conductor's house where he points to his train portrait)

Mr. Conductor: Old Smokey, you stay there right there until I get back. (Looks back to see Mutt) Ah, there you are. Is something wrong here?

(Mutt groans)

Mr. Conductor: Now what kind of an answer is that? (looks at his watch) I'm gonna be late. I'll get back as fast as I can. I have to concentrate now, Mutt. I'm simply having problems with my sparkle.

(Mutt whimpers)

Mr. Conductor: Mutt? (looks closer to him as he gives out a slight groan) Goodbye, Mutt. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. (uses his sparkle to disappear into gold dust)

(Mutt whimpers again)

(Scene cuts to Sodor where Thomas is looking for Mr. Conductor)

Thomas: Mr. Conductor, where are you? I know you live far away but you always seem to get here on time.

(Mr. Conductor appears from gold dust right in front of Thomas)

Thomas: Oh, Mr. Conductor. Are you alright?

Mr. Conductor: Yes, Thomas. But sometimes everything seems to happen at once. I need to see your controller Sir Topham Hatt to get my orders right away. The journey from Shining Time gets bumpier and bumpier.

Thomas: Does it?

Thomas' Driver: (looking out of Thomas' cab) Hop on in, Mr. Conductor, We'll take you to Sir Topham Hatt's office right away.

Mr. Conductor: (sparkles into his cab) Of course. Thank you, sir. Hello, fireman.

Thomas' Fireman: Good day, Mr. C.

Thomas: I forgot to tell you, Diesel 10 has been bulling at us, Mr. Conductor. You'd better be careful.

Mr. Conductor: (looks out of Thomas' cab) Sir Topham Hatt warned me about Diesel 10. Don't worry, Thomas. I'll just pop in and out with my sparkle wherever he goes and keep him in order. I hope.

(The scene cuts to Diesel 10)

Diesel 10: (singing) # Old McDiesel had a plan. Hee hee hee hee hee. With a pinch pinch here and a pinch pinch there. Here are pinch. There a pinch... # (Laughs) I crack myself up.

(The scene cuts to Knapford Station)

Diesel 10: (chuffing through Knapford Station) Now where is this lost engine, I hope it was true that this crazy biker is looking for her.

Nia: You're not going to find that lost engine any way you can, Diesel 10!

Diesel 10: Shut it, orange puffball! Or else I'll destroy you first!

(Nia then growls)

Mickey Mouse: Yeah. You're not gonna find it anytime soon.

Nia: Good on ya, Mickey.

Adult Lily: That talking mouse? That's Mickey Mouse from ToonTown.

(Scene cuts to a Shining Time Station newspaper sale. Boomer is have no luck of finding Burnett Stone until he saw the local newspaper that he was ruffling through it to find Burnett Stone in one of the papers. The paperboy arrives, shoves by Boomer and accidentally knocks the newspapers to the ground)

Boomer: Hey, watch it, kid!

Boy: Whoa, sorry there, sir. Let me pick those up for you. (bends up and picks up the newspaper, placing them into Boomer's hands) You're welcome.

(hits Ant in the privates)

Ant: Oh. Me balls.

Dec: Ooh, Ant. Are you alright?

Ant: Yeah. Just a bit of pain.

Dec: Hey! Boomer! Leave my partner alone!

Boomer: Whatever.

(picks up more newspapers and leaves)

Boomer: Yeah, watch it next time, you little runt! (flips through newspapers and finally finds one with Burnett Stone's name and address written on it. The newspaper reads Burnett Stone: Railroading Miles For A Smile) Pfft, since Tasha died, he's been traveling that distance. I wonder what he's up to now.

(Scene cuts to Muffle Mountain where Burnett moves a model train around and flashback voices occur)

Young Burnett: (flashback) Tasha, the Conductor family has a little steam engine and their own railroad has wonderful energy because of her. But Boomer wants to destroy her and without her, the Conductors' universe will vanish and then with the sparkle, one day, one day, one of his family will return but until then I would have to guard her well.

Burnett: But I didn't guard her well. (looking at Lady's portrait) I just don't seem to understand... about magic anymore.

(Scene cuts back to the big city to Lily and her mom in a rainy day)

Lily: My grandfather must have been so sad since Grandma Tasha gone and Grandpa had never came here to see us.

Lily's Mom: Well, maybe your visit will cheer him up, hmm? Did you get his present?

Lily: (brings out a bracelet) Here, I'm making a friendship bracelet.

Lily's Mom: Honey, that's beautiful.

Lily: But I'd rather just stay here with you.

Lily's Mom: I know. Come here. (embraces Lily)

Lily: I'm gonna go up this way. (climbs up ladder)

Lily's Mom: Be careful.

Lily: You always say that.

Lily's Mom: (laughs) See you in a minute. (goes inside the bank)

Lily: (holds out her toy bird) You're coming with me to Grandpa's, bluebird. I know how much you like to travel.

(Scene cuts to Sodor where Thomas puffs into view and passes by Edward, both of them whistling at each other)

Adult Lily: Far away on Sodor, the engines were cheerful, confident and determined not to be bullied by Diesel 10.

(Gordon and Henry pass by each other and whistle)

(Scene cuts to Tidmouth Sheds with James and Edward outside their berths)

Adult Lily: Only James, who now felt very useful too, was complaining.

James: Wobbly wheels.

Thomas: (two tracks away besides the sheds) Puffy pistons.

James: Thomas, I should've collected Mr. Conductor.

Emily: Calm down, James. All of us have gotten to collect Mr. Conductor at some point.

(Gordon chuffs into view between Thomas and James)

Gordon: In fact Emily because James is right. Collecting Mr. Conductor is an important job. Important is big. James is a big engine, hmm?

James: Mmm.

Gordon: You, Thomas, are small. Small, small, small. Teenie, weenie, weenie. And as for me, well, I'm a big blue engine who knows everything.

Emily: That's enough, Gordon.

Gordon: Pah. Emily, you always make friends with those tiny little engines. (chuffs away)

Thomas: Bossy sprockets! All that steam has gone into your funnel! (puffs back and bumps the trucks)

Troublesome Trucks: Ow, ouch, silly Thomas! We'll get even with him!

(Splatter and Dodge chuff in front of the works shed and watch the engines)

Splatter: Oh, there they are.

Dodge: Yeah, we'll fetch their wagons.

Splatter: I'm not good at backing up.

Dodge: Me neither.

(Scene cuts to Henry, Toby, Percy, and Duck who confer with Thomas, Edward and James)

Toby: What's important is to stand up on our own wheels to Diesel 10.

Henry: Toby's right. Diesel 10 knows that the lost engine in the legend really exists but it was a great history. Edward told me the story this morning before he left with Sir Topham Hatt and his wife Lady Hatt.

James: What engine?

Percy: What legend?

Ant: What exists?

Dec: And what great history?

Henry: I'm afraid I told you all I know. Thomas told me and Edward the story this morning and it seems like Edward knew the story already. Please tell them, Edward.

Edward: The legend that Henry spoke of is about the lost engine and she has magic that will make her more powerful then Diesel 10 will ever be that when she is the most unknown train we ever saw until an unidentified human with a bike came and chase that lost engine. That's why he wants to find her.

Edward's Driver: That's right, Edward. Diesel 10 wants to find her.

Edward's Fireman: Come on, Edward. Let's stoke your firebox and you're ready to find her.

Emily: Well, I never know about what happen to her.

Percy: Then we can find her.

Duck: Great idea, Percy. We can find her first. Right, crew?

Duck's Fireman: Right, Duck.

Duck's Driver: Let's go and find the lost engine.

James: Leave it to the big engines, Percy and Duck. (whistles and chuffs out of Tidmouth Sheds)

Thomas: Little engines can do big things. Especially when they have nice smart blue paint like me.

Ashima: And an awesome design like me as well.

(Scene cuts to Splatter and Dodge outside the works shed)

Splatter: Hey, hey, just watch what happens to the blue and pink puffballs.

Dodge: When Harold the flopper-chopper helicopter flies by here. (laughs)

Splatter: Yeah. (chuckles)

(Harold flies into view)

Harold: Routine fly by chaps. Hello.

Splatter: Now the boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere. Let's start laughing now.

Dodge: Yeah. (chuckles)

(Harold flies by and unintentionally blows sneezing powder all over Thomas and Ashima who are in shock then Emily, Percy, Duck, Ant and Dec saw this)

Thomas: Whoa! busted my buffers!

Ant: What the heck is all that smoke?

Dec: That's from Harold, you wazzock! And that's sneezing powder!

Percy: Harold, be careful where you been flying you got all the sneezing powder at my friends!

Duck: Take it easy, Harold!

Ashima: (coughs) What the heck, Harold?!

Harold: Oops. Sorry about this. Love to stay and clean up. Gotta go. Bye now.

(Splatter and Dodge laugh right before sneezing powder is blown right over them)

Splatter: Eh, did you mean to look like that?

Dodge: Ah, no.

Splatter: Eh, neither did I.

(Thomas chuffs away)

Thomas: This must be what Diesel 10's bidding. Achoo-choo!

(Trucks giggling behind Thomas)

(Scene cuts to Knapford Station where Percy chuffs by with a goods train and Edward chuffs by him with another goods train)

(Scene cuts to Sir Topham Hatt's office)

Mr. Conductor: (in Sir Topham Hatt's voice) Dear Mr. Conductor, where were you? My wife said she couldn't miss our little holiday. We'll telephone to make sure you have arrived. Signed, Sir Topham Hatt. (short silence with train noises in the background) Sir Topham Hatt (whispering, looking behind at Sir Topham Hatt's top hat and takes off his own hat, putting the top hat on and looking in the mirror) Where were you? (in Sir Topham Hatt's voice and then looks behind to see faces on Sir Topham Hatt's portrait changing, causing him to take off the hat, before the phone rings, startling him and then he picks it up while catching Lady Hatt's portrait)

(Mr. Conductor picks up the phone as Sir Topham Hatt's voice is over the phone)

Sir Topham Hatt: Hello?

Mr. Conductor: Oh, good afternoon, sir. A real honor, sir. Like my family before me, and how is Lady Hatt? (putting her portrait back on the desk)

Sir Topham Hatt: Very nice, we have a great vacation, now do you remember what I said while I was gone on my holiday?

Mr. Conductor: Yes sir. Watch out for Diesel 10 definitely.

Sir Topham Hatt: Right.

Mr. Conductor: Keep an eye on Henry's health, certainly.

Sir Topham Hatt: Okay do you know of the three R-s.

Mr. Conductor: Yes, sir. The three R-s: reading, writing and arithmetics.

Sir Topham Hatt: Wait what?

Mr. Conductor: I mean... I will be responsible... reliable... and really useful.

Sir Topham Hatt: Okay now, just remember those, you got it?

Mr. Conductor: Yes, sir, we will all get a good night's rest, and looking forward to a hard day tomorrow.

Sir Topham Hatt: Alright, I'll see you when I call you back. Goodbye!

Mr. Conductor: Goodbye, sir.

(they hang up on each other)

(Nighttime on Sodor. Thomas, Percy, Nia, James, Gordon, Rebecca, and Emily are lined up in their berths and asleep in Tidmouth Sheds. Pingu, Mickey Mouse, Ant and Dec are asleep in their sleeping bags. Mr. Conductor has his mattress set up right next to Thomas' berth. He yawns as he gets ready for bed. He picks up his alarm clock, sets it and puts it on a counter. He then picks up a bat, chuckling)

Mr. Conductor: So who dropped the ball then? (ball bounces at him) There you are. (bounces ball and starts talking to himself, using both objects as something to talk to) I'd like to have a nice cup of cocoa. Would you fellas care to join me? (puts his ear to the ball) No? What would you rather do instead? (puts his ear to the ball) Go outside and play? Well, I can understand that. What do you think? (turns to the bat which he uses to hit the ball) Why do you keep hitting him like that? You really need a big timeout. (throws the bat away before preparing a cup of cocoa)

(Diesel 10 cackles outside, lurking up to Tidmouth Sheds. Inside the sheds, Pingu hears cackling and grabs his toy in protection as a weapon)

(Mr. Conductor takes a sip of cocoa)

Mr. Conductor: Just a little sweeter, I think. (adds more sugar to the cup)

(Diesel 10 lurks up next to Thomas' berth)

Diesel 10: All right, Pinchy, you little bucket of badness. Time to feast yourelf. (brings out his claw and aims it at the shed)

Mr. Conductor: (takes another sip of cocoa) Ah. Now that's better.

(Diesel 10 uses his claw to start tearing the side of the shed, causing Mr. Conductor to groan back in surprise and the engines, the duo, the Teletubbies and Mickey to wake up in surprise. Mr. Conductor takes his nightcap off and puts his conductor on, falling back again)

(The Teletubbies fall over)

Mickey Mouse: What is going on?

Nia: What the heck just happened?!

James: Whoa! What's happening?

Ant: I don't know.

Thomas: Cinders and ashes, it's Diesel 10!

Gordon: Diesel 10? Oh no! Hmm?

Emily: Oh this is so bad!

Rebecca: Oh, my gosh!

Diesel 10: (cackling) Hello, twinkle toes! I got a plan and you're not in it!

Mr. Conductor: You can't catch me, Diesel 10! (tries to use his sparkle to escape, twice but nothing happen)

Diesel 10: (cackling) Losing your sparkle, huh? What perfect timing! Now where is that lost engine?

Mr. Conductor: You won't find her here!

Diesel 10: You're not clever enough to stop me!

Mr. Conductor: Oh, yes I am!

Diesel 10: No, you're not! (gasps as Pingu passes Mr. Conductor a pack of sugar) WHAT is that...?

Mr. Conductor: That's right, it's sugar, Diesel 10! And if I put this in your tank, it will seize you up for good!

Diesel 10: (grunts and chuffs away) Make the most of tonight, twinkle toes! Because you won't like tomorrow! Neither will that... that line of tin cannon! (Pinchy's moving and being loud at him) Shut up, Pinchy. (as he chuffs away)

(scene cuts back to Tidmouth Sheds)

Thomas: Mr. Conductor, but what happened to your sparkle?

Mr. Conductor: I don't know, Thomas. I'll just have to sleep on that.

Thomas: On your sparkle?

Emily: I believe that he has to sleep on the problem, Thomas.

Mr. Conductor: Correct, Emily. Thank you, but I don't know what happened to the sparkle.

Percy: Oh, but Mr. Conductor, without your sparkle or the lost engine, you can't travel here to help us anymore…

Ant: Yeah. That's true.

Dec: Very true, Ant.

Mr. Conductor: I'll solve the problem, boys. You all just go to sleep now. (turns off the light)

Percy: (sighing) Easy for you to say.

Mickey Mouse: Good idea.

(Ant and Dec yawn and jump back into their sleeping bags. As does Pingu, the Teletubbies and Mickey)

(Scene cuts to nighttime at Muffle Mountain where a figure walks up to Burnett's cottage. Burnett is sitting by the fire, throwing paper in when there is a knock on the door. He walks up and opens it, Boomer's glare looking straight at him)

Boomer: Good evening, Burnett. Do you remember me?

Burnett: Boomer? What are you doing around these parts of Indian Valley? You swore to leave forever decades ago...

Boomer: I've come to find you, Burnett Stone. And that helpless little engine I was that close to destroying. Now... how is Tasha?

Burnett: She's in a better place and safe from harm by you, Pete Boomer.

Boomer: I see. Yeah, I heard about her death not so long ago either. What I've also heard is that you're hiding that lost engine somewhere in this mountain. I will ask you one normal question for you... Where is she?

Burnett: Who?

Boomer: Where is Lady, that lost engine that kept the Island of Sodor and the Magic Railroad alive?

Burnett: I'm sorry, Pete, but you'll never hurt her. Not as long as I'm around. It's not my fault that Tasha chose me over you, Pete, and Lady, and the Conductors...

Boomer: (anger) THAT'S P.T. BOOMER TO YOU, YOU OLD PILE OF DIRT!!!!!! AND DON'T YOU THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT YOU AND TASHA ARE THE ONLY REASON WHY I AM HERE TIME!!!! (then normal but slightly angry) Now, I will ask you again: Where is the lost engine?

Burnett: I'll never tell you, Boomer.

Boomer: You think you're smarter than me, don't you, Burnett? But don't you think I don't know that you work up in Muffle Mountain. I will find that lost engine and I will destroy her before you can even bring the magic back in her.

Burnett: Never! (slams door and locks it)

(Boomer bangs on the door)

Boomer: Open up, Burnett! Or I will break down that door with my fist and throw you into the fire before getting through that lost engine. YOU HEAR ME?

Burnett: Try doing so. The fumes in that stupid motorbike of yours will probably get the better of you anyway.

(Boomer grunts and attempts to bang down the door one more time before giving up)

Boomer: You can't hide in there forever, Burnett. And neither can you hide that little engine as long as I'm here. Tomorrow, you'll wish I never returned to Muffle Mountain. (voice disappears)

(Burnett sighs and looks at the portrait of him and Tasha at a high school prom)

Burnett: Oh, Tasha. You were never that fond of Boomer when he tried to date you either. Don't you think there's something more that I can do for our dear engine Lady?

