“Hi Gordon! Bye Gordon!”

Thomas the Jet Engine, retitled Thomas and the Jet Engine in some releases, is the twenty-fourth episode of the sixth series.


Thomas is excited about getting the Jet Engine ready for testing. He now wishes he could go faster than Gordon.

Thomas is very excited when he arrives at the junction and is soon ready to leave, but the scientists are taking their times. Thomas tells them that he needs to go. But his driver tells him not to go until Gordon passes by. When the experiment is ready, the scientist carelessly turns the jet engine on with his remote control. The jet engine is soon rocketing Thomas along the track. Thomas' driver tries to apply the brakes, but Thomas cannot stop.

Signals are changed and points are switched for the runaway Thomas, who is very excited and soon flies by James, his slip coaches, Henry and Percy, who are all very amazed. When Bertie sees Thomas, he asks him if he would like to have a race, but when Thomas whooshes past him, Bertie quickly reconsiders. Gordon, who is pulling the Express, does not know Thomas is racing on the main line. Soon Thomas whooshes past Gordon, who is very surprised.

At last, Thomas derails and comes to a stop in a field as the jet engine explodes. No one is injured. The Fat Controller arrives on Douglas, who comes with the Breakdown Train to put Thomas back on the rails. The scientist convince him for his batteries were dead in the remote control. Although the Fat Controller still has to admit that there are no more jet engines because they're too dangerous.

Thomas is soon repaired and returns back to work, he steams gently into Knapford and teases Gordon by saying that he is the fastest engine. Henry agrees, Thomas learns that he will never go on high speeds again. And Gordon tells him that the jet engines don't run on railways and also fumes away.



  • Crosby Tunnel
  • Knapford
  • Elsbridge
    • Elsbridge Yard
      • The Carriage Shed
      • Elsbridge Engine Sheds
  • Lower Tidmouth
  • Crosby
  • Dryaw
  • The Watermill
  • Maron
  • Gordon's Hill
  • The Viaduct


  • Stock footage from Bye George! and Gordon Takes a Tumble is used.
  • This is the first time that Knapford Station is referred to by name in the television series.
  • Inspiration for this episode could have come from the rocket-powered rail-sleds used by the United States Air Force.
  • This is the second episode to have a rendition of the runaway theme combined with the William Tell Overture (Finale), the first being Busy Going Backwards.
  • In the episode itself, Thomas is smiling when he races past Lower Tidmouth, but in a promotional photo, he looks shocked.
  • The shot of the Jet Engine being lowered on to the tracks appears to be a reverse shot of it going up.
  • Some shots of Thomas with the Jet Engine are sped up.
  • Three posters at Knapford read "Allicia Botti in Concert Tonight at the Castle."
  • Toad's scrap model from Escape to Little Western can be seen in one of the shots of Thomas racing out of the Docks.
  • This episode is also referenced in Marvelous Machines.
  • In a picture of Thomas passing Henry on Gordon's Hill, the former is on the left track instead of the middle.
  • Dowager Hatt, Sir Topham Hatt's mother, makes a cameo in the crowd of passengers watching Thomas speed by Lower Tidmouth. Plus Jeremiah Jobling and a stone-dropping boy too.
  • This is the last appearance of Lower Tidmouth to date.


  • James: Speed isn't everything.
  • Basil, Rose and Harry: Quite agreed.
  • Thomas: But being reliable and useful is.
  • Gordon: You slow engines will never understand, because you'll never go as fast as me.


  • Thomas:  [taken on a wild ride driven by the jet engine] Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa!


  • Bertie: Hey, Thomas, want to race? (Thomas whooshes by) … Uh, never mind.


  • Science Teacher: 3, 2, 1, GO!


  • Thomas: [after his repairs] Hello, Gordon. Sorry for overtaking you back there.
  • Gordon: Uh... overtake me? (chuckles) I didn't notice.
  • Henry: You didn't notice the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor?
  • Thomas: I was definitely the fastest on that day. But I don't think I'll be trying to attain high speeds like that again.
  • Gordon: And jet engines don't run railways, that's what we engines are for! That thing could have sent you flying through a station wall.


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