Thomas and the Missing Coaches is the first ever episode of Tales on the rails, a series by Kylebros128. It was created on the 16th September 2019.


Thomas is a tank engine who works on a branchline on the island of Sodor. He works very hard, all day and night. Although he is a good little engine, he also causes mischief and makes fun of the bigger engines, like Henry and Gordon.

Thomas worked with his two coaches Annie and Clarabel, who dislike Thomas's rude ways, but they are still good friends. Thomas's crew work just hard, navigating him and helping him prepare for his journeys. They were a brilliant team.

One day, Thomas was at the biggest station on Sodor, Knapford Station. He was teasing Gordon the big engine.

Thomas: Hello, fat face, what's that smell?

Gordon: What smell?

Thomas: It's you!

And Thomas puffed away laughing, leaving Gordon fuming.

Gordon: Oh, the indignity.

Thomas went to the yard to fetch his coaches, and found his friend Percy the small engine shunting.

Thomas: Hello Percy, have you seen Annie and Clarabel?

Percy: Yes, i'll go get them for you.

And Percy disappeared. A few seconds later he appeared again, pushing Thomas's two coaches.

Annie: Good morning Thomas.

Thomas: Morning Annie. Morning, Clarabel.

Thomas was coupled up to Annie and Clarabel and he went back to Knapford Station.

That evening when Annie and Clarabel were sitting in the yard, Duck the Great Western Engine was shunting late. Duck liked shunting. It pleased him very much. Unfortunately the sky turned dark quickly, and Duck's headlamp wasn't working. Duck hoped he didn't make a mistake. So he was very careful and observed the trucks and coaches carefully to see which ones were which. However, it was getting late, and Duck needed to be quick. But he was so busy hurrying, he didn't realise he had mixed Annie and Clarabel with the Express coaches and left.

The next morning, while Gordon was waiting for his coaches, Thomas puffed up by his side.

Thomas: Hello there, lazy bones? Why not work hard for a change like me?

Gordon ignored him and rolled his eyes. Then an engine brought him his coaches. Gordon pulled the express, the most important train on the island of Sodor. Important passengers often got on as Gordon would race quickly around the island.

Thomas came to the yard to collect Annie and Clarabel but found Percy worrying.

Thomas: Hello Percy. What's wrong?

Percy: I can't find Annie and Clarabel. They were here yesterday, but they've disappeared. They're nowhere to be seen.

Thomas was worried. It wasn't like his coaches to disappear.

Thomas: Someone must have taken them. But who?

Thomas and Percy left to look for the coaches.

Thomas first looked around the yard where Donald and Douglas worked.

Donald: Good mornin' Thomas.

Douglas: What are you doin', puffin' around in a rush?

Donald: Ye remind me of a wee engin' back in Scotland. Denzel, 'is name was.

Douglas: Aye. A fine young engine. He was jus' like you.

Thomas: Yes, that is very interesting, but I wondered if you've seen Annie and Clarabel anywhere.

Douglas: Sorry, but we havn' seen neither.

So Thomas continued his search.

Percy found James at Maithwaite Station.

James: I haven't seen any coaches. Thomas should be more responsible and look after his coaches properly.

So Percy went to look some more.

The two engines looked in every place they could think of, from the darkest tunnels to the highest hills.

Percy: I give up.

Thomas: We can't find them anywhere.

Suddenly Gordon puffed into the station rudely.

Gordon: Move aside and watch a big engine at work.

Thomas and Percy watched the passengers climb aboard the coaches, then two particular coaches caught his eye.

Thomas: (gasps) Annie and Clarabel!

But before anyone could stop him, Gordon left the station chanting:

Gordon: Hurry, hurry, hurry! (Gordon's theme plays)

Thomas: Gordon, come back!

Thomas began to give chase to the racing engine, who was already a great distance ahead. Gordon was one of the fastest engines on Sodor and Thomas was unable to catch up. Before long, Gordon was a mere dot in the distance.

Thomas's driver: Come on, Thomas. Gordon's next stop is Knapford Station. We can take a shortcut to get there.

So Thomas took a shortcut down another line. He raced as fast as he could until he saw Knapford Station ahead, and Gordon was just arriving. The blue tank engine puffed into the station in time.

Gordon was surprised to see Thomas there. Thomas's driver told Gordon's driver what had happened. Annie and Clarabel were uncoupled, tired and confused. Thomas took them back to the yard, where they had rest, and the next day they were back on schedule. I hope Thomas doesn't loose them again. Don't you?

Major events

  • Many engines make their debut
  • Knapford Station first appears


  • .Thomas
  • .Gordon
  • .James
  • .Percy
  • .Donald
  • .Douglas
  • .Duck (doesn't speak)
  • .Oliver (not named;doesn't speak)
  • .Henry (mentioned)
  • .Denzel (mentioned)


  • .This is the first episode of Tales on the rails
  • .According to Kylebros128, the engine who brought Gordon his coaches was Oliver
  • .Henry was supposed to have a role in this episode, but was replaced by James at the last minute
  • .This is the only episode of Season 1 where Sir Topham Hat does not appear or is not mentioned
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