(Portrait zooms into the crowd, Boomer's glare as part of it)

(Scene cuts back to Tidmouth Sheds with the engines, sound asleep and snoring. Mr. Conductor is having a bad dream)

Mr. Conductor: (wakes up) Sparkle? Magic? Gold dust? Railway? Buffers? Lost engine? (Percy, Pingu and Nia awake and listening) The family always told me as long as there is a railway, there will be harmony. As long as there is gold dust, there will be energy. You will never have to worry. (chuckles and goes back to sleep while the others does too)

(All of the engines are snoring and Mr. Conductor wakes up again)

Mr. Conductor: Yeah, sure. (trying to sleep and finally does)

(A dream sequence occurs of the deserted Shining Time nothing but newspapers and trash everywhere blowing in the wind, coffee shop sign swinging and dying flowers, until that when Stacy is calling for Mr. Conductor)

Stacy: Mr. C? Mr. C? Why aren't you here? Why couldn't you travel anymore to the Island of Sodor? Or back home to us at Shining Time? The magic's all gone, and it's all because of the apocalypse that occurred here at Shining Time. The other reason why the magic is gone is because P.T. Boomer refused to believe in magic and started an apocalypse on Shining Time now. (sobbing)

(The nightmare fades back to reality)

Mr. Conductor: (wakes up) What's going on with our railway and why? My universe is in danger! I've got to find more gold dust! (rises out of bed)

(Scene starts at the train station with a train whistling)

Adult Lily: Next morning, Mutt traveled with Billy to the big station. Mutt was sure that I could help my grandpa and that together me and Grandpa could help Mr. Conductor get his sparkle back and prevent Boomer from what he would be up to next but only if I met someone special at Shining Time first.

(Mutt follows Lily to the platform)

P.A. Announcer: Attention, passengers! The train to Muffle Mountain departs from track 3. Last stop to Muffle Mountain. The train from Shining Time will depart from track 4. Muffle Mountain track 3. Shining Time track 4.

(A cameo of Doug Walker who was looking at his watch until Lily meet him)

Lily: Excuse me sir, can you tell me where to find track 3?

Doug: Uh, sorry about that, kid. I was just late for my train.

Lily: Okay... (walk off)

(Lily walks down the stairs to see Mutt barking at her so she happily walks over to him)

Lily: I don't suppose you know where track 3 is. Do you?

(Mutt groans and walks towards track 4, attracting Lily)

Lily: (gasps) You do. Is it that one?

(Mutt barks in approval)

Lily: Well, why not. (walks towards track 4 and onto the train) I hope you're right. (walks inside the coach)

(Mutt barks)

Adult Lily: Mutt was feeling pleased with himself. He had put me on the wrong train but he had done so for the right reasons.

(I Know How The Moon Must Feel by Dayna Manning as Mutt hops on the train's caboose and the train chuffs through the countryside on its way to Shining Time. As the song extends from how it played in the final movie, Burnett is finishing up a phone call with Stacy in the Muffle Mountain train station phone booth)

Burnett: Thanks, Stacy. Hopefully you can do something about sending Lily over here once she gets there. Bye. (hangs up and exits the phone booth)

(Boomer, with sunglasses on and making himself hard to notify, rummages past Burnett and inside the phone booth. The song ends as Burnett returns to his house)

(Burnett in inside his mountain house reading a book about railroading. Somehow he hears a distant train whistle from far away in the mountain)

(On Sodor, Mr. Conductor is with James at Tidmouth Sheds, helping him get rid of an itch on his nose with a scrubber)

James: (as Mr. Conductor is scrubbing) Left a bit. Right a bit. U-up a bit. (laughs)

Mr. Conductor: There, James. Tickle all gone now?

James: No, still itchy. (Conductor yawns) Hey, Mr. C, why do you look so tired? Is it because I'm red? Diesel 10 says red is a very tiring color but Mr. C, red looks so nice against the snow. It's not me, is it?

Mr. Conductor: Oh, no, James. I think that red is nice and cheerful.

James: Oh, good.

Mr. Conductor: Just like my sparkle. Or at least it was - and must be again. (short silence) Oh, I'm sorry, James. I'm going to the windmill to search for something important. Now off you go to work, please.

James: (as he chuffs away) Okay, Mr. C. Keep your steam up.

(Scene cuts to Thomas' carrying the trucks to Blue Mountain Quarry)

Rheneas: Hello, Thomas.

Thomas: Hi. So glad to see you, guys.

Duncan: Thomas, it's so great to get the trucks for me. Those might be the ones that are not getting into trouble, right?

(The Troublesome Trucks laughing)

Thomas: Oh, there were being nice unlike Diesel 10.

Duncan: Diesel 10?

Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, & Duke: Diesel 10?

Mighty, Mac, & Freddie: Diesel 10?

Thomas: It's true he was here that he was bullying at my friends and even me.

Sir Handel: So, did Mr. Conductor behave at him?

Thomas: Mostly, but his sparkle is empty that he can't go back to Shining Time now.

Skarloey: Sparkle? What's is this sparkle?

Peter Sam: Well, Skarloey, sparkle is a very special magic that it can be used for only Mr. Conductor.

Sir Handel: Oh dear, I hope he will get the sparkle back.

Mighty: Me, too.

Mac: Me, three.

Luke: Me, four.

Thomas: Yeah... I wish.

Freddie: Okay.

(Diesel 10 hide on the rock and drive off)

(Scene cuts to the waterfall where Mr. Conductor is climbing up a rock, confused)

Mr. Conductor: What happened? Where's the windmill? That's where I'm supposed to be. (climbing up and grunting) Well, now I've completely lost my sense of direction. (blows his whistle twice nothing happened before sighing) Now my gold dust really is all gone. And if I can't find the source for making more, I know how bad the consequences will be. I saw them in my dream last night. My family never really told me what to do in a gold dust crisis. They only said, if you can't remember the clue, the windmill will remind you but where is the windmill? And what is the clue?

(Scene cuts to the engines at Wellsworth, Henry, Thomas and Gordon facing James, Emily and Toby, the platform standing between Edward, Toby and Ashima and Percy chuffs next to the platform with his mail trucks next to Gordon and across from Edward, Ant, Dec, the Teletubbies and Lightning McQueen, all having a meeting while Bertie zooms past, honking)

Bertie: (as Percy pulls into the station) Smile, you steamers. It's a sunny day. Vroom vroom.

James: It's not sunny because Mr. C's not at the windmill. I looked everywhere to find him.

Thomas: I think his sparkle's all gone.

Percy: Me too, Thomas. I heard him talk about it in his sleep last night.

Henry: My smokebox doesn't feel sunny! It feels stuffed up!

Emily: Do you think you can just sneeze out at the bridge from those boys who throw the rocks at you?

Henry: I tried, but it has been blocked or something.

Gordon: Nasty fumes from dingy Diesel 10.

Henry: And Diesel 10's coming after the lost engine!

Edward: And if he finds her, I fear it will destroy us all.

Gordon: What? Even an engine was as big as me?

Edward: Yes, Gordon. Even you.

Percy: And even an engine as small as I am.

Ashima: Or a decorated engine like I am?

Lightning McQueen: Or a stock car like me?

Gordon: (snorting) Oh, please.

(Thomas sneezes powder out of his funnel)

James: Say it. Don't spray it, Thomas.

Toby: Is everything alright, Thomas?

Thomas: I've still got sneezing powder up my funnel.

Thomas' Fireman: Nothing a little coal won't take care of, Thomas.

Thomas' Driver: Come on, Thomas. We've got no jobs to do. Let's go look for Mr. Conductor.

Thomas: Right, crew. We can look for him.

Toby: (as Thomas chuffs between him and James) Let us get back to work. That's what he would want.

(Thomas starts chuffing along the countryside looking for Mr. Conductor and Bertie honks as he drives by)

Bertie: How about a race, Thomas? Vroom vroom.

Thomas: Sorry, Bertie. I can't today. I have to be a really useful engine and solve some mysteries instead.

Bertie: I guess that means I win. Perhaps another day. Vroom vroom.

(Thomas stops at a level crossing as George trundles across, gibbering with frustration)

George: Railways are no good. Tear 'em up and turn 'em into roads. Pull 'em up, pull 'em up.

Thomas: Good morning, George.

George: Huh, nothing good about it, you useless blue puffball.

Thomas: (shocked) How?

George: (crossing to the other side and rolls away) Oh, just my simple work for my life. Pull 'em up and turn 'em into roads.

Bertie: (honking as he zooms over the other side of the level crossing) I win again, Thomas. Vroom vroom vroom vroom.

(Mr. Conductor walks around on top of the waterfall when he hears a rustling noise and stops)

Mr. Conductor: What's that? (looks back and sees a note) What's this? (picks up the note and reads it) I know you left your thinking cap behind. Try these instead. They're good for the brain. Gone fishing, the rabbit. (looks at a carrot and picks it up) Well, well, well. How very thoughtful. (takes a bite of the carrot) Plane? Drain? (takes another bite of the carrot) Mountain? Fountain? That might be something. I think I'll try the celery. (lays down the carrot and picks up a celery stick, taking a munch) Sausage? Bicycle? (hiccups and walks around) Toothpaste? Beach? (hiccups and stops, thinking) Wait a minute. Beach. Beach! That's it! That's it! (laughs) I have to find a bellflower. I need to make a call. (runs off to find a bellflower)

(Scene cuts to Tidmouth Sheds with Gordon chuffing onto the turntable, Edward waiting to be next)

Gordon: Destroy us all. Huh.

George: (slowly sneaks up near the turntable and watching Gordon enviously) Turntable no good. Turn it into ramp. Pull it up. Turn it into roller rink.

(Diesel 10 lurks up next to him)

Diesel 10: So I see you want that turntable, eh, George?

George: Pull it up and turn it into ramp (looking to Diesel 10) Whoa, Who are you?

Diesel 10: Just a devious friend in need; in need of an ally. I despise steam engines as much as you despise rails. So I have a plan that you will like.

George: What makes you think I will intervene?

Diesel 10: Your promising reward.

George: Huh! What reward?

Diesel 10: (bringing his claw out of the hatch and pointing it over to the turntable, Gordon chuffing into his berth, Edward chuffing onto it next) The turntable. Just think about it turning into a roller rink, George. You will be able to roll on it for hours and hours and hours.

George: (closing his eyes while daydreaming) For hours and hours and hours. Ahhh. (daydream sequences involves skating on the turntable as a roller rink) I will love it.

Diesel 10: Good! Now stop daydreaming and listen to my plan!

George: Oh, right, right, right. What's the plan…(coughs)…boss?

Edward: (as the turntable stops towards his berth) Boss? (looking back) Gordon, are you hearing any of this?

Gordon: None of my concern, Edward.

Edward: (grunting) I must find out more. What Diesel 10's planning next and what would he want with George?

Diesel 10: I want you to destroy all the buffers here on the Island so that Twinkle Toes will pose any threat to me or interfere with any of my plans. Interested?

George: I don't know about the buffers…but as long as I get that rink…I'll do it, boss. When do we start?

Edward: (whispering) Never!

Diesel 10: Immediately. Are you prepared?

George: Y-y-yes, boss. Nothing to it. Let's go. (rolls backwards with Diesel 10 in pursuit)

Diesel 10: (as he chuffs backwards) Perfect. I knew that Splodge, Arert, Daisy, Devious Diesel, and I could count on you. (cackles quietly)

Edward: Oh, dear! Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear! Diesel 10's using George to ram the magic buffers! I must warn the others! and even Mr. Conductor! (chuffing quickly off the turntable)

Gordon: (chuffing out of his berth) Wait, Edward! Warn them about what?

Edward: (chuffing out of Tidmouth) About Diesel 10's plan, Gordon!

Gordon: Huh. Guess he's old but useful after all.

(Scene cuts to Anopha Quarry where Edward tells at Mavis, Rusty, and Stepney)

Edward: Mavis, Rusty, and Stepney, I must have to warn the others.

Mavis: Clam down, Edward, and tell me what happened?

Edward: Diesel 10 hired a steamroller named George to destroy the buffers and...

Stepney: He hired a steamroller?

Rusty: Destroy the buffers, why?

Edward: Because... it was a secret that it was a location to the lost engine.

Mavis: The lost engine, but it was a big hoax.

Stepney: Yes, Mavis. It was a hoax.

Edward: Please believe me.

Rusty: Guys, I have to agree with Edward.

Mavis: Okay then, I'll make sure that no one's ever get close to the buffers.

Stepney: Me, too.

(Scene cuts to the beach where Junior is snoring in gold dust while back at the waterfall, Mr. Conductor finds a bellflower and calls him)

(The scene cuts to the beach)

Junior: (wakes up to the sound of his shell phone) That's my shell phone. (picks up his shell phone and answers it) Hello?

(The scene cuts to Mr. Conductor on the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Junior? Junior, is that you?

(The scene cuts the beach)

Junior: Oh, hi, cous. Are you in a tunnel? This isn't a very good line.

(The scene cuts to Mr. Conductor on the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Junior, where are you?

Junior: I'm in paradise. (laughing) I just got in on cloud nine and here I am.

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Junior, listen to me. You've got to come to the Island of Sodor right now.

(The scene cuts to the beach)

Junior: Now? But I'm waiting on the perfect wave.

Mr. Conductor: Oh, no. You're not. You're coming here. (Junior scoffs)

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: You have to help me find all the source of our family's gold dust.

(The scene cuts to the beach)

Junior: What is the source?

(The scene cuts to Mr. Conductor on the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: That's the trouble, Junior. I haven't got a clue.

(The scene cuts to beach)

Junior: And I've used up almost all of my gold dust too.

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: What?

(Junior sighs)

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Then go to Shining Time Station first...

(The scene cuts to the beach)

(Junior listens carefully)

Mr. Conductor: ...and in my signal house under the box under the staircase, you'll find my emergency whistle with the last of my supply.

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Please take care of this and…(whispering)…don't talk to anyone about the buffers!

(The scene cuts to the beach)

Junior: What buffers?

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Shh! (line dies down)

(The scene cuts to the beach)

Junior: This is a really bad line! (Calling out in his shell shaped phone) Hello! This shell phone's not working properly!

(The scene cuts to the Island of Sodor)

Mr. Conductor: Junior, you've got to come here right away! I'm counting on you!

(The scene cuts to the beach)

Junior: Hello?! (dials number as the line dies down and then he throws shellphone away in frustration) I want my money back.

(Scene cuts to Muffle Mountain. Boomer is digging at the base of cliff with a shovel. Patch is spying on him in a field nearby)

Boomer: (grunting as he digs) Must find that engine... for... the... sake of... railroading. (sighs and sits down, taking a break)

Patch: (to himself) I must warn Billy. (turns his horse away and rides it as it gallops down the mountain)

Boomer: (rising and continuing to dig) Curse... the... idea of railroading. One day, it will be gone. (sitting down in exhaustion and sighing) One day.

(Track 4 train travels through the countryside and past Rainbow Sun until it reaches Shining Time Station)

Lily: (looking confused at the sign) Shining Time? What does that mean?

(Mutt barks)

Lily: Do you want me to get off here?

(Mutt barks in approval so Lily gets off the train and sits inside the train)

Lily: Where is everyone?

(Mutt groans)

Lily: What've you bought me here for? (hears rustling inside Mr. Conductor's house)

Junior: That's gonna need a mop. Oops ooh. (chuckles) I need to get away from here.

(Lily peaks inside the house)

Junior: Ooh, cake. Ugh! That's not cake. Six little, five little... plastic greens.

(Lily knocks on the door)

Junior: Ooh, hello? (uses his sparkle to exit the house)

(Mutt barks)

Junior: (muttering) All done with that. Gotta get to the Island. I gotta get to cousin. (looks at Lily) Hi, there. Who are you?

Lily: I'm Lily. Who are you?

Junior: (bows) C Junior. (looks around) Did I drop some sunglasses when I came in here?

Lily: I don't know.

Junior: Ah, well. Might as well use some more of this stuff. See you, Lily. (uses his sparkle to disappear)

(Mutt groans in surprise)

Lily: (picks up gold dust in curiousity) What is this stuff?

(Scene cuts to a set of tracks where Diesel 10 is standing on. Edward is on a track next to Diesel 10 and standing behind him as George rams the buffers where Diesel 10's track leads to and stops by Diesel 10, looking back at Edward)

George: What are you looking at, you old blue puffball?

Edward: Mind your attitude, George. I'm just having a rest.

George: Huh, whatever. (turns over to Diesel 10) Just like I said, boss. Nothing to it.

Diesel 10: You're not finished yet, George.

George: What do you mean I'm not finished yet? Those were the buffers that lead to the magic railway, right?

Diesel 10: No, George. I want to destroy every last buffer on Sodor.

George: But, boss…

Diesel 10: Now, George!

George: I'm on my way, boss. (sighs to himself as he rolls away to ram the next buffer) I liked my old job better anyway.

(Diesel 10 cackles slightly and chuffs away past Edward)

Diesel 10: Later, rust bucket. (cackles and chuffs out of view)

Edward: Huh, manners, that one. (chuffs slowly up to the track as George rams over the next set of buffers in front of him) I'll talk to George. (to himself as he stops by the track) Say, George.

George: (turning around and facing Edward) What do you want to say, Edward? I'm busy right now.

Edward: Well, um... (coughing) ...do you really think Diesel 10's going to give you that roller rink?

George: Yes. He promised it to me. Now off you go and let me do my work. Don't you have work to do?

Edward: Not really. But just a word of advice before I let you go.

George: Please make it quick, Edward! You can't stand around all day you know.

Edward: Temper, temper, George. I wouldn't dream of it. But I've learned a lot a long time ago, even before I arrived on the Island of Sodor, is that you can't rely on every engine you meet. Diesel 10 may just be using you for all I know. I help the big engines up hills all the time and they still think I'm old and useless at times. But the lesson here is, George, is that you can't always put faith and trust in anyone. I'm off now so I just wanted to let you know. Good day. (chuffs away)

George: (taking in mind what Edward had said) Huh. What kind of steam has gotten into him lately. (ramming the next set of buffers and going onto the next one)

(Scene cuts to Mr. Conductor is sleeping at a bottom of a hill, squirming and having another dream about Shining Time losing its magic)

Mr. Conductor: The magic is gone. Why did I take my gold dust for granted? I can't help without my gold dust. What is the source of my gold dust? (wakes up to hear chuffing) Is someone there? Thomas, is that you?

