Thomas and the Swan is the sixth episode of Season 32


Sir Topham Hatt buys Koko and Payce for his railway to help with the express. Percy is worried that having them racing down the line will scare some of the wildlife, but Thomas tells him not to be so silly. Thomas likes animals, but doesn't take much notaice of them. But one morning, Thomas sees something on the tracks. He thinks its a newspaper, so doesn't tink about stopping. Suddenly, he sees a neck uncurl and he screeches to a stop. He realises it's a swan and it has a broken wing. Thomas' driver and fireman help it into Thomas' cab where they take it to the nearest station. A vet picks it up and in a few weeks it's flying again. Thomas apologises to Percy and tells him that he has learnt why you should take care of wildlife.

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Thomas and the Swan

Written By:

Scwatch: No. 2

Air Date:

October 13th 2013 (UK)
October 20th 2013 (US)

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Tender Engines

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Salty and Mavis

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