Thomas and all of his friends have different jobs. Percy pulls the mail. Gordon takes the express. Henry pulls the Flying Kipper. The narrow gauge engines work at the Blue Mountain Quarry. Salty shunts fish trucks at the docks. Edward, James and Emily do the mixed traffic work on the branch line. Toby and Mavis shunt slate cars at the quarry and Thomas has his own branch line. All of Thomas’s friends are good at what they do and don‘t usually need help, but sometimes they fall into situations where they have to ask for help. One day, Sir Topham Hatt met Thomas at Kellsthorpe Station. He had bad news.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Thomas. The narrow gauge engines are out of coal. there is not a coal loader in sight so you must take some coal to the Blue Mountain Quarry. Rusty will meet you there with some trucks to take the coal in.

THOMAS: Yes, Sir! The narrow guage engines are my friends. I’ll do what ever I can to help them.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: That’s a good engine! Now off you go. Be really useful.

THOMAS: I will, Sir!

Thomas ran off happily. He loved helping his friends out. Thomas passed Farmer McColl’s farm.

THOMAS: Hello, Farmer McColl! Hello Katie!

KATIE: Woof!

Thomas puffed into the coaling plant. His trucks were already shunted for him. Edward,  James and Hiro were there. They had shunted the trucks into place and they were already full. The three engines were dirty. Thomas was surprised to see that James was still happy.

EDWARD: Don't worry, Thomas! We shunted them for you. I had to prompt James at first, but then he cooperated.

JAMES: After doing it as a punishment for two weeks, I have grown accustomed to it. It was actually kind fun. I should do this more often and let you take the express, Thomas.

Everyone laughed. Just then, Diesel, Arry and Bert came up banging some freight cars. Coal dust flew everywhere.

DIESEL: Are you enjoying it now?


Just then, a new diesel named Brandon, roaded up. Sir Topham Hatt put him in charge of the coaling plant because the coaling plant foreman was out sick. Thomas liked Brandon. He was friendly and had respect for the steamies and would stand for no nonsense from the diesels who were rude to them. He scolded Diesel, Arry and Bert.

BRANDON: Diesel! Arry! Bert! Clean this mess up, now!

Diesel, Arry and Bert snorted.

DIESEL: What if we don’t?

BRANDON: Then I’ll see to it that Sir Topham Hatt sends you away again.

Diesel had remembered the last time he was sent away for showing off. He was scared.

DIESEL: Okay! Okay! We’ll clean it up!

Brandon smiled as Thomas puffed away.

THOMAS: Goodbye Brandon!

BRANDON: Goodbye Thomas! You might want to get checked out. Gordon and Spencer have told me that coal dust in the funnel is bad for a steamie. Okay Edward and James, you’re free to go. I think Diesel, Arry and Bert can handle it from here.


BRANDON: Clean up!


Thomas puffed off. He had an idea.

THOMAS: Maybe more of my friends need help today. I’ll see if they need any help. Yes! Helping is what I always do! I’ll help anyone even you! Hahahahah!

Thomas laughed as he puffed off to the Blue Mountain Quarry. At the Blue Mountain Quarry, it was not busy at all. All the engines were down and the machines and engines were bored. It was so quiet that Merrick fell asleep.

OWEN: When is the work going to get started.

Just then, Thomas came in with the coal.

THOMAS: Here you go. 10 trucks full of fresh coal just for you.

The narrow gauge engines cheered.

SKARLOEY: Thomas I can’t thank you enough, so I won’t even try. You saved us all.

RHENEAS: Now we can work again, even if it means getting my paint scraped.

THOMAS: Helping’s what I always do! I’ll help everyone, even you!

And Thomas puffed off to see if more of his friends needed help. Thomas puffed through the countryside. The sun was showing brightly.

THOMAS: Someone has to be in need of help. All the engines should be out today. After all, it is nice out!

Just then in the distance was a signal. It seemed to Thomas that Gordon was up ahead. He was looking rather upset.

THOMAS: What’s wrong, Gordon!

GORDON: O’ The Indignity! I was going to get my express carriages when I ran out of water. My driver thought that running on a half-tank was okay, but my engine guzzles water too easily. I was to take The Beatles on their tour of Sodor today, but I can’t if I don’t have water.

THOMAS: Don’t worry, Gordon! I’ll push you to the nearest water tower.

Thomas pushed Gordon to the nearest water tower. Gordon filled his tank up with water and this time, it was full.

GORDON: Thank you, Thomas! Out of my way! Express Coming Through!

And Gordon chuffed grandly away.

THOMAS: Helping’s what I always do! I’ll help anyone even you!

Thomas puffed away. Thomas puffed and chuffed around his branch line, until he came to a junction. Thomas saw that Percy had broken down with the mail train.

THOMAS: Are you okay, Percy?