Thomas: Mr. Conductor? Mr. Conductor.

Mr. Conductor: Thomas?

Thomas: Oh, Mr. Conductor. Where are you?

Mr. Conductor: Thomas? (lays down in depression) How could I possibly say that I'm really useful now?

(Billy and Mutt are by the Shining Time sign when Patch comes into view on his horse and hops off)

Patch: Billy! We need to do something! Boomer's up in the mountain and he's looking for some lost engine.

Billy: What lost engine, Patch?

(A set of eyes move in a round angle a few miles from Billy and Patch)

Patch: That's the thing, Billy. I don't know. I wish I did. Must be something about Mr. Stone and Muffle Mountain.

Billy: (putting his arm on Patch's shoulder) It's alright, Patch. Next time I see Boomer I'll try to get some answers out of him, ok?

Patch: (sighs) Thanks, Billy. I guess I'll be heading back up to the mountains now. I'll keep on the lookout and make sure Mr. Stone is alright.

Billy: Okay, Patch. See you around.

(Boomer, having listened to the conversation, watches Patch ride away on his horse and drives away on his motorcycle)

(The scene cuts to Sodor)

Thomas: Tubbies? Mickey? Keep an eye for Mr. Conductor.

Mickey Mouse: Got it, Thomas.

Teletubbies: Keep an eye.

Thomas's Driver: All right. All right.

Thomas's Fireman: Don't get your knickers in a twist.

(Thomas sees a person looking for something)

Thomas: No. That can't possibly be Boomer.

(A penguin is seen searching)

Thomas: Pingu?

(Pingu waves to Thomas and then gets back to searching)

(Thomas then sees an engine coming out of the shadow)

Thomas: (Gasps) Pingu! Tubbies! Mickey! Protect yourself! Diesel 10's coming! (He closes his eyes)

(An engine whistle is heard)

???: (It's a female voice) You thought I was Diesel, silly Thomas?

(Thomas opens his eyes and sighs in relief)

Adult Lily: This is Thomas's friend all the way from India, Ashima. And I tell you what? Her designs are amazing and she's gorgeous in that pink.

(Ashima stops)

Ashima: You would never think I would be a bad guy, silly.

Thomas: I... I just thought it was him because of the shape and the sound and the... the... uh.

Ashima: Got your tongue in a twist?

Thomas: Yeah. (He looks down) I just want Mr. Conductor to get his gold dust back.

Ashima: So do I. But, don't worry about it, Thomas. I'm sure he will.

(Thomas gives a little smile at Ashima. She smiles at him back)

(Scene cuts to Shining Time Station with Lily playing her harmonica)

Stacy: (walks over to Lily) Excuse me? Are you Lily?

Lily: Yeah. (rising up and smiling)

Stacy: Hi. I'm Stacy Jones. I'm manager here. (shakes Lily's hand) Your grandpa's very upset. You must've gotten on the wrong train. (puts her hand on Lily's back as they walk away) I better take you back to Muffle Mountain.

(Scene cuts to Lily and Stacy in Stacy's car riding along the mountainside)

Lily: Stacy, did you know my grandma?

Stacy: My mother did. She said Tasha was a wonderful dancer.

Lily: I think grandpa liked to call grandma Lady.

Stacy: Lady?

Lily: Yeah, I heard her say that name when they were talking.

Stacy: I wish…oh, um…never mind.

(Scene cuts to Burnett loading up his truck at the crossroads. Boomer comes into view on his motorcycle, stopping by Burnett's truck and hopping off, taking his helmet off and walking up to Burnett)

Boomer: I'm back, Burnett. Surprised?

Burnett: I have nothing more to say to you, Boomer.

Boomer: Well, do I have more to say to you?

Burnett: Fine! Then make it quick because I have a lot to worry about besides you!

Boomer: Don't think I don't know where that engine is, Burnett. And don't think either that you don't have friends that care about you like Billy Twofeathers or that boy Patch. Guess that's another subject of my jealousy for you…

Burnett: My granddaughter will probably be here any minute, Boomer. So if you have anything else relevant to say besides the lost engine, I suggest you get outta here before I call the cops.

(Stacy's car shows up as the conversation ends)

Boomer: Whatever you say, Burnett. (walking away, hopping on his motorcycle and putting on his helmet) But we'll be seeing each other again very soon! You'll see! (drives away on his motorcycle)

(Stacy and Lily walk out of the car and walk up to Burnett)

Stacy: Hello, Burnett.

Burnett: Hello, Stacy. (turns to Lily) Hello, Lilly.

Stacy: (after a short silence and handing Burnett Lily's bag) Well, have a good evening, Burnett.

Burnett: Thanks, Stacy. Good night. (as Stacy walks away)

Lily: Stacy?

Stacy: (turning around) Hmm?

Lily: You said I wish.

Stacy: I wish? Oh, yes. I wish you could come back and see us tomorrow at Shining Time. If your grandpa lets you.

(Lily turns around and walks into Burnett's car with Burnett walking in after her and driving away)

Lily: (in the car as they arrive at the cottage) Here, grandpa. I made you a friendship bracelet. Grandma taught me how to make them when I was little. This one's for you.

Burnett: Thank you, Lily.

(Scene cuts to nighttime at Burnett's fireplace. Some Things Never Leave You by Joe Henry plays as he pokes his stick around the fire. Lily is in bed when she hears the distant train whistle that Burnett heard earlier on that morning. Patch is outside with his horse galloping around in a circle. He hears it too. Lily looks out the window while the song still plays and the train whistle still sounds. The song continues as Burnett reimagines the school dance where a crowd is watching him and Tasha dancing, Boomer glaring the background and we get a close up of him. Burnett hears the train whistle one more time as he continues poking his stick around the fire)

(Night Train plays when the scene cuts to Sodor with Percy chuffing over the bridge with the mail train)

Adult Lily: As the mysterious sound of the lost engine echoed through the night on Muffle Mountain, the engines on Sodor had her very much in their thoughts.

(Percy chuffs through the countryside with the mail and exchanges whistle greets with Gordon as they pass by each other. Diesel 10 cackles as he passes by Toby's shed, Toby and Mavis eyeing him carefully)

Toby: Hmm, something seems strange about Diesel 10 tonight. Mavis, we better follow him.

Mavis: That's right, Diesel 10's up to no good.

(Diesel 10 oils slowly into view of Knapford as Percy chuffs into the station on the platform, Thomas next to him with the other mail train and Edward and Nia on the other track next to the platform)

Percy: Uh, Thomas, Edward, Nia? I was thinking, how does Mr. Conductor travel here?

Thomas: By gold dust. Edward and I were just talking about it.

Edward: Why, yes. And the legend of the lost engine.

Nia: (as Diesel 10 eavesdrop from the shadows) Maybe if there's a lost engine, there's a lost railway too. Mr. Conductor's railway.

Edward: There is. I'm old enough to know a lot about railroading around these parts since I can tell you whether or not there's a magic railway and there is. It's how Mr. Conductor travels here.

Thomas: The journey gets bumpier and bumpier. That's what Mr. Conductor told me. Spot on, Edward.

Percy: Oh, um, he talked about buffers in his sleep. Buffers at the end of a railway. So that is how Mr. Conductor traveled here.

Edward: Yes, Percy. On a secret railway.

Thomas: (as Diesel 10 chuffs away past Knapford to his own shed) Belonging to the lost engine. Edward, Percy, Nia, you're clever.

Nia: (after a short silence) Uh oh. Something's wrong, guys.

Edward: Something doesn't seem right. I can feel something suspicious in my pistons.

Thomas: Ooh, my wheels are also getting very wobbly. I think Diesel 10's around here.

(Toby and Mavis chuffs into the station next to Edward and Nia)

Toby: We're sorry, you four. Diesel 10 heard every word you said. Luckily Mavis and I have caught him eavesdropping on you while I was in my shed. I was behind him after all.

(Thomas, Percy, Edward and Nia groan in disappointment)

Mavis: We're going after him to see him what he does next. You'd better carry on and get the mail delivered.

Edward: Okay, wherever Diesel 10's going, Splatter, Dodge, and Devious Diesel will be there and so will George as I told you all earlier.

Percy: Oh, you're both very brave.

Toby: Oh, Diesel 10 won't bother with old engines like us. He thinks we're really useless.

Mavis: (as she and Toby chuff out of Knapford Station) Yeah, I may be a Diesel engine but I was very kind to the Steam engines.

Nia: Good luck, you guys.

(The scene cuts to Diesel 10 coming out of the Smelters Yard)

Diesel 10: # I've been working on the railway. All a live long day. #(sniggers) Who wants to work a live long day anyway?

(Mavis and Toby chuff slowly and worriedly to the scrap yards, the mist covering them from view of the shed.

Toby: (whispering) There he is, Mavis. You still up to this?

Mavis: (whispering) I always have been, Toby.

(Splatter, Dodge, and Diesel oil next to Diesel 10 at the shed)

Diesel 10: Evening, Splodge and Devious Diesel. Have you happened to see our guest?

Splatter: George? Oh, yeah. We've been talking with him all day.

Dodge: Yeah, yeah, he's coming right now.

Diesel: Yeah, boss.

Toby's Driver: (whispering) Alright, fireman and Mavis. Any plan of distraction?

Toby's Fireman: We'll think of something? But... But...

Toby's Driver: But what?

Mavis: Has he got enough steam tonight?

Toby's Driver: Yes, Mavis, he does. And how about you? How's your fuel?

Mavis: My fuel's fine, Toby's Driver.

Ant: (whispering) Hey guys.

Toby: (whispering) What are you boys doing here?

Dec: (whispering) We're just trying to....

Ant and Dec: Keep an eye on him.

Mavis: Ah, I see.

Toby: Shh.

(George joins the diesels in the shed, rolling slowly next to Diesel 10 at the side of the shed)

Diesel 10: Come in, come in. And join the party, George.

George: Thanks. With pleasure, boss.

Splatter: Hooray, hooray. We're gonna have a party.

Dodge: Oh, yeah. I love parties. Who's get the balloons?

Diesel: I do, Splodge! I love parties, too.

Toby: (whispering to himself) Hmm? What?

Mavis: (whispering) Shh, listen.

Diesel 10: Correction. Join the party that's over. Just like Twinkle Toes' magic railway is gonna be over.

(George, Splodge and Diesel mumble with confusion and Mavis and Toby in the mist look trembled and confused)

Diesel 10: Gone. Like the lost engine and the buffers that to her.

George: (looking reluctant) With my help. I'm at your service.

Splatter: Well, w-w-what are you gonna do?

Dodge: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's good of course.

Diesel: What are you going to do?

Diesel 10: It's time to finally put Twinkle Toes' lights out.

(George, Splodge, and Diesel muttering in confusing and worry)

Diesel 10: This is a job…(bringing his claw out of the hatch)…FOR THE BOSS! (moving his claw)

Mavis: (whispering) We've got to delay him!

Toby: (whispering) We've got to distract him!

(Toby ringing his bell and alerting Diesel 10 and his gang)

Diesel: AHH! What was that sound!?


Mavis: What are you doing?

Toby: Just honk your horn.

Ant and Dec: (whispering a little) Let's get ready to rumble!

(Mavis' horn's honking louder, alerting the gang even more)

(Ant and Dec even play the current Saturday Night Takeaway theme at full blast)

George: Why, it's the betray diesel who joined the weak scrap!

Diesel: And the Pizza Takeaway engine!

Diesel 10: (chuffing slowly out of the shed and stopping) SMASH THEM! SMASH THEM BOTH! (uses his claw to knock down the a bar holding up the shed and bring the roof down on the five of them)

(George, Splodge, and Diesel groan in surprise and Diesel 10 brings out his claw, snapping it, causing Toby and Mavis to chuckle and Ant and Dec to burst into laughter)

Diesel 10: Oh, Pinchy, come on. I hate it when this happens.

Toby: (chuckling) Good show, Mavis.

Mavis: (chuckling) Thanks and you too, Toby.

Toby: And to you two, boys.

(Mavis and Toby chuff away out of the scrapyard and Ant and Dec run out of the scrapyard)

Splatter: Um, boss. Did you mean to let the roof fall in?

Dodge: Yeah, like all the way in?

George: And toppled over us?

Diesel 10: I always mean what I do, y-you rattletraps.

Diesel: Ohhh! For goodness sake!

(Dawn closes in and Donald with cattle trucks and Douglas with oil tankers pass by each other at the windmill as the song Really Useful Engine starts)

Adult Lily: Diesel 10 was in a dump but the steam engines were right on track.

Singers: He's a really useful engine you know

(Stepney bumps trucks crossly and Percy passes by him as he pulls them away)

Singers: All the other engines they'll tell you so

(Thomas passes by a Sodor Railway sign with Annie and Clarabel)

Singers: He huffs and puffs and whistles, rushing too and fro

(Emily pulls the express past a station)

Singers: He's the really useful engine we adore

(Duck sulks in a siding behind Butch)

Singers: He's a really useful engine you know

(James pulls out of the Smelters Yard with a load of pipes and passes by Edward who chuffs into the smelters yard with empty trucks while Toby chuffs through the countryside with Henrietta)

Singers: "Cause The Fat Controller, he told him so

(Thomas chuffs past a station with Annie and Clarabel)

Singers: Now he's got a branch line to call his very own

(James chuffs over a bridge with trucks and Edward passes by another line of trucks while Henry chuffs under it with a goods train and Gordon chuffs out of it with the express)

SingersHe's the really useful engine we adore

(Thomas puffs past other trains at Knapford Station with Annie and Clarabel)

(Lightning McQueen and Mater drive along the road past Thomas)

SingersHe's the one

(Thomas pulls Annie and Clarabel through the countryside)

Singers: He's the number one

(Thomas pulls Annie and Clarabel over a bridge)

Singers: Thomas the Tank Engine

(Thomas pulls Annie and Clarabel alongside Ashima and Nia grinning at each other past Oliver pulling milk tankers with Toad the breakvan)

Singers: He's the really useful engine we adore

(Thomas chuffs backwards past a Sodor Railway sign as the song ends and past a glum-looking Henry)

Thomas: (stops and faces Henry) Morning, Henry. What's the matter?

Henry: I've got...(sniffs)...boiler ache.

Thomas: Boiler ache? How?

(Thomas' crew hops off his cab and meets up with Henry's crew who are expecting him all over)

Thomas' Driver: How can we help, Ted?

Henry's Driver: Oh, I don't know, Bob. Wilbert and I here just can't get enough steam.

Henry's Fireman: Must've given you the wrong sort of the coal this morning, eh, Henry, old boy?

Henry: (sniffing) I thought it was the Welsh coal that Sir Topham Hatt gave me.

Thomas' Fireman: I think we know the solution, Bob.

Thomas' Driver: Right, you are, Johnny.

(Thomas' crew hops inside his cab)

Thomas' Driver: Come on, Thomas. You know the right sort of coal is, don't you?

Thomas: (chuffing away backwards) Don't worry, Henry. I'm collecting six trucks of special Island of Sodor coal for you.

Henry: Oh, thank you, Thomas. Special coal will make me feel...(aching)...much better.

Thomas: (chuffing into a siding and shunting six coal trucks) But I wish I could make Mr. Conductor happy too by finding him.

(The last truck goes through the magic buffers unbeknownst to Thomas who chuffs away with the other five trucks)

Elizabeth: (passes by Thomas) Hello, Thomas and your five coal trucks. Vroom vroom.

Thomas: Five? But I thought I had six. But I'm supposed to have six, Elizabeth. (chuffs back to Henry at the water tower) Here you are, Henry. Um…five trucks of special coal for you. I don't know what happened to the sixth.

Henry: (as his crew stokes up the coal inside his tender) That's alright, Thomas. As long as it's the coal I need, I'm fine. Thank you.

Henry's Driver: Cheers, Thomas, Bob, Johnny.

Henry's Fireman: Yeah, thanks.

Thomas' Driver and Fireman: No problem, Henry, Wilbert, Ted.

Thomas: Your welcome, Henry. Bye. (chuffs away with the empty trucks)

(Later, Thomas chuffs next to Percy at the water tower with Annie and Clarabel)

Thomas: Hello, Percy.

Percy: Oh, Thomas. I've been worried about you. Elizabeth said you lost a coal truck today.

Thomas: Yes, it disappeared when I was at the buffers. Near the little grotto.

Percy: Maybe those are the buffers that lead to the magic railway.

Thomas: And the grotto is the lost engine's special platform.

Percy: Oh, yes!

Thomas: Percy, you protect those buffers from Diesel 10...

Percy: What?

Thomas: …make sure George doesn't ram them…

Percy: Wait, what?

Thomas: ...and I'll find Mr. Conductor.

Percy: Me? But why me, Thomas?

Thomas: 'Cause you're a brave engine, Percy.

Percy: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot.

(Nia smirks as she passes by)

Nia: And you know that, Percy.

(Scene cuts to the viaduct then to Mr. Conductor when Diesel 10 appears behind him with his claw up)

Diesel 10: Hello, Twinkle Toes. Remember me?

(Mr. Conductor gasps and puts his hat on, running)

Diesel 10: (cackling slightly) Fat Hatt won't have much use for you looking like that. (cackles and turns his claw as Mr. Conductor climbs up the hill and trips) Oh, I see you forgot to bring the sugar. How careless of you. (using his claw to pick a panicking Mr. Conductor) Say hello to Pinchy. (cackles and chuffs over to the viaduct before cackling again and moving Mr. Conductor around in his claw) Okay, Twinkle Toes! I know about the buffers and I've got George the steamroller on the job to destroy them!

Mr. Conductor: (looking at the crumbling viaduct) That's what I saw in my dream. It's coming true. My universe is starting to crumble.

Diesel 10: And I know about the magic railway! And when I find that engine, you and all those puffballs will be history! (as Mr. Conductor finds his wire) Now tell me where the buffers are! NOW!

(Mr. Conductor laughs as he pulls out a pair of scissors)

Diesel 10: You got 10 seconds! (shakes his claw, causing the scissors fall away from Mr. Conductor) Ten...nine...(as Mr. Conductor reaches out for his scissors)... eight..seven...six...five...(as Mr. Conductor finally grabs his scissors and sighs in relief)...four...three...two...(before Mr. Conductor cuts into one of his wires)...(unintentionally his claw sends Mr. Conductor flying through the air)

Mr. Conductor: (as he is shoved off Diesel 10's claw) Too late, Diesel 10! (screaming)

Nancy: Whoa!

Frank: Make a wish, honey.

(Scene cuts to Ashima, who is relaxing at the windmill la-laing You Can Only Be You)

Ashima: La la la la la la la la... (Gasps)

Ant: Mr. Conductor's coming!

Dec: Incoming!

(Mr Conductor falls to the ground and into a flour near the windmill, catching his hat and rising up) George, why he use to join him is to destroy the buffers? Oh, I'm at the windmill. Now that's what I call a perfect landing.

Ashima: (Chuckles) Ant and Dec put it there.

Mr. Conductor: Oh. Ashima. Ant. Dec. You're already here. (Ashima blushes and Ant and Dec hi-five each other; he then stands up and looks at the windmill) This must be the clue to unlock the source to the gold dust. (looks at the clue) Stoke up the magic in the mountain and the Lady will smile...(clue disappears then comes back)...then watch the swirls that spin so well. (clue disappears entirely) But where's the writing gone?

Ashima: Hmm. That's odd. Why does the writing last so little?

Ant: It's probably magic.

(Dec laughs)

Dec: Good one.

(Scene cuts to the coal yard with Diesel 10, Splodge & Arert)

Splatter: Eh, so, boss.

Dodge: Uh, how come you let Twinkle Toes?

Arry: Yeah.

Bert: Yeah.

Diesel 10: Oh, that. Well, I-I did it on purpose...

Splatter: Hmm.

Dodge: Uh, oh.

Arry: Yeah.

Bert: Right.

Diesel 10: ...to see if he really could escape.

Splatter: Liar, liar.

Dodge: Pants on fire.

'Arry: Does he wear pants?

Dodge: Nah. Training pants.

Bert: Oh, really?

Diesel 10: Alright, playtime's over, Splodge and Arert!

Splodge and Arert: Uh oh.

Diesel 10: Now, it's time for the next lesson! I call it...how to stop being stupid! (uses his claw to the barrel of oil crushed)

Splatter: I don't think he meant to do that.

Dodge: Me neither.

Arry: I wonder how we're gonna teach him.

Bert: Yeah, yeah, me too.

(Cranky the crane's carrying the barrels until is was dropped)

Diesel 10: As you see this is never being so stupid you got it? (barrel oil is been splatted at Diesel 10) GAH! I GOT OIL ON ME!

Cranky: You just have to... oh, I don't know how to move aside. Oops!

(The crates of fruits are falling and been splatted at Splodge and Arert until Cranky and Carly laugh)

Cranky: Sorry, my mistake. You four get a.... (pauses)

Cranky and Carly: Mashed fruit!

(Cranky cackles)

(James laughs at the commotion. Gordon laughs with Edward, Rosie, Thomas, Rusty, Duck, Henry and Nia also laugh as they chuff past Gordon and then past Splatter and Dodge with a line of trucks who are laughing and rattling behind him)

James: I remember that Cranky dropped watermelon on me once! (laughs)

Thomas: Yeah! (giggles)

Duck: That was funny! (chortling laugh)

Nia: That's what you get for threatening me.


Splodge and Arert: Uh, oh.

Diesel 10: Ah, well. Now that's gonna ruin my facial.

(Harvey arrives to clean up the mess)

Diesel 10: Harvey, please clean this up before I lose my temper.

Harvey: Okay, I will. Don't you worry.

(Scene cuts to Muffle Mountain where Lily is on the swing when Patch behind her)

Patch: Bet you can't climb that tree.

(Lily stands up and climbs up the tree nearby her, Patch watching her and impressed as Lily sits on the treetop and looks down at him. She then climbs down and faces Patch)

Lily: See?

Patch: Where did you learn to that?

Lily: On my fire escape.

Patch: Hi, I'm Patch.

Lily: I'm Lily. Do you live around here?

Patch: (as Burnett walks into view) Yes, my mom and dad are into stables.

Burnett: Morning, Patch.

Patch: Good morning, Mr. Stone. I'm running into Shining Time. Can Lily come with me if she'd like to?

Lily: I'd like to. (smiles and looks at Burnett)

Burnett: Sure. She can go. (nodding) Be back by sunset though.

Lily: (nods in agreement and looks at Burnett) Do you wanna come too?

Burnett: I-uh-I never go there now. (walks away)

Lily: Bye, grandpa. (looks at Patch in curiosity over what Burnett said) What does he mean by that?

Patch: I'll explain when we get there.

Lily: Okay.

Patch: Okay. So...have you ever ridden a horse before?

Lily: (nodding) No.

(Scene cuts to the fields where Patch and Lily are riding Patch's horse. Both of them are smiling with excitement)

Patch: I've always wanted to go this way. We're following some shadowy lines that I've seen on a map. They're like railroad tracks without any rails.

(The horse takes Patch and Lily to Shining Time where they find Boomer and Billy talking on the platform near the Rainbow)

Patch: (pulling back on the rein as the horse whinnies) Whoa, horsey.

Lily: What's going on, Patch?

Patch: (whispering) Shh, this is what your grandpa was worried about. Boomer.

Lily: (whispering) Boomer?

Patch: (whispering) Yeah, P.T. Boomer. The whole valley fears him. He doesn't believe in magic and only believes in greed and money. That's why he's planning to buy Shining Time.

Lily: (whispering) What's that on his motorcycle?

Patch: (whispering) I don't know. I think you'd better get to the station. Go. Run. Quickly.

(Lily hops off the horse and runs out of the field, straight across the track and inside Shining Time Station. Patch then rides away on his horse as Billy and Boomer continue to talk)

Billy: (firmly) I told you, Boomer. There's no way I'm accepting your offer. Shining Time does not belong to you. You do not belong here.

Boomer: All because I don't play innocent or believe in magic, Billy? I'll buy this station off whoever runs it because I am a drifter by choice and I only want my money.

Billy: (hopping on the Rainbow Sun and starting it) You'll just have to let the greed come out of you then, Boomer. (as the Rainbow Sun chuffs away) You're never getting this station regardless of any you make.

(Boomer walks into Shining Time Station)

(Boomer grunts and rides off on his motorcycle towards Muffle Mountain, his motorcycle shown to be loaded with dynamite)

(Scene cuts to Burnett's workshop. Burnett points his flashlight at something)

Burnett: Well, Lady. What are we going to do? (pointing his light up something that appears to be the lost engine Lady and we get a glimpse of her for the first time) It seemed so much easier when Tasha and I were children. (Lady's train whistle sounds)

(Lily is inside Shining Time Station with Mutt, feeling the window when Junior pops out of Mr. Conductor's house with his sparkle, humming. Mutt barks)

Lily: (smiling) Junior?

Junior: Pristo. I thought I'd give up on seeing you again. What's blue, green and red and goes beep beep?

Lily: (sighing) A parrot and it means chirp chirp.

Junior: Nah, trains. Talking trains. (uses his foot to pick up his skateboard and grab it) I'm off to see them on the Island of Sodor right now. And cousin. I overslept and I better hurry. Do you wanna come?

Lily: Can we be back here by sunset?

Junior: Hope so. (rolls his skateboard away) I wanna get back to the beach.

Lily: (turns to Mutt) What do you think, Mutt?

(Mutt barks twice)

Lily: Okay.

Junior: Good. It's... (pointing to a tunnel portrait next to Mr. Conductor's house) ...this way. We'll take the shortcut. (knocking on the portrait)

Lily: Really?

Junior: Umm... but there's two of us. Ah, well. Guess that means I'll have to get some of my cousin's extra supply of gold dust. Ah, it doesn't matter. I'll have plenty more soon.

Lily: (picking up gold dust) Can I take this little bit back for Grandpa?

Junior: (using a conductor pose) Be my guest. I'll take care of it for you. (picks up gold dust from Lily's hand and puts it in his hand) Ready? Here goes. (blows conductor whistle and sends both him and Lily flying into the Magic Railroad.)

(Both Junior and Lily are flying through the Magic Railroad)

Lily: You've grown bigger.

Junior: (laying back) Maybe you're smaller. I'm just adjusting props up to my new surroundings. (sighs) This all goes when this ever happens to me. (rising up in excitement with both him and Lily laughing) Whoa! A bit bouncy, isn't it?

Lily: Where are we?

Junior: Why, this is the magic railroad.

Lily: Wait, did you just say magic railroad?

Junior: (blowing his conductor whistle) Yeah. We're traveling miles and miles to the Island. But... I don't know if this Railroad's gonna last much longer. It'll vanish like the engine?

Lily: What engine?

Junior: The engine that used to travel on this Railroad. Cousin and I never saw it. We don't know what happened to it. (looks at the coal car that disappeared into the grotto earlier) Hey what's that coal truck doing here?

Lily: I never seen this coal truck from before.

Junior: You gotta be ready and hang on, Lily. (blows his conductor whistle) Here are the buffers. (shouts as he and Lily travel through the grotto and onto Sodor, landing on the grass)

Lily: Where are we?

Junior: (looks at his watch and replies) Well, the Island of Sodor of course. Uh, this way. (pointing to a mountainside and starts climbing it and then sneezing) Oh, bogus.

Lily: What's the matter?

Junior: I think I'm allergic to grass. (sneezing again)

Lily: It's a good thing I like climbing things. (reaches the top of the hill with Junior and hears train whistling and chattering in the distance) What's that noise?

Junior: The trains. I told you they could talk. We're too far away to hear what they're saying. (looks at the engines in the distance)

(Edward and Henry pull their trucks over the bridge as Gordon passes by them with the express. Percy chuffs past Emily and his goods train with the mail and Rosie is standing outside Henry's tunnel, taking on water, as Thomas chuffs out of the tunnel and past him with Annie and Clarabel)

Harold: (hovers by) Good morning, fellow chaps.

Bertie: (zooms past Trevor) Vroom vroom vroom vroom. Good morning. Vroom vroom vroom vroom.

Trevor: (drives and whistles past Bertie) Hello, vistors.

(Thomas chuffs under a bridge and through the countryside with Annie and Clarabel)

Thomas: (looks at Junior and Lily) Annie, Clarabel, there's Mr. Conductor. We've found him.

Thomas' Driver: (looks closer at Junior and Lily) That doesn't look too much like him, does it, Johnny?

Thomas' Fireman: No, Bob. I believe it's his cousin, C Junior.

Thomas: (changes points onto the next track towards the chattering Junior and Lily) Oh, bunker. It's Junior.

Lily: (pointing to Thomas) Junior, look.

Junior: It's Thomas. (waves at a dismayed Thomas who stops by him) Thomas. Now don't look so surprised. I know you haven't seen me since...

Thomas: You stuck party poppers down my funnel!

Thomas' Driver: Relax, Thomas. He never make any harm.

Thomas' Fireman: Yeah, you know he only did it as a joke.

Junior: Yeah, and we had a laugh.

Thomas: You did.

Lily: (gasps) You're talking to each other.

Junior: Ah, first prize. (puts his hand on Lily's shoulder) Lily, Thomas. Thomas, Lily. Now, where's my cousin? (walks around to find Mr. Conductor)

Lily: (looks at Thomas and waves) Hi.

Thomas: Hello, Lily. Welcome to the Island of Sodor.

Junior: (hops into Thomas' cab with Thomas' crew) Come on, Lily. I'm very home on trains.

(Lily hops inside Thomas' cab)

Thomas: Annie, Clarabel, I'll send Duck back to fetch you. (chuffs away)

Annie and Clarabel: We've heard that one before.

(Thomas chuffs through the countryside to look for Mr. Conductor with Junior and Lily in his cab. Junior groans)

Thomas' Fireman: Is everything alright, Junior?

Junior: Yeah. Just a little... (groans)

Lily: What's the matter?

Junior: Traveling sickness.

Thomas' Driver: Oh, it'll wear off. Don't worry. And look. There's the windmill.

Thomas' Fireman: I believe that sparkle of gold might be the one we're looking for. Golly, it's him alright?

(Thomas chuffs closer towards the windmill where a shining object occurs)

Lily: What's that shining at the windmill?

Junior: Pristo, Lily. I think it's my cousin.

(Thomas whistles and stops by the windmill)

Ashima: Over here, Thomas!

Thomas: Mr. Conductor! Mr. Conductor!

Mr. Conductor: Thomas!

Thomas: Thanks riddles, you're safe!

(Junior, Lily, and Thomas' crew hop out of Thomas' cab, ready to greet Mr. Conductor who rises up to greet them)

Junior: Come on, Lily.

(Junior, Lily, and Thomas' crew walk up to Mr. Conductor who gives Junior a slight glare)

Junior: Hey, cous. What's up? Enjoying the sun?

Mr. Conductor: (firmly) No, Junior. I am not. In fact, I just landed here after escaping a heavy metal monster where he almost dropped me out to the viaduct and been thrown to this place and his plan is to destroy the buffers with the help of George the steamroller. Junior, where have you been?

Thomas: Uh, is your sparkle back, Mr. Conductor?

Mr. Conductor: (looks over to Thomas) No, Thomas. It isn't... (looking over to Junior and Lily) ...but I do know the clue.

(Junior, Lily and Thomas' crew smile with surprise. Junior walks over to Mr. Conductor and kneels on a flour sack in front of him)

Mr. Conductor: Stoke up the magic in the mountain...eh... (snaps his fingers) darn!

Thomas: Dither!

Ashima: Dang!

Junior: Hey, cous. You're looking terrible. Why don't we get more gold dust 'cause I used yours up. Then you can go back home and I can go back to the beach.

Mr. Conductor: Junior, I want you to listen to me very carefully...

(Bellflower ringing interrupts Mr. Conductor's speech)

Thomas and Ashima: Uh oh.

Ant and Dec: Spoiler alert!

Mr. Conductor: I'll get that (rises over to the bellflower before Junior picks it up for him)

Junior: (speaking into the bellflower) Hello.

Sir Topham Hatt: Hello, are you Mr. Conductor?

Junior: No. This is his cousin.

Sir Topham Hatt: Then why are you on the phone?

(Mr. Conductor gives Junior gestures to hand him the bellflower)

Junior: Who's this?

Sir Topham Hatt: The name you know is Sir Topham Hatt.

Junior: (using a British accent) Hello, hatty.

(Lily looks over to Thomas' crew who both have their hands up)

Sir Topham Hatt: Are you making fun at me?

Junior: (using a British accent) No. No, no, no. He's hanging around here somewhere. (smiles and hands the phone to Mr. Conductor)

Mr. Conductor: Yes, Sir Topham Hatt, sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Conductor, why is this person on the phone to make fun of me.

Mr. Conductor: No, he just wanted to be friendly.

Sir Topham Hatt: So you're saying he acts like a dog.

Mr. Conductor: No, he is not a dog.

Sir Topham Hatt: Then what is he?

Mr. Conductor: (looking at Junior) Well, let's just say he's a puppy in need of a good trainer. (knocks Junior to the ground who then looks at the windmill) Nothing to worry about, sir. Goodbye, sir. (hangs up and gives Junior a glare)

Junior: Cous, this is Lily. (pointing to Lily) She's staying with Grandpa Stone.

Mr. Conductor: (walking over to Lily and shaking his hand) Hello, Lily.

Lily: Hello.

(Ant and Dec walk over to Lily)

Ant: Hey.

(Ant and Dec hold Lily's hand)

Dec: Nice to meet you, Lily.

Lily: Nice to meet you too.

(Junior using the commotion to jump onto the windmill) 

Ant: I'm Ant. Him beside me is Dec.

Dec: Yeah. And we host shows like Saturday Night Takeaway.

Ant: (Noticing the spot behind Mr. Conductor) Hey, where's Junior?

Mr. Conductor: (looks back at Junior who is missing) Junior? Junior?

Thomas: (Gasps) Guys, look!

Ashima: He's on the windmill!

(Mr. Conductor, Lily, and Thomas' crew look up to hear Junior shouting excitedly on the windmill)

(Ant gasps)

Dec: What the heck?!

Lily: Junior?

Mr. Conductor: Junior, what are you doing up there? Come down! It's too windy!

Junior: (looking down) This is just like the fun fair. Give us two seconds. Whoo-hoo!

Mr. Conductor: Two seconds is all it takes for you to land in trouble!

Ant: This ain't good.

Dec: He's gonna go in a second.

(Junior ignores Mr. Conductor and shouts as the wind picks up and the windmill goes faster and faster, sending him flying through the air, with the Boys and Tank Engines in awe)

Mr. Conductor: Junior!

(Junior lands onto Diesel 10's cab)

Diesel 10: Aha! Twinkle Toes Junior!

Junior: (as his beach bag falls onto the track) Oh no, my beach bag!

Diesel 10: You won't be doing any surfing up here, Mr. Kahuna!