PERCY: Do I look okay? I broke down on the way to make my final delivery at Maithewaite Station.

THOMAS: I’ll take your load there. Then I’ll come back to take you to the Steamworks.

PERCY: Thank you, Thomas!

Thomas puffed off with Percy’s load. Thomas took the load to Maithewaite Station and then took the mail cars back to the Shipping Company. The Foreman was waiting there.

FOREMAN: Thank you, Thomas for bringing back Percy’s mail train. I hear he has broken down.

THOMAS: Helping’s what I always do. I’ll help everyone even you!

Thomas set off to take Percy to the Steamworks. Thomas buffered up in front of Percy and pulled him to the Steamworks. At the Steamworks, Victor was there waiting.

VICTOR: Hello Thomas, my friend! What seems to be the problem?

THOMAS: Percy has broken down, Victor.

VICTOR: You’ve come to the right place. Our good friend Percy will be fixed in a jiff.

Kevin was near by.

KEVIN: Whoops! Almost dropped it.

And he set the part down carefully.

VICTOR: Well done, Kevin!

Kevin was pleased with himself. Sir Topham Hatt walked in.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Thank you, Thomas for taking Percy to the Steamworks. I have some bad news. Diesel has come off the rails. I need you to get Rocky and go get him back on.

Thomas’s boiler sank.

VICTOR: What’s the matter my friend?

THOMAS: Diesel is very mean. He pushed the jobi wood into the sea, tried to break up my friendship with Percy and not too long ago, he got coal dust all over me and my friends. Why should I care if he is off the rails?

PERCY: But when he is off the rails, his chances of being really useful are dull, Thomas. If you were in need, wouldn’t you want his help too?

Thomas thought about Diesel and what Percy had said. Thomas rattled his rods.

THOMAS: You’re right, Percy! I’ll go get Rocky and help Diesel right away.

VICTOR: That’s good, my friend.

Thomas found Rocky at the Sodor Search and Rescue Center.

ROCKY: I hear that Devious Diesel is in distress.

THOMAS: He is, Rocky. We must help him.

Thomas pulled Rocky all the way from the Sodor Search and Rescue Center to Diesel. Diesel was upset.

THOMAS: Having trouble, Diesel?

DIESEL: Just get me back onto the rails, Silly!


Rocky lifted Diesel back onto the rails. The impact from the derailment had busted a cylinder in Diesel’s engine, so Rocky had to lift Diesel onto his flatbed. Thomas then puffed off to the Dieselworks. At the Dieselworks, Den and Dart met them there. Salty was also there

SALTY: Ahoy Diesel!

DIESEL: Hey Salty guess what?

SALTY: What?

DIESEL: i have been rescued by a stinky steamie!

SALTY: That's not true steamies are not stinky!

DIESEL: it was Thomas!

SALTY: Thomas is not stinky. he is very nice

then Salty spoke serverly to Diesel

SALTY: Diesel you'd better stop being mean to steamies!

DIESEL: why?

SALTY: because that are not stinky!

DIESEL: Not even Thomas?

SALTY: Not at all!

SALTY: Diesel i have a plan for you!. once you have been repaired you will say sorry to Thomas!

DIESEL: why?

SALTY: because he is a good guy!


DEN: Hello, Diesel! We will fix you now!

DART: What Den means to say is that we will have you fixed in no time.

Rocky lifted Diesel off of the flatbed and Thomas puffed off with Rocky. He dropped Rocky off at the Search and Rescue Center and chugged off to Tidmouth Sheds. Sir Topham Hatt met him there.

SIR TOPHAM HATT: Well done, Thomas. Thanks to you, the narrow gauge engines are working, Gordon has taken One Direction on their tour and the mail has been delivered and Duncan,Percy and Diesel are fixed. You are a really useful engine.

Thomas beamed proudly.


  • Adam Hicks as Thomas
  • Kerry Shale as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Carlos Pena Jr. as Edward
  • James Maslow as James
  • T.I. as Diesel
  • Rupert Grint as Arry and Bert
  • Brandon Walker (Myself) as Brandon
  • Clive Swift as Owen
  • Niall Horan as Skarloey
  • Alan Rickman as Rheneas
  • Logan Henderson as Gordon
  • Jake T. Austin as Percy
  • Simon Cowell as the foreman
  • Wilmer Valderrama as Victor
  • Adam Sandler as Kevin
  • Billy Ray Cyrus as Rocky
  • Keith Wickham as Den
  • Rupert Degas as Dart


  • The British band, The Beatles, really exists.
  • This is my first story and it was completely made up.
  • Flasbacks from Misty Island Rescue and Day of the Diesels are seen.


  • It is impossible that there would not be coal bunkers at the Blue Mountain Quarry. Rusty could have easily gotten the coal from one of them. '
  • Diesel's derailment would have not been enough to burst a cylinder in his engine.
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