Junior: Really? Watch me. (standing up in a surfer pose)

Diesel 10: Hang on tight, moon doggy! (moves faster)

Junior: Yeeeee-haw!

(Scene cuts back to the windmill with Thomas, Ashima, Ant, Dec, Mr. Conductor, Lily, and Thomas' crew)

Thomas: Oh no, Diesel 10 hijacked him.

Lily: What's gonna happen to Junior now?

Mr. Conductor: Well, my family is usually pretty good at getting themselves out of trouble. Eventually.

Thomas: I don't know what eventually means but it sounds very, very long.

Ashima: Kind of. Well... Eventually, Thomas means that...well...well...it means... What does it mean?

Ant: It means that something happens in the end after series of events.

Dec: But Junior will show up soon. It's just like Mr. C. said. Don't worry, Thomas. (giving Thomas a pat on the side)

(Scene cuts to Muffle Mountain where Patch walks up to Burnett. Burnett looks back at him)

Burnett: Where's Lily?

Patch: I wish I knew. I'm sorry, Mr. Stone. She wasn't there at the station when I went back for her.

(Both of them look sad at the disappearance of Lily)

Burnett: It's okay, Patch. We'll find her. (walks away with Patch watching him)

(Patch hears a motorcycling noise coming up the mountain. He watches in surprise as Boomer rides up the mountain on his motorcycle)

Boomer: Good evening, Patch. Enjoying the view of the sunset?

(Patch gasps and runs down the mountain to his horse, Boomer in pursuit on his motorcycle. Patch jumps in his horse and rides away, Boomer riding after him)

Boomer: Slow down, Patch! I only wanna ask a question or two. (cackling)

Patch: Get away from me, Boomer. You'll never know Mr. Stone's whereabouts from me.

Boomer: I already know about Burnett's whereabouts! All I want to know is where that lost engine is! Tell me! now!

Patch: Never! (attempts to lead Boomer to a cliff by driving his horse towards it)

Boomer: (following Patch and not knowing about the cliff ahead of him) Come on, kid! I got a bike full of dynamite and I'll plant some on you and your precious horse unless you tell me where she is!

Patch: Nope! (stops his horse in front of the cliff and watches as Boomer motorcycles off the cliff and onto the ground where his motorcycle smashes into pieces. Dynamite rolls out everywhere, still in one piece)

(Patch looks down as Boomer rises up and looks up at him in frustration)

Boomer: This is isn't over, kid! I'll find that engine and make sure she is history! You and your friend Burnett will be sorry.

(Patch ignores Boomer and rides away with his horse. Boomer grunts and picks up a piece of dynamite)

Boomer: Time to blow that engine's wheels out!

(Scene cuts to nighttime on Sodor where Percy with Emily and Fergus chuff slowly through the countryside to find the magic buffers)

Percy: (to himself) I am brave. I am brave. Thomas says I'm brave so I'm brave. (chuffs through a dark forest) Oh, it's not easy being brave.

Emily: Don't worry Percy, we'll stick with you.

Fergus: Yeah, we're brave engines.

(They chuff to the magic buffers to find Splatter and Dodge)

Percy: Shiver my pistons! There's Splatter and Dodge! They've found the buffers! (stops in front of a set of buffers and sees George rolling by Splatter and Dodge, Percy's crew hopping off to see George with the diesels)

Percy's Driver: Looks like Edward wasn't kidding about George.

Percy's Fireman: I always wondered what the diesels were up to the moment they set chuff on the Island of Sodor.

George: (rolling towards the next set of buffers and stopping by Splatter and Dodge) Turn 'em into roads. Turn 'em into roads.

Splatter: Why, that's your job, George.

Dodge: Yeah, destroy it whenever you can, will ya?

George: No, I don't know if these are the magic buffers or not.

Splatter: It doesn't matter. We're finding the magic buffers.

Dodge: And you're just destroying everyone you see.

George: No, I cannot. I will be in trouble with Sir Topham Hatt when he returns from...

Splatter: Ah, who cares what that worthy Fat Hatt thinks?

Dodge: Yeah, yeah, the boss won't give you that reward if you don't destroy these buffers so do it.

(George sighs and rams over the next buffer)

Splatter: There's a good steamroller.

Dodge: (chuckles) Yeah, yeah.

Percy: Oh, and now what's going to happen?

Emily: Don't be scared, but if we do get scared, we might have been in great danger.

Fergus: You're not scared of the dark forest, Percy.

(Crows start flying out of the tree, causing Percy to gasp and a talking tumbleweed flies by and onto another track)

Talking Tumbleweed: Howdy, partner. Coming through. Excuse me.

(A barn door opens and closes)

Percy: Oh, I think that was something!

Percy's Driver: Something very strange is going on there.

Percy's Fireman: I think it's the best we went back and we warned Thomas and his crew.

Percy's Driver: Good idea.

(Percy's crew hops inside his cab and get him ready to leave)

Splatter: And these must be the buffers where Diesel 10's looking for.

Dodge: Oh, god. Are we supposed to go through them?

Splatter: Not me. You.

Dodge: Eh, eh, this is a job for George. Should we make him destroy them?

Splatter: Nah, let's double check with the boss first that these are the right buffers.

Dodge: Yeah, yeah. Our little friend has done his job for one day.

(owl hoots)

Splatter: Ah, ah, we'll tell him tomorrow.

Emily: (chuffing away) Oh, we've better hurry back and warn Thomas.

Percy: (chuffing away) You're right, it's too scary in this dark forest.

Fergus: (chuffing away) The dark forest is very scary to see. We have to warn him.

(Oliver arrives with trucks and Toad the Breakvan to see Splatter, Dodge, and George at the magic buffers)

Oliver: (gasps) Oh my gosh, Toad! There's Splatter, Dodge, and George at the magic buffers!

Toad: They're Diesel 10's henchmen. Diesel 10 hired George the steamroller to destroy the buffers.

Oliver: Destroy the buffers?

Toad: Yes, Mr Oliver. He wants him to destroy all of them. Except that one right here. The magic buffers that lead to the secret railway for the lost engine.

Oliver: The lost engine? What are talking about, Toad?

(owl hooting on the tree causing Oliver and Toad gasp)

Oliver: The dark forest is very scary! Come on, Toad. Let's go back home. (chuffs away)

Toad: Right, Mr Oliver. We can talk to BoCo tomorrow at Brendam Docks.

(Scene cuts to Mr. Conductor and Lily by a campfire with Thomas' crew. Thomas, Ashima, Ant and Dec are standing by them. Mr. Conductor is flipping cards to cheer Lily up since she can't get home to Burnett, keeping Lily cheerful)

Adult Lily: Mr. Conductor was doing his best to keep me cheerful. He knew I was worried about being late for my grandpa.

Lily: Mr. Conductor, I was supposed to be back by sunset.

Mr. Conductor: You know, Lily. Perhaps your grandpa can guess where you are.

Lily: He can?

Mr. Conductor: Maybe. Because I think he's been here himself long ago. And if he can help, I wish he could hurry. I haven't told Junior this but I think he'll soon grow as weak as I am.

Thomas' Driver: Hopefully that doesn't happen.

Thomas' Fireman: Yes, Mr. Conductor. We definitely need you and your cousin here to make sure that the lost engine is safe and sound and away from Diesel 10.

(Thomas looks worried about Mr. Conductor had said)

Lily: Junior said that there used to be an engine that traveled on the Magic Railroad. And if only we could find it, we could travel back to Shining Time.

Mr. Conductor: Oh, that engine disappeared a long time ago. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Lily: I have to tell you something, Mr. C. (Mr. Conductor looks up at her) I heard a train whistle and I think it was coming from the mountain.

Mr. Conductor: (remembering) "Mountain". I've just remembered another part of the clue.

Ant: (Gasps) He's remembered!

Mr. Conductor: Stoke up the magic in the mountain and the Lady will smile.

Dec: (Gasps) Yes. Fantastic. Well remembered.

Mr. Conductor: But we need more information, Lily. And I know that your grandpa could help. If he just believed that he could.

Lily: (confused) Lady?

(Scene cuts to Burnett, Patch and Lady in the Muffle Mountain workshop)

(Both of them continue to dust Lady off)

Patch: She can whistle. I heard her.

Burnett: (nodding) Yeah. So have I. It's because she's magical.

Patch: (looking at a map that Burnett has up on the wall) This must be the map of her Magic Railroad. But...the railroad's energy is fading away. I sensed it when we were out riding. Lily and I were traveling on the ground above it.

Burnett: The railroad needs Lady but I don't know her special secret. And I need to know it now more than ever.

Patch: Because of Lily?

Burnett: Yes, because of Lily.

(Scene cuts to Sodor where Percy, his crew, Emily and Fergus have met up with Thomas and his crew along with Mr. Conductor and Lily. All of the six human characters are sitting by the fire together as Thomas, Emily, Percy, and Fergus talk)

Percy: So, Thomas, we must get Lily back to her grandpa now in case Diesel 10 gets rid of the railway.

Thomas: But how can I let Lily go without gold dust?

Mr. Conductor: (lying down) Only in the lost engine. (thinking and rising) Unless...

Thomas: Unless? Um?

Mr. Conductor: (standing up and facing Thomas) Thomas, will you please take Lily?

Thomas: Through the buffers? But if I go through the railway and my wheels don't work?

Mr. Conductor: But what if they do?

Percy: Yes, and don't worry, Thomas. We'll be here all night to look after Mr. C. Right, Emily, Fergus, and driver?

Emily: Yes, yes, that can be arranged.

Fergus: He can go to the magic buffers that lead to the magic railway.

Percy's Driver and Fireman: Right, Percy.

Thomas: But I can't go without my driver and fireman.

Thomas' Driver: Oh, Lily's just going to Muffle Mountain to make sure everything's okay with her grandpa.

Thomas' Fireman: Yes, then she'll take you back there. You know how to drive a train, right, Lily?

Lily: Yes, I'll drive Thomas to Muffle Mountain and back. He'll be fine, right, Thomas?

Thomas: But what if... if...

Mr. Conductor: Yes.

Thomas: What if it's dark?

Mr. Conductor: It will be for a while.

Thomas: And cold?

Mr. Conductor: Maybe.

Thomas: And how will I get back again?

Mr. Conductor: Because you're a really useful engine and will find a way.

(Ant and Dec grin at Thomas)

Dec: Go on, Thomas.

Ant: You can do it. We can trust ya.

(Lily smiles at Mr. Conductor then at Thomas)

Thomas: Then I'll try.

Ashima: And I will help too, Thomas.

(Thomas and Ashima take Lily across Sodor, through the dark forest and into the area where the magic buffers)

Thomas: We'll promise we'll get you home to your grandpa, Lily.

(A tumbleweed falls onto the track in front of Thomas)

Tumbleweed: Follow me, partners.

(Thomas groans in surprise)

Tumbleweed: Right this way to Bufferville. Just a walk in the park. (leads Thomas, Ashima and Lily to the magic buffers)

Thomas: We're going through, Lily.

Tumbleweed: You're on your own from here, blue and pink buckaroos. Whoo hoo. Yee haw!

Thomas: Little engines can do big things! (goes through the buffers which leads to the Magic Railroad) It is dark. And cold. And bumpy. But I'm not afraid. (passes by coal truck) Ooh, there's the missing coal truck.

Lily: Coal truck? (wondering) Stoke up the magic in the mountain. That's part of Mr. Conductor's clue to the source of the gold dust.

Thomas: And Lily, that's what you do with coal. Stoke it up to make steam. We're going to be really reliable and help Mr. Conductor. We're going back for that coal truck. (stops his wheels and reverses) Buffers? Coal truck? We're starting to solve the mysteries, guys. (stops and couples up to the coal truck then chuffing along the tracks forward again)

Lily: (looking out of Thomas' cab) You're a really useful engine, Thomas.

(Ashima and Thomas grin at each other. She then puffs aside him)

Thomas: (gasps) Get ready, Ashima. Here come the buffers.

Ashima: Ohhhh! (She shuts her eyes)

(Thomas shuts his eyes and groans as he chuffs out of the Magic Railroad and onto Muffle Mountain)

Ashima: (Gasps) Oh, my gosh!

Thomas: (groaning) Lily, where are we?

Lily: (hopping off Thomas' cab) We're at Muffle Mountain, guys.

Thomas: (getting dizzy) I think... I feel... a little dizzy. (Thomas felt sad) I can't go any further. My wheels won't let me.

Lily: Then I'll be back, Thomas. I promise but I must find grandpa.

Thomas: It's getting windy up here.

(Lily walks away, but turns to Thomas)

Thomas: Hey, don't forget about the coal, Lily, coal from the Island of Sodor. Please remember that. I... I think it's important.

Lily: I will remember that. Goodbye, Thomas.

(Lily runs out of sight)

Thomas: Please come back soon. Ashima, I think I feel that something else isn't right either.

Ashima: Don't panic, Thomas. We'll be alright.

(Boomer walks up the mountain to Thomas and Ashima's location, grunting and releasing the bagged dynamite to the ground. Thomas groans)

Thomas: Oh dear. Huh, who are you? And what is that?

Boomer: Huh? The question is what's this that I'm looking at? Two oversized toy trains with cartoon faces on them? I believe so and I do not believe in magic. I will get my revenge on Burnett Stone, and then I will get rid of you and that lost steam engine! Do you know what revenge sounds like?

Ashima: Let me guess, revenge might be sound like the explosion of a mountain, right?

Boomer: That's right! Revenge sounds like this! (sets off dynamite, causing an explosion.)

(Winds picks up, causing Thomas to roll down the mountain and Boomer to be caught in his wake)

Thomas: Bust my boiler!

(Lily runs farther down the mountain)

Thomas: (chuffing farther down the mountain) I've left the coal truck behind!

Ashima: No! Thomas! Come back! (Gulps; She puffs slowly) Come on, Ashey. You can do this. You can catch up with Thomas. (Pants) Ah! Ah! AHHHH!

Boomer: (flying along behind Thomas) I'll break you, you giant children's plaything! You... are... a... toy!

Thomas: (jealous) Well, I'm just a toy... that has a sidekick!

(Thomas bumps Boomer out of his cab, and landed on the ground)

Boomer: Oof! Shoot! Almost had him!

Ashima: I'm coming, Thomas!

(Patch rides his horse when Lily comes into view)

Lily: Where's Grandpa? Can you take me to him?

Patch: Sure. Jump up.

Lily: Patch, I knew I could count on you. (jumps on the horse and it gallops away)

Thomas: (chuffing farther down towards the trees) Come on, Ashima! We can get away from that brat!

Boomer: (flying farther behind Thomas) Soon I'll stop you and smash you to pieces!

Ashima: Thomas is right and you leave him alone, you meanie!

(Patch and Lily continue to ride through the fields to Muffle Mountain)

(Thomas and Ashima chuff out of the trees with Boomer still behind them and all of them chuff through the porthole into the Magic Railroad)

Thomas: Whaa!

Ashima: Ah! Ah! (She whistles and yells)

(Scene cuts to Burnett's workshop where Burnett is reading instruction papers on how to get Lady to work again and then covers his eyes in depression. Lily arrives)

Lily: Grandpa.

Burnett: (looks up in surprise) Oh, Lily. I'm so glad.

Lily: There's this island with talking trains and they said you might've been there. And Mr. Conductor is sick and Junior's in danger and I had to leave poor Thomas and Ashima behind. Please help me. (looks to see Lady and walks over to her)

Burnett: I would like to, Lily. But nothing seems to work.

Lily: This is the lost engine that disappeared long ago. (turns to Burnett) Now we can go back to the Island and bring Mr. Conductor and Junior home.

Burnett: I can't make her steam. (Patch walks up) I've tried all the different coals in the valley.

Lily: Lady? Is that her name?

Burnett: Yes.

Lily: Coal. Special coal from the Island of Sodor. That's what Lady needs. Patch, there's a coal truck at the top of the mountain. Do you think you could get some?

Patch: Of course I will. (runs out of the workshop)

(Scene cuts to Sodor where Diesel 10 chuffs into the Smelters Yard, Junior still on his cab)

Junior: I'm sorry, Lily. I'm sorry, Cousin. I couldn't be whatever it is. Responsible, reliable, really useful. I will be! I will be! I will be!

(Diesel 10 chuff faster past at Rosie, Stepney, Peter Sam, Nia and Ace)

Rosie: Whoa!

Peter Sam: Man, that Diesel 10 is having some anger issues.

Stepney: He's a very crazy Diesel 10.

Nia: Indeed. Even crazier than Ace was.

Ace: Even crazier? Pfft. You can say that again.

(Diesel 10 chuffs into the Smelters Yard shed to face a panicking James. Junior falls off his cab and onto James' cab)

Junior: James.

(Junior then tries to use his sparkle to have both of them disappear but fails)

Diesel 10: Ah, so you've lost your sparkle too. (as James groans and then he cackles and brings out his claw) Bye bye, Twinkle Toes!

Junior: (panicking) It's empty.

James' Driver: Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

James' Fireman: Steam won't help with this at all.

Diesel 10: Here we go! (moving closer towards James and Junior)

James: Junior, what are we going to do?

Junior: We'll think of something.

(James and Junior move closer towards the buffers as Diesel 10 closes in on them and cackles)

Diesel 10: That's it.

Junior: I'll find you some more, Lily. I promise. If I'm gonna be any help at all, it's now or never. I've got to use up the rest of this stuff. (plans to use the rest of his sparkle that he gave to Lily)

Diesel 10: Are you ready?

James: No, we're not.

Junior: James, you have brains. Get us out of here. (uses his sparkle to teleport them both out of the Smelters shed)

James: Now, we are.

Diesel 10: What the?!

(Scene cuts to Percy, Emily, Fergus, Mr. Conductor, Ant, Dec, the Teletubbies and Mickey Mouse

Po: (Gasps) Look.

(Junior and James teleport in to join them)

Junior: Yahoo!

James: Wha ha. (chuckles)

(James' driver and fireman hug each other in relief and hop back inside James' cab as Percy's crew hop inside his cab)

Junior: Bye, James. Bye, Percy. Bye, Emily. Bye, Fergus.

James: Bye, Junior.

Percy: Bye, Junior. Bye, Mr. C.

Fergus: Bye, guys.

Emily: See you, Junior. Come on, Percy, James, and Fergus. we have to go inside a place that is safe.

(James, Emily, Percy, Fergus chuff away)

Junior: (sneezing and coughing before walking up to Mr. Conductor) Sorry, I've been in the scrapyard so long now... (breathing) ...but better be late than never.

Mr. Conductor: Junior, we're all out of gold dust, aren't we?

Junior: Bankrupt. (sighing and looking around) Hey, it's a beautiful day! (walking down to Mr. Conductor and putting his arm around him) I mean, we're down but we're not out.

Mr. Conductor: No, we're out... but we are not down.

(Mickey Mouse and Thomas' crew look confused at what Mr. Conductor had said)

Ant and Dec: How confusing, eh?

Mickey Mouse: Yes.

(Scene cuts to James, Emily, Percy and Fergus chuffing happily away and past the magic buffers where Splatter and Dodge are on a track, the points leading from the track that Dodge is on)

Splatter: The puffballs are gone. The coast is clear!

Dodge: Yeah, we don't wanna see them vanish anyway. Where's our little friend?

(George rolls crossly in front of the magic buffers)

George: I realize how much I've had it with this job. It's every buffer after every buffer.

Splatter: We're for sure that these are the magic buffers though.

Dodge: Yeah, we discovered them last night.

George: You can't be too sure about these things, you know. Why does your boss even want it destroyed so badly?

Splatter: Look, we'll tell you after you ram 'em. Now do it!

Dodge: Now, roller rink boy!

George: Okay, fine. If you want to go there with me, then you can might as well ram these buffers yourself! I'm tired of you and your boss!

Splatter: The boss may be a hothead.

Dodge: Yeah, but he's nice if you get to know him.

George: I don't care about that stupid roller rink anyway. Steam engines can be nice if you get on their good side. (turns around and prepares to leave)

Splatter: Hey, where are you going?

Dodge: The boss isn't gonna be happy with you, ya know.

George: (rolling away) I don't care. I will no longer consider him my boss. So you can take care of these buffers yourself.

Splatter: Ooh, I've had it with that steamroller. Come on, Dodge. Let's just ram these buffers together. You behind me.

Dodge: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the boss will be along soon anyway so he might get them destroyed. (chuffs onto the points at the same time as Splatter charges forward, causing them to run against each other, Splatter's left wheel off the rails with Dodge's front wheel off the rails) Oh, god. Did you mean for that to happen?

Splatter: Nah. You?

Dodge: Nah, me neither. The steamroller was right about us; about the boss. Let's get away from this Island for good.

Splatter: Yeah, sure thing. And the boss; even if he helps us back up on the rails, next time he orders us to do something, should we do it?

Dodge: Nah, nah, not after what just happened.

Splatter: Me neither.

Dodge: Oh, good.

Mater: Ha ha! Comedy gold!

Lightning McQueen: (Singsong) That's what you get for messing with a steamroller.

Mater: Ha ha! Good on ya, buddy.

Adult Lily: Those two nutters? They're Lightning McQueen and Mater from Radiator Springs.

Splodge: Shut it, you pathetic race car and tow truck!

Lightning McQueen: You shut up, you stupid diesels!

Splodge: What did you call us?

Mater: He called you both stupid diesels. Ha!

Lightning McQueen: And, why don't you two stupid olly diesels just leave Sodor and not come back?

(Scene cuts to Brendam Docks where Oliver's pulling trucks with Toad the breakvan arriving at BoCo's pulling Sodor Fuel tankers)

Oliver: Hi, BoCo.

Toad: Good afternoon, BoCo, Murdoch, Arthur, Molly and Neville.

BoCo: Hello, Oliver. Hi, Toad.

Murdoch: Hey, Oliver and Toad.

Arthur: How are things?

Oliver: We saw Splatter, Dodge, and George at the dark forest last night.

Toad: Yeah.

BoCo: You both saw Diesel 10's henchmen last night?

Toad: Yes, Diesel 10 hired him to destroy them.

Molly: Well, what happened?

Oliver: George the steamroller is going to destroy the buffers, except the magic buffers for the lost engine.

BoCo: The lost engine?

Oliver: Yeah. She's the lost magical engine from the secret location.

Dory: Did you just say lost engine?

BoCo: Yes, Dory. I did say that.

Marlin: Um, BoCo? Can Dory, Nemo and I just have a couple minutes talk?

BoCo: Of course.

Neville: Take your time.

Marlin: Thanks.

Neville: You're welcome.

(Donald & Douglas pulling tar tankers arriving at BoCo, Murdoch, Arthur, Molly, Neville, Stanley, Oliver, and Toad at the docks)

Donald & Douglas: Hello, fellas.

Oliver: Hi, Donald & Douglas.

Toad: Hello.

BoCo: Good afternoon, Scottish Twins. What are you two doing?

Donald: We're collecting tar tankers for fixing the road. Right, Douglas?

Douglas: Right, Donald. We're going to Toryreck station to fix the hole in the road before Bertie does.

Oliver: Fix the hole in the road?

Donald: Yep, They have a steamroller named Buster to fix it. Bye, BoCo. Bye, Stanley. Bye, Oliver and Toad. (chuffs away)

Douglas: Bye, fellas. (chuffs away)

Oliver & Toad: Bye, Donald & Douglas.

Stanley: Bye, guys.

BoCo: Bye, twins. Is everything okay, guys?

Oliver: Yes, we're okay. But were going back to work. Bye, BoCo. (chuffs away)

Toad: Bye.

BoCo: Bye, guys.

Stanley: Well, I gotta go, or I'm going to be late to pull my passenger train, See you later, BoCo.

BoCo: See you later, Stanley.

(Scene cuts under the Docks)

Nemo: So what buffers is George trying to destroy?

Dory: The Magic ones.

Adult Lily: These little fish are Marlin, Dory and Nemo from The Great Barrier Reef.

Marlin: Guys, Mr. Conductor's gold dust and Lady are more important and we have to make sure the magic stays with in them.

Nemo: Otherwise, Dad and Dory, Diesel 10 will destroy us all.

Dory: What? Even us Great Barrier Reef fish?

Marlin: (Sighs) Yes, Dory. Even us.

(The scene cuts back to the surface where Salty arrives with pulling fish vans at BoCo)

Salty: Ahoy, matey.

BoCo: Hi, Salty.

Salty: How's Sir Topham Hatt? Is he good?

BoCo: Yes, he's doing fine and he's going back by sunset.

Porter: That's good.

Salty: Okay, BoCo. Make sure the bully diesels don't destroy the lost engine from the magic buffers. George the steamroller quits Diesel 10's hench diesels to destroy the magic buffers. (chuffs away) See ya, matey.

BoCo: Bye, Salty and Porter. (sighs)

(BoCo passes Paxton pulling a train of slate trucks)

BoCo: Hi, Paxton.

Paxton: Hi, BoCo. You going back to Edward's branchline?

BoCo: Yes, I am.

Paxton: Okay, I'm just delivering some stone from the Blue Mountain Quarry to the docks.

(The scene cuts back under the Docks)

Dory: Guys, did you hear about George? He's no longer destroying any buffers.

Marlin: What? Wow. So now...

Nemo:..he can no longer destroy any buffers. (He lucky fins Marlin and Dory) Yes.

(Scene cuts to the surface and to the Muffle Mountain workshop with Lily, Burnett, Patch, and Mutt)

Lily: (to Burnett) Did Grandma love Lady as much as you do? Did she ever get to take a ride on her?

Burnett: Grandma loved her because I loved her, but she didn't get a chance to ride on Lady. I couldn't fix her in time.

(Lily and Burnett hold hands before Burnett stokes up special coal into Lady and helps her steam. Lily, Burnett, Patch, and Mutt then hop inside Lady and she chuffs away for the first time in years. She then chuffs along the Magic Railroad)

Patch: Lily, look.

(Everyone looks down to see gold dust shining over the tracks)

Patch: The railroad is getting its energy back.

(Lily swoops gold dust in her woolen bag as Lady chuffs along)

Burnett: Well, Lady. The lights are all green for you now. Green for glory. (turns to Lily and smiles for the first time in years)

Lily: Tasha would have loved this journey.

Burnett: Yes, she would. And she would love it, since you were with me now. (holds Lily and kisses on the cheek as Lady chuffs into a more magical part of the railroad)

Lady: (face showing for the first time) So, Burnett, you didn't forget about magic, do you? Well, at least it's safe inside you.

(Lily shines gold dust onto her bluebird then looks back to see Thomas and Ashima)

Lily: Thomas!

Thomas: Ashima, look! It's the lost engine!

Ashima: Oh, and she's beautiful!

(Burnett to Lady's whistle, encouraging Lily to blow it which she does. Thomas and Ashima whistle after her and Lady chuffs through the magic buffers and onto Sodor)

Lily: We're on the Island of Sodor. Stop Lady, Grandpa.

(Mutt barks as Lady stops by Mr. Conductor, Junior, Ant, Dec and Mickey Mouse. The quartet then hop off Lady to join them)

Lily: (hugging Junior) Hello, Junior. (hugging Mr. Conductor) Hello, Mr. C. (hugging Ant and Dec) Hello, boys. (hugging Mickey Mouse) Hello, Mickey. Mr Conductor? This is my grandpa.

(Burnett shakes his head at Mr. Conductor and smiles)

Mr. Conductor: I'm glad you were able to find your way back. (puts his hand on Junior's shoulder) Junior, do you realise who this is? (pointing to Lady)

Junior: I could recognise that is one beautiful engine. (walks slowly over to Lady, realiisng more who she is and gasping) This is the lost engine. Aren't we glad to see you? Now we can go back to Shining Time. (turning back to Mr. Conductor who walks closer to him)

Mr. Conductor: Junior... we won't make it back to Shining Time without the gold dust.

(Junior kneels down and looks at his cousin, realising that he was wrong)

Mr. Conductor: Without it, the magic could never exist anymore.

(Junior sighs and lies down sadly. Mr. Conductor is sad too)

Thomas' Driver: Where's Thomas?

Burnett: Oh, he'll be along soon. Right through those magic buffers just like how Lady did.

(Dec notices Ant feeling sad)

Dec: Ant? What's the matter?

Ant: I just want Mr. Conductor and Junior to have gold dust again.

Dec: Me too. But don't worry. Thomas will be back any time soon.

Mickey Mouse: I hope so.

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(Thomas and Ashima chuff through the magic buffers and onto Sodor, whistling and catching up with the rest of the group just as they are discovered by the diesels)

Diesel 10: (as he moves closer towards Thomas and Lady on the track next to them) Ha-haaa! There's the blue and pink puffballs, and look who they're with! Diesels, get over here and destroy!

Splatter: No, no, you do it yourself!

Dodge: Yeah, yeah, do it yourself! We don't like you, and we mean that!

Arry: Yeah, we mean that!

Bert: Emphatically.

Daisy: Wait, what does that mean, Diesel?

Diesel: I have no idea, Daisy.

Splatter: Well, it's a good word.

(Boomer, still in Thomas' wake, flies through the magic buffers)

PT Boomer: (screams) Ooh, wait for me! I'm after that engine!

(Boomer lands onto Diesel 10's cab)

Boomer: Oof!

Diesel 10: That makes two of us!

Thomas: Run, Lady! Quickly! And I'm going to help you!

Burnett: (hopping inside Lady's cab) So am I, my Lady. I will not let you down again.

Thomas' Driver: (hopping inside Thomas' cab) Come on, Thomas. Let's protect this engine at all costs.

Ashima: Be careful, Thomas.

Thomas: Don't worry, Ashima. I will.

Mickey Mouse: I'm coming with you, Thomas.

Thomas: Ok, Mickey.

Diesel 10: Ah, who needs you or that silly steamroller, Diesels? I've got a new ally anyway. I'm going after those 2 steam engines, myself! (chuffs after Thomas and Lady)

Splatter: You sure you don't because we're leaving Sodor immediately.

Dodge: Yeah, and good luck with completing your task of whatever it is. Hope you fail to resist the... uh... what kind of a bridge, Diesels?

Arry, Bert, Daisy, & Diesel: We don't know.

Mr. Conductor: (as Lady, Thomas and Diesel 10 chuff away) Watch out for the viaduct! It's dangerous!

Dodge: Oh, yeah! That kind of a bridge. That's a viaduct! Right.

Splatter: Yeah, right, right.

Daisy: I know that viaduct. It's very dangerous to cross.

Diesel: Yeah, too dangerous to cross.

Arry: Oh, that's a pity.

Bert: We need to cross that bridge.

Ashima: (singsong) I know you do. Duh.

(Mr. Conductor thinks for a moment and shouts)

Junior: What's the matter?

Mr. Conductor: Lady. That engine's name is Lady. She's part of the clue to the source of the...

Mr. Conductor, Junior and Ashima: ...gold dust!

(Mr. Conductor, Junior and Ashima scream)

(Scene cuts to Diesel 10 and Boomer chasing after Thomas, Lady and Burnett)

Boomer: Now I'll get you, Burnett Stone! And that engine too!

Burnett: (looking back) No, you won't, Boomer!

Boomer: Why not?!?!

Burnett: Because the magic you refused to believe in will get the better of you!

Boomer: Alright that's it, are you blown my mind?

Diesel 10: You can run, but you can't hide! Right, Pinchy? (opening and closing his claw and cackling at Thomas) Pinchy's hungry!

Thomas: Ooh, get back! (chuffs away from Diesel 10)

Burnett: (putting his hand on Lady's side) Come on, Lady.

Diesel 10: Coming, puffball! (growling)

(Diesel 10 and Boomer tries to chase Thomas and Lady over a watermill)

Diesel 10: (breakdown) GGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! (singsong) Watch out!

(Thomas and Lady went through the tunnel)

Diesel 10: Here I come! Duck, Pinchy! You too, Boomer! (anger glare and breakdown)

(As Diesel 10 went through the same tunnel which Lady and Thomas went through, Pinchy, Diesel 10's metallic claw, ducked through the tunnel, so does PT Boomer)

(Thomas and Lady are seen getting away from Diesel 10)

(Diesel 10 goes under a bridge)

Diesel 10: I like my lunch "steamed"!

(Diesel 10 laughs as he moves closer to Thomas and tries to grab him)

Diesel 10: (growling) PUFFBALL!

(Then, they chase over another bridge and under Percy, who is pulling a goods train passing Duck pulling Annie and Clarabel.)

Duck: Fin.

Boomer: I'll get you, you big, blue toy!

Thomas: No, you won't. And besides, ungrateful maggot.

Diesel 10: What?

Thomas: You are stupid!

Thomas' Driver: (looks at P.T. Boomer) He's right, Boomer. He's not a toy!

Diesel 10: We're gonna lose this race to Percy the Park Keeper. I don't think so. Now, Boomer!

(Burnett looks at P.T. Boomer, who takes his gloves off)

Boomer: Okay, Burnett! Hahahaha! The gloves are off!

(Boomer throws the gloves at Burnett and makes a gesture with his arms)

(Burnett then looks at Diesel 10)

Diesel 10: Heh! Petty fast... for a puffball.

(Burnett then looks away)

(The viaduct starts to crumble and Lady starts to cross it)

Burnett: Well, Lady. This is your Shining Time too.

Lady: (crosses the bridge) With your help.

Thomas: Come on, Lady. Little engines can do big things!

(Lady goes across the viaduct, which grows wider. Thomas follows her.)

(A stone falls and Lady crosses safely before Thomas.)

Thomas' Driver: Hurry, Thomas.

Mickey Mouse: You can do it, Thomas.

(More stones fall, making a gap. Thomas slowly goes to the gap and jumps through.)

(Two pieces of arc fall, making a big one.)

Burnett: Well done, Thomas! Well done, driver! Well down, Mickey! (blows Lady's whistle and Thomas whistles after him)

Thomas' Driver: (looks at Burnett) Thank you, Burnett Stone!

Mickey Mouse: I knew we could do it.

(Diesel 10 attempts to cross the bridge but then looks down and gasps)

Diesel 10: Uh oh. Ooh, what's going on?

(Boomer takes his goggles off in a surprise)

Boomer: Stop, Diesel 10!

Diesel 10: Whoa, hold it, hold it. Hold on, hold on, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, aagh-h-h!

(Diesel 10 tips as he and PT Boomer fall down the viaduct)

(Boomer falls onto the barge but Diesel 10's claw extends and manages to grab onto a broken track from the viaduct)

Diesel 10: Puffball! Teapot! Oh! I can't hold onto the broken track much longer!

(the broken track breaks)

Diesel 10: Ah! Tin cannon!

(Diesel 10 lands into a sludge-filled barge.)

(The towboat tows the barge with Diesel 10 away.)

(Diesel 10 sighs and is almost fallen from the barge.)

Diesel 10: (sighs in defeat) They'll pay for this!

(Boomer spits out sludge and looks at his hands, which were all covered in sludge. He then angrily glares at the camera.)

Boomer: (to Diesel 10) You should've known the viaduct was collapsing, Diesel 10!

Diesel 10: Oh. Oh well, just look on the bright side, Boomer. Nice time of the year for a cruise, eh? (chuckles slightly but disappointedly as the barge tows the two antagonists away)

(The scene fades to Thomas, Ashima and Lady with the gang at a well)

Thomas: But Mr. Conductor, you still don't have your gold dust.

Lady: I think he will soon.

Ashima: Trust him, guys. He'll have it at some point.

Mr. Conductor: (thinking and remembering) Wait a minute. Then watch the swirls that spin so well.

Patch: Swirls! Just like the ones that are shaving around Lady when we are on the railroad.

Lily: Is there anything else?

Junior: Of course there is. So well. A well means water. (pulls the bucket up from the well)

Mr. Conductor: Lily, put the shavings in with the water.

(Lily shakes the shavings around a bit on a plate)

Burnett: Go ahead, Lily. Throw it up in the air.

Junior: (begging) Please, please.

Thomas' Driver: Go ahead, Lily.

Thomas' Fireman: Yeah, you can do it.

Mickey Mouse: Come on, Lily.

(Lily thinks for a moment)

Thomas, Ashima and Lady: Now, Lily!

(Lily finally throws the shavings in the air, turning it into gold dust)

(The Teletubbies gasp)

Mickey Mouse: Whoa.

Lily: Gold Dust!

Burnett: Gold Dust!

(Mr. Conductor and Junior cheer with joy)

Junior: Gold dust! (chuckles and runs towards the gold dust with his conductor whistle)

(Mr. Conductor and Junior both fill up their conductor whistles with gold dust)

(Ant and Dec cheer and embrace each other in celebration)

Thomas: Lady, you are a really helpful engine.

Lady: And helping each other brings to life the magic in all of us.

Thomas: Hey, Ashima? I've got a little something for you.

Ashima: What? (Gasps) For me? What is it?

Thomas: Gold Dust.

Ashima: (Gasps) Oh, thank you so much, Thomas.

Thomas: You're welcome.

Lady: That's so nice of you, Thomas.

Patch: (puts his hand on Mutt) Come on, Mutt. Let's look around.

(Mutt barks and walks off with Patch.)

Thomas' Driver: Come on, Johnny. Let's check on our engine.

Thomas' Fireman: Yeah, good idea, Bob.

(Thomas' crew walk towards him)

Ant: Oh. I'm glad the conductors have gold dust again.

Dec: Yeah. And I'm glad that those enemies are gone.

(Ant and Dec walk to Thomas and Junior walks over to Lily)

Junior: Lily, I think I promised you something. (holds her hand out and pours some darkness from his whistle into her palm) Take some. (gives a conductor pose before they hug. Lily then walks away and Mr. Conductor walks over to him) So, cousin. How else can I help?

Mr. Conductor: You mean, you don't want to go back to the beach?

Junior: (nodding and laughing) No. (thinking) Well, maybe for a holiday. I'm ready to work. You got a job for me?

Mr. Conductor: You know, Junior. There is a railroad.

Junior: With palm trees?

Mr. Conductor: One or two.

Junior: And sunshine?

Mr. Conductor: Sunny spells.

Junior: I'll take it. What's the way?

Mr. Conductor: (turns around and hands Junior his conductor hat) This is the way.

(Junior smiles, taking the conductor hat out of his hand and looking at it before putting it on and giving a conductor pose and then uses his conductor whistle and sparkles away into gold dust. A bellflower rings so Mr. Conductor picks it up)

Mr. Conductor: Hello.

Sir Topham Hatt: Good to see you, Mr. Conductor.

Mr. Conductor: Oh, yes. Sir Topham Hatt, sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: I have some good news for you, I'm going back to Sodor right now.

Mr. Conductor: You're on your way back right now?

Sir Topham Hatt: Yes.

Mr. Conductor: (chuckles) Splendid news. The engines and I will be waiting at the sheds to welcome you.

Sir Topham Hatt: Alright, is everything under control?

Mr. Conductor: Yes sir, everything is under control.

Sir Topham Hatt: Right, I'll see you when I get back. Goodbye!

Mr. Conductor: Goodbye, sir. (hangs up the bellflower, sighs and looks at Burnett and Lily) Well, see you at Shining Time. (Burnett and Lily wave as Mr. Conductor uses his conductor whistle to disappear into gold dust)

Lily: Here, Grandpa. I'd like you to have this. (drops gold dust into his palm)

Burnett: Well, that's sweet of you, Lily. Here, give me the bluebird. (Lily hands him her bluebird and pours some of the gold dust on it) I think we should share it. (holds up the bluebird) Now we will always remember our Shining Time together.

(Lily touches the bluebird and a rainbow color runs through it)

(An inanimate toy bluebird, in which Burnett is holding, transforms itself into a living CGI animated bluebird, magically)

Bluebird: (excited) I'm alive! Thanks a lot, Lily and Burnett Stone! (happy) Yee-haw! Free at last!

(The CGI animated bluebird flew away into the sunset along with Thomas the Tank Engine and Ashima the Indian Engine)

(The CGI animated bluebird, Thomas and Ashima whistled to each other)

(Fades to Lily (who is now an adult) and her son Burnett, Jr. at his bedroom 20 years later)

Adult Lily: And so, that is where our story ends. As our friends returned to their homes to Shining Time and the Island of Sodor and with their controller back, they all lived happily ever after. The End.

(Scene cuts to a bedroom, a boy in bed and his parents and his dog Jeff by his side. Our narrator is revealed and it is revealed that the story was told from a future perspective)

Burnett Jr.: Thanks, Mom. That was a good story.

Adult Lily: (chuckles) You're welcome, my young Burnett.

Adult Patch: Fine work... Lily.

Adult Lily: (laughs) Thanks, Patch. I guess I have to get the little one to bed, huh?

Adult Patch: Yep. Good night, Burnett.

Burnett Jr.: Good night, Dad.

Adult Patch: Come on, Jeff.

(Jeff barks as the two of them exit the room)

Burnett Jr.: Good night, Mom.

Adult Lily: (tucking Burnett Jr. in) Good night, little Burnett Jr. Your grandfather and I did form a great bond during the events of the story. I also received help from Jeff's great grandfather Mutt. (sighing) May both their souls rest in peace.

Burnett Jr.: But, wait, Mom?

Adult Lily: Yes, Burnett.

Burnett Jr.: What happens after the story?

Adult Lily: What do you mean?

Burnett Jr.: Well, after everyone returned home. You and grandpa went back to Shining Time with Mr. Conductor and Thomas and Ashima stayed on the Island of Sodor, right?

Adult Lily: Yes, my son. And in addition, they ended up falling in love just like me and Patch did.

Burnett Jr.: Wow. What about Mickey Mouse?

Adult Lily: Him? Oh. He's still gonna travel back and forth between their home and Sodor.

Burnett Jr.: And Lady?

Adult Lily: Lady? Well, she didn't really stay on Sodor. She went back to work on the Magic Railroad and as long as there was harmony on the Island of Sodor and plenty of magic at Shining Time, she would still be alive to keep it all going. I'm sorry, Burnett. There's one part of the story I have yet to reveal to you. (brings out pictures) It all started with how I stayed with your father and my grandfather, which was your great grandfather, for the next few days and it was where you and my father fell in love. We saw Mr. Conductor and Junior everyday and I would come back every summer to see how the connection was between the Island of Sodor and the Magic Railroad. I became a railroad engineer just like your grandfather, Burnett. And it was kind of what I really wanted to be following my experience of Sodor. (sighs) Oh, you'd love it there, Burnett. It's so harmonious and the trains really do talk. Maybe you'll have a chance someday.

Burnett Jr.: What about Diesel 10 and Boomer?

Adult Lily: Well, Sir Topham Hatt learned about Diesel 10's actions, and since The Other Railway gave him to the railway for free, he decided to turn him into a generator for the Steamworks, much like what happened to Smudger on Duke's old railway. As for Boomer, he was arrested by the authorities, extricated back to America, and spent the rest of his life in prison.

Burnett Jr.: And about that penguin, Pingu and the Teletubbies?

Adult Lily: Same thing as Mickey Mouse. Now you get to sleep, young Burnett. (Sighs as Burnett Jr. closes his eyes) And now it's time for me to finish my story.

(Scene cuts back to Shining Time where the magic is all back and Mr. Conductor is back to planting bellflowers, suddenly pulling out an ice cream and eating it. Scene then cuts to the Sodor mountainsides and into view of Henry's Tunnel where Gordon chuffs over the bridge with the express while Henry chuffs past him with a line of freight cars and Percy with the mail train passes by Toby with Mavis pass through one side of the tunnel while James, Emily and Edward pass by each other with goods trains through the other side of the tunnel. At Tidmouth Sheds, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Mickey Mouse look at flowers whilst Pingu, Ant and Dec play darts. At Brendam Docks, Dory and Nia play volleyball. Bertie zooms by George and honks as George toots his whistle at him back and Harold hovers over in the sky)

(The scene cuts to the mainline)

(Thomas chuffs into view with Ashima)

Ashima: Come on, Thomas. Get a move on.

Thomas: I'm coming, Ashima. I'm coming.

Adult Lily: Sometimes, all it takes is a little train to remind us that magic is timeless and always worth the hope of its existence, and that little train today was Thomas. And so, it comes to the happy ending of our story, and it's time for all of us to go home, just like these two.

(Thomas whistles and chuffs out of view with Ashima. Ant, Dec, Pingu, the Teletubbies and Mickey Mouse then come into view)

Ant: Hey, wait for us, Tanks!

Dec: You're forgetting a certain six!

Pingu: Noot noot!

Teletubbies: Run away! Run away!

Mickey Mouse: Let's Go!

(The scene fades to black. But after a few seconds,  a spotlight turns on and the CGI animated bluebird peeks out and flies to the center of the dark stage. The bluebird then looks at the audience.)

Bluebird: Oh, hi, everyone. You're still here. Didn't Lily told you to go home like Thomas the Tank Engine and Ashima the Indian Engine? Well, for some of you who want to see the credits can stay here. As for the rest of you, go home right now. Okay, I should get going now. See ya next time, everybody. Bye!

Thomas: (narrating as the camera continues to truck out, ending with the silhouettes and the theater seats) Well, that's it. The big wrap-up, the happy ending, the grand finale.

James: (whimpering) It's over already?

Thomas: Well, James. That's the thing about endings. They come at the end.

James: (brightening) Ooh, can we watch it again?

Thomas: James, we just saw it. Maybe tomorrow.

Percy: {entering in silhouette} Hey, what are you guys doing? (gasps as she sees the screen) You didn't tell me you were watching the movie! I wanna watch too!

Thomas: Percy, we just finished. Show's over.

Percy: Well, you're just gonna have to rewind it! (She grabs James's remote and begins rewinding.)

Thomas: (pained) Percy!

Percy: (calling offscreen) Gordon! We're gonna watch the movie!

Thomas: (despairing) Oh, no!

Gordon: (entering, carrying a box of popcorn) Hey, I brought extra butter.

Henry: (entering, walking along the seatbacks) Hey, you guys are watching the movie?

Toby: (entering, carrying a box of chocolate) Any story worth telling is worth telling twice.

Edward: (entering, carrying a box of marshmallow) Don't suppose you got room for more engines.

Lightning McQueen: Incoming best friends!

Cal Weathers: Out of the way!

Bobby Swift: Yeeeeeaaaah!

Thomas: What are you doing here, you guys?

Brick Yardley: We're just here to see the movie.

Lightning McQueen: Can all our stock car friends come in, Thomas?

Thomas: Sure. At least it's them and the toys and nobody else.

Lightning McQueen: Great. Come on in, guys.

(Brian Spark, Phil Tankson, Bruce Miller, Ponchy Wipeout Darren Leadfoot, Todd Marcus, Dirkson D'Agostino, Floyd Mulvihill, Ernie Gearson, Parker Brakeston, Rev Roadages, Murray Clutchburn, Markus Krankzler, Reb Meeker, T.G. Castlenut, Carl Clutchen, Dud Throttleman, Jack DePost, Rex Revler, Tommy Highbanks, Ralph Carlow, Steve iCar Dino Draftsky, Buck Bearingly, Ricky Axler, Chip Gearings, Jimmy Cables, Lane Locke, Terry Kargas, Speedy Comet and Bobby Roadtesta come in)

Thomas: Tuh. 35 stock cars. What could possibly go wrong, eh, Pingu?

Voice box: "Reach... for the skyyyyy."

Thomas: Oh. You know that this is a cinema, Woody.

Woody: Sorry, Thomas. I couldn't help it.

Jessie: Watch out, cowboy!

Woody: Whoa. Jessie.

(Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Rex and the Aliens come into view)

Jessie: Yee-haw!

Woody: Ha ha ho.

(Buzz comes into view riding on Bullseye)

Buzz: Hop on, cowboy.

Woody: Thanks, Buzz.

(The silhouette of Mickey Mouse walks in and sits down.)

Thomas: What the...

(Snow White comes in, followed by the Dwarfs, The Prince, and the Evil Queen.)

Snow White: Oh, excuse me...

Happy: 'Scuse me.

Sneezy: 'Scuse me.

Doc: 'Scuse me.

Sleepy: 'Scuse me.

Bashful: 'Scuse me.

Grumpy: 'Scuse me.

The Prince: 'Scuse me.

The Evil Queen: Get outta the way.

Thomas: Who is this crowd?

(The Genie flies in and sits down in the middle, followed by Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu on the flying carpet; Belle, the Beast, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip, Lady and the Tramp, Minnie Mouse, Pete, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Launchpad McQuack, Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Gopher, Kanga, Roo, Lumpy, Mama Heffalump, Christopher Robin, Beaver, Darby, Buster, Turtle, Porcupine and Ferdinand the Bull are also seated in this row.)

Thomas: Hey, down in front!

(In another row, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, Goofy, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland, and Donald Duck are sitting; Stitch from Lilo and Stitch crawls down the wall and jumps from head to head until he gets to a vacant seat.)

Stitch: Oho!

Goofy: Gawrsh!

Stitch: Aloha!

Donald Duck: (unintelligible squawking; he makes fists at Stitch)

(In still another row, Quasimodo, Hugo, Victor, and Laverne from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Rapunzel and Flynn Flyer from Tangled, Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera from The Jungle Book, Terk from Tarzan, Dumbo from Dumbo, Aurora, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty, Br'er Bear from Song of the South, Tom and Jerry, Tyke and Spike, Betty Boop, Popeye, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Scrat, Manny, Sid, Diego, Buck, Scratte, Crash, Eddie, Ellie, Peaches, Shira, Granny, Fast Tony - "Ice Age series", Blu, Jewel, Pedro, Rafael, Luis, Nigel, Nico, Eduardo, Roberto, Bia, Carla, Tiago "Rio", Rodney Copperbottom, Fender, Piper Pinwheeler, Crank Casey, Lug, Voice Box at Hardware Store, Wonderbot - "Robots", MK, Mub, Grub - "Epic", Krysta, Pips, Zach, Batty, Hexxus, Richard Tyler, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, The Pagemaster, Avatar, Elinore, Weehawk, Necron 99/Peace, Blackwolf, Teegra, Taro, Nekron, Darkwolf, Larn, Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, Camel with The Wrinkled Knees, Babette, Captain Contagious, Queasy, King Koo Koo, Anya, Dimitri, Vladimir, Pooka, Dowager Empress, Rasputin, Bartok, Cale Tucker, Akima, Joseph Korso, Gune, Preed, Stith, The Drej Queen, Mr. F.F. Fox, Mrs. Felicity Fox, Ash Fox, Kristofferson Silverfox, Kylie Sven Opossum, Clem Badger, Rat, Coach Skip, Bean, Boggis, Bunce, Jay Sherman, Allen Gregory, Julie, Richard, Jeremy, Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, Larry Littlejunk, Miracle Grove, Baby Merch, Sue Sezno, Stuart Proszakian, Mahammad Sabeeh, Helen Klench, Ennis Hofftard, Andrew LeGustambos, Willard Deutschebog, Garfield, John Arbuckle, Odie, Dr. Liz Wilson, Orson and the rest of the gang at U.S. Acres, Bobby Generic, Howie Generic, Martha Generic, Kelly Generic, Derek Generic, Uncle Ted, Roger, The Mask, Richie Rich, Professor Keenbean, Regina Rich, Gloria, PeeWee, Reggie, Richard Rich, Cadbury, Diane, & Dollar, Dan, Chris and Elise (from Dan Vs.), Cro (from Cro), Suzi-X (from Haunted World of El Superbeasto), Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Kimi Finster, Susie Carmichael, Angelica Pickles, Harold Frumpkin, Spike, Fifi, Stu Pickles, Didi Pickles, Chas Finster, Drew Pickles, Charlotte Pickles, Betty DeVille, Kira Finster, Fluffy, Lulu, Lou Pickles, Dil Pickles, Phil and Lil DeVille - 'Rugrats', Ren Hoek, Stimpleton J. Cat, And George Liquor - 'The Ren and Stimpy Show', Rocko (wallaby), Heffer Wolfe, Filburt (turtle), Dr. Hutchison, Spunky, Mr. and Mrs. Bighead -' Rocko's Modern Life', Ickus, Oblina, Krumm, The Gromble - 'Aaahh!!! Real Monsters', Arnold Shortman, Helga G. Pataki, Gerald Johanssen, Phoebe Heyerdahi, Grandpa Phil, Grandma Gertie, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Nadine, Harold Berman, Eugene Horowitz, Lila Sawyer, Sid, Stinky Peterson, Olga Pataki, Peapod Kid, Sheena, Mr. Simons, Miriam Pataki, Big Bob, Marty Green, Iggy, Curly, Oskar Kokoshka, Ernie Potts, Mr Hyunh - 'Hey Arnold!', Loopy, Snizz, Fondue, Larry, Henry and June - 'KaBlam!', SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Sandy Squirrel, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Gary the Snail, Larry the Lobster, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Man Ray, Plankton and Karen - 'SpongeBob SquarePants', Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda, Baby Poof, Sparky The Dog, Vicky, AJ, Chester, Mr. Crocker, Mrs. Crocker, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner, Jorgen, Juandissimo Magnifico, Chompy the Goat, Molly, Dwight, Tootie, Elmer, Sanjay, Francis, Trixie Tang, Veronica, Mark Chang, Foop, Goldie Goldengrow, The Crimson Chin, The Mayor, Sheldon Dinkleburg, Mrs Dinkleburg, The Nega Chin, The Bronze Kneecap, Dark Lasser, and Chip SkyLark from "The Fairly OddParents", Invader Zim, Dib, Gir, Gaz, The Almighty Tallest & Sizz Lorr, Rudy Tabootie, Sophie McNilly, Penny Sanchez, Biclopes, Queen Rapsheeba, and Snap White - 'Chalkzone', Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Keswick, The Chameleon, Bird Brain, Vermious Snaptrap and The Chief - 'T.U.F.F. Puppy', CatDog, Winslow T. Oddfellow, Rancid Rabbit, Lola Caricola, The Greaser Dogs - 'CatDog', Eliza Thornberry, Darwin, Donnie, Marianne Thornberry,Debbie Thornberry, and Nigel Thornberry from "The Wild Thornberrys", Avatar Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Appa, Momo, Iroh, Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula from "Avatar: The Last Airbender", Jimmy Neutron, Goddard, Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez, Cindy Vortex, Libby Folax, Nick Dean, Betty Quinlan, Butch Pakovski, Professor Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgoeus, King Goobot V, Ooblar, Baby Eddie, Eustace Strych, Hugh Neutron, Judy Neutron, Sam Melvick, Emperor, Dorkus, Pinter, Doppy, Aseefa, Mr. Nesmith, Chock Chock, and OomLout from "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" and "Planet Sheen", Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin, Amon, Chief Lin Beifong, Hiroshi Sato, Asami Sato, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Pema, Naga, and Pabu from "The Legend of Korra", Robot, Monster, Marf, Gart, JD, Spitfire, and Ogo from "Robot and Monster", Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Jack Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Dash Baxter, Paulina, Kwan, Star, Valerie Gray, Vlad Masters/Plasmius, Box Ghost, Lunch Lady Ghost, Skulker, Technus, Desiree, Ember, Spectra, Bertrand, Fright Knight, Dora Mattingly, Klemper, Walker, Johnny 13, Kitty, Youngblood, Sidney Poindexter, Pariah Dark, Femalien, Terminatra, Nightmerica, Hotep-Ra, Lydia, Vortex, Nocturne, Undergrowth, Amorpho, Pandora, Frostbite, and Dani Phantom, Manny Rivera/El Tigre, Frida Suárez, Rodolfo Rivera/White Pantera, Grandpapi/Puma Loco, Maria Rivera/Plata Peligrosa from El Tigre, Fanboy and Chum Chum - 'Fanboy and Chum Chum', Otis, Pip, Pig, Freddy, Peck, Miles, Dag, Maddy, Daisy, Bessy, Duke, Etta and the Jersey Cows from "Barnyard: The Original Party Animals", Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, Lily, Rita, Lynn Sr., Clyde, Bobby, and Ronnie Anne from The Loud House, Tak, Lok, Tlaloc, Jibolba, Dead Juju, Caged Juju, Flora, Moon Juju and JB from "Tak And The Power of Juju", Dexter, Dee Dee, Mom, Dad, Mandark, Honeydew, Monkey, Silver Spooner, Johnny Bravo, Mama Bravo, Little Suzy, Carl, Pops, Julie Herschbaum, Cow, Chicken, The Red Guy, The Kids Next Door and DCFDTL, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Professor Utonium, Ms. Keane, Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, The Amoeba Boys, The Gangreen Gang, Princess Morbucks, Mayor, Him, Courage the Cowardly Dog , Muriel, Eustace, Chowder, Mung, Daal Truffles, Schnitzel, Panini, Endive, Gazpacho, Gorgonzola, Ceviche, Pate, Mordecai & Rigby (from Regular Show), Benson Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, Starla, High Five Ghost, Margaret, Eileen, Mr. Maellard, Death (Regular Show), Gary (Regular Show), God of Baskitball, Guardians of the Eternal Youth, Techmo, Sensai (Regular Show), Baby Ducks, Don (Regular Show), Dr. Henry, Flapjack, Knuckles, Bubbie, Peppermint Larry, Mike, Lu, Og, LancelotLancelot, Ed Edd n Eddy, The Kanker Sisters, Johnny 2x4, Plank, Sarah, Jimmy, Kevin, Rolf, Nazz, Eddy's Brother, Sonic & Tails (Sonic Boom), Knuckles, Amy, Sticks The Jungle Badger, Dr. Eggman, Billy, Mandy, Grim, Nergal, Nergal Jr, Eris, Harold, Irwin, Fred Fredburger, Jeff The Spider, Hector Con Carne, Boskov, Skarr, Hoss Delgado, Count Dracula, Pud'n, Mindy, And Gladys, Ben Gwen Kevin Grampa, Max Vilgax, Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicon, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Lumpy Space Princess, The Ice King, Flame Princess, Peppermint Buttler, Gunter, Tree Trunks, King of Ooo, Sunny, Li'l D, Madison, Philly Phil, Eddie, Tamika, Kim and Kam (from Class of 3000), Lazlo, Raj, Clam, Sampson, Edward, Steer Scoutmaster, Slinkman, Scoutmaster Lumpus, Ms. Doe, Chip and Skip, Dave, Ping Pong, Patsy, Nina, Gretchen, and Almondine (from Camp Lazlo), Adam, Jake, Windsor, Slips, Lupe, Ingrid, Henry, Kerry, Principal Pixiefrog, and Mrs. Warthog (from My Gym Partner's A Monkey), Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie, Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, Jackie Khones, Duchess, Terrence, Goo, Uncle Pockets, and Cheese (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), Ami, Yumi, Kaz, Jang Keng, and Tekirai (from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi), Alfe, Roba, and Horace(The Problem Solverz), The Wattersons (Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard, Nicole), Penny, Carrie, Teri, Molly, Leslie, Masami, Carmen, Alan, Tina, Jamie, Anton, Bobert, Ocho, Idaho, Banana Joe, Tobias, Juke, Clayton, Hector, William, Principal Brown, Miss Simian, Mr. Small, Rocky Robinson, Mr. Gaylord Robinson, Margaret Robinson, The Eggheads, Rob, Rachel, the Doughnut Sheriff, Larry, and Sal Left Thumb (The Amazing World of Gumball), Rikochet, Buena Girl, The Flea, Pulgita, Masked Dog, Penny Plutonium, El Malefico, Masked Toilet, Misterioso Grande, Chinche, Snowpea, Cindy Slim, French Twist, El Rey, Abuelito, and Timmy Of A 1,000 Masks, El Nino Loco, Calavera Muerto (Mucha Lucha) (Originally from Kid's WB!), Juniper Lee, Jasmine Lee, Ray Ray Lee, Monroe (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee), Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve (Uncle Grandpa), Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and a Centipeetle (Steven Universe), Clarence, Jeff, Sumo, Mrs. Baker, Chad, Mary, Chelsea, Belson (Clarence) Wirt, Gregory, Beatrice, Greg's frog, Sarah, and The Woodsman (Over the Garden Wall), Jonesy Garcia, Caitlin Cookie, Wyatt Williams, Jen Masterson, Jude Lizowski, Starr, The Clones, Marlowe, Serena, Tricia, Mandy, Gwen, Coach Halder, Ron the Rent-A-Cop, Yummy Mummy, Stanley (6teen), Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, the Revenge of the Island Contestants, the veteran Total Drama Contestants, the Pahkitew Island Contestants, the Ridonculous Race Contestants, Reef, Fin McClould, Emma, Broseph, Lo Ridgemount, Jonny, Wipeout, Sonny and Buster (Stoked), Kai, Jay, Nya, Lord Garmadon, Sensei Wu- (from Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu), Eric, Trevor, Vana, and Kitty Ko (Sidekick), Grojband members: (Corey, Laney, Kin, and Kon), Trina, and Mina (Grojband), He-Man/Prince Adam, Men-at-Arms, Teela, Cringer/Battle Cat, Stratos, Orko, Zodac, Man-E-Faces, and Ram Man (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe), Bravestarr, Thirty-Thirty, Deputy Fuzz, and Judge J.B. McBride (Bravestarr), Hercules, Mercury, and Astera (Space Sentinels), Fat Albert, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Russell Cosby, Weird Harold, Rudy Davis, and Bucky (Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids), She-Ra (She-Ra: Princess of Power), M'Ress and Arex (Star Trek: The Animated Series), Marcia, Greg, Janice, Peter, Cindy, Bobby, Marlon, Moptop, Ping and Pong, Chuck White, Fleetwood, and Babs (The Brady Kids), Miss Tickle and her students (Mission Magic), and Drac, Frankie, Wolfie, Hagatha, Bella La Ghostly, Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, Mummy, Boneapart, Ghoulihand, Batso & Ratso, and Hauntleroy (Groovie Goolies) sit at opposite ends of the row; Peter Pan flies in, followed by Tinker Bell, and imitates a rooster's crow. The Lost Boys all pile in, shouting. Switch to Thomas' row, where he's holding two large bodies apart to keep them from squashing him.)

Thomas: Watch it! {straining} Unnnh!

(Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie(Biker Mice from Mars), Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Acree, and Bulkhead (Transformers Prime), Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Spike, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle - "My Little Pony", Aladar, and MZ/X (The Mezga Family), Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid), and Weegee squeeze together, and Thomas squirts out from between them like a watermelon seed. He lands next to James as the movie, still rewinding, nears the beginning.)

Thomas: (resigned) Okay, buddy. You win.

James: Sure you don't mind?

Thomas: (sincere) Thomas, I don't care.

Buzz: Shh.

James: What?

Buzz: Sorry, James.

Thomas: Uh. James... I still don't do so well in crowds.

James: I know, Thomas.

(Popcorn dropping is heard)

Thomas: What the... 

Ant: Ohh, Dec.

Dec: Sorry. I couldn't help it. It was an accident.

Ant: It's okay, Dec. Well, I guess. To make up for it, Dec... Let's go to the best seats in the cinema.

Dec: Watch it! {straining} Unnnh!

Ant: Excuse me, bud. (Strains) We're almost at the... unnnh. Top of the cinema... (A foil ball hits Dec) Stephen.

Dec: What was that all that about?

Stephen Mulhern: I'm just only playing.

Ant: Just playing? I'll get Woody on ya in a minute.

Woody: Yeah. Watch it, Mulhern.

Dec: Right. Well, at least we're at the top.

(Ant and Dec join Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Emily, Ashima, Nia, Rebecca, Pingu, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po at the top of the cinema. They sit in the center of Thomas and Ashima) 

Ant: Can Dec have some of your popcorn please, Thomas?

Thomas: Yeah. Sure, Ant.

Ashima: You can have some of my popcorn as well, Dec.

Dec: Aww. Thanks, Ashima.

Mr. Potato Head: Hey! Will you get on with it?! Will you two dummies hurry it up?

Dec: Okay. Okay. Huh

Ant: Calm down, Potato Head.

Woody: Do you guys want some popcorn?

Hamm: Sure.

Mr. Potato Head: Hey, I'd to pay extra.

Rex: I don't mind it.

Slinky Dog: I love a bit of popcorn.

(Someone pulls Woody's pull-string voice box)

Voice Box: "Somebody's poisoned the water hole."

Woody: Oh. Come on, Buzz.

Buzz Lightyear: It's alright, Woody. Just wanting a bit of popcorn.

Nia: Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do in this cinema.

Ant: Yes. There is.

Dec: If it can work.

The Duo: Roll the titles.

(The scene fades to black)

(The credits start)

(Really Useful Engine plays)

Also starring

Nick Palatas

Sean Hayes

Drew Barrymore

Yvonne Grundy

Anthony McPartlin

Declan Donnelly

Nicolas Cage

David Tennant

Jim Broadbent

Chris Diamantopoulos

David Thomason

John Simmit

Nikky Smedley

Pui Fan Lee

Mara Wilson

Directed by Robert Zemeckis and Britt Allcroft

Produced by Phil Fehrle, Adam Sandler and Brent Baum

(The Locomotion plays)

Music By Elton John, Tim Rice, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Alan Silvestri, Mike O'Donnell, Junior Campbell, Ed Welch, Robert and Peter Hartshorne, Chris Renshaw, Danny Elfman, David Newman, John Williams, John Debney, Michael Giacchino, Randy Newman, Thomas Newman and William Kevin Anderson

Based on the Railway Series by Rev. W Awdry

Written by Andrew Brenner and Josh Klausner

Narrated by Anne Hathaway


(In order of appearance)


Mr. Conductor - Alec Baldwin

Patch - Nick Palatas

Billy Twofeathers - John Leguizamo

Burnett Stone - Owen Wilson

Teenage Burnett - Josh Hutcherson

Young Burnett - Owen Vaccaro

PT Boomer - Nicolas Cage

Young Boomer - Scott McCord

Tasha - Anna Sophia Robb as Tasha

Young Tasha - Scarlett Estevez as Young Tasha

Ant - Anthony McPartlin

Dec - Declan Donnelly

Junior - David Tennant

Stacy - Jennifer Lawrence

Sir Topham Hatt - Keith Wickham

Lily - Kate Melton

Lily's Dad - Sean Hayes

Lily's Mom - Drew Barrymore

Adult Lily - Anne Hathaway

Adult Patch - Crispin Glover

The Trains

Standard guage

Thomas - Daniel Radcliffe

Diesel 10 - Neil Crone

Ashima - Tina Desai

Gordon - Ringo Starr

Percy - Keith Wickham

James - Rob Rackstraw

Emily - Kath Soucie

Nia - Yvonne Grundy

Duck - Steven Kynman

Oliver - Joe Mills

Rebecca - Rachael Miller

Henry - Hugh Laurie

Lady - Mara Wilson

Toby - Jim Broadbent

Edward - Rowan Atkinson

Narrow gauge

Duncan - Tom Stourton

Mighty - Matthew Lillard

Mac - Breckin Meyer

Rheneas - John Hasler

Skarloey - Keith Wickham

Peter Sam - Steven Kynman

Diesel engines

Rusty - Matt Wilkinson

Mavis - Emma Watson

Diesel - Tim Curry

Daisy - Helena Bonham Carter

Arry - Joe Pesci

Bert - Daniel Stern

Splatter - Thomas F. Wilson

Dodge - Seth MacFarlane


Teletubbies - David Thomason, John Simmit, Nikky Smedley, Pui Fan Lee

Mickey Mouse - Chris Diamantopoulos

Pingu - Marcello Magni

Bluebird - Tom Kenny

Ace - Peter Andre

Tow Mater - Larry the Cable Guy

Lightning McQueen - Owen Wilson

Nemo - Hayden Rolance

Dory - Ellen DeGeneres

Marlin - Albert Brooks

Annie and Clarabel - Shelley-Elizabeth Skinner

George - David Bradley

Harold - Kerry Shale

Bertie - Keith Wickham

Trevor - Nigel Pilkington

Elizabeth - Jennifer Saunders

Tumbleweed - Tom Hanks

Cranky - Matt Wilkinson

Carly - Lucy Montgomery

Henrietta - Maggie Ollerenshaw

Additional Voices

Woody - Tom Hanks

Buzz Lightyear - Tim Allen

Jessie - Joan Cussack

Stephen Mulhern - Stephen Mulhern

Snow White - Carolyn Gardner

Bashful - Jeff Bennett

Grumpy - Corey Burton

Happy - Kevin Schon

Doc - Bill Farmer

Sleepy - Bill Farmer

Sneezy - Bob Joles

Mr. Potato Head - Don Rickles

Slinky Dog - Blake Clark

Rex - Wallace Shawn

Hamm - John Ratzenberger

Sam Moran

Jeff Fatt

Greg Page

Anthony Field

Murray Cook

Paul Paddick

Keith Scott

Alexander Gould

Ringo Starr

Doug Walker

Stephen Mulhern

John Bellis

Robert Zemeckis

Britt Allcroft

Matthew Lillard

Hugh Dancy

Ben Stiller

Tobey Maguire

Dane Cook

Daniel Craig

David Thewlis

Gary Oldman

Colin Firth

Rupert Everett

Steven Kynman

Keith Wickham

Bob Golding

Stephen Fry

Nicola Stapleton

James May

Hugh Bonneville

Lucy Montgomery

Stephen Mangan

David Tennant

Grey DeLisle

Pierce Brosnan

Julie Walters

Jim Cummings

Eddie Redmayne

Michael Keaton

Mark Moraghan

Ted Robbins

Simon Shelton

Michael Angelis

Jeremy London

Rufus Jones

Jonathan Broadbent

Rob Rackstraw

Tim Whitnall


Shining Time

Performed by 


Performed by Audiofreaks and Jenna Donnelly

How the Moon Must Feel

Performed by Dyana Manning Some Things Never Leave You

Performed by Joe Henry

Really Useful Engine

Performed by Steven Page and vocals

The Locomotion

Performed by Atomic Kitten

In Loving Memory: Simon Shelton. 1966 - 2018

You have bought inspiration to the BBC children's show Teletubbies

Hopefully David Thomason pulls off an amazing performance for the rest Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends like you did in Teletubbies

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