Timothy is the third episode of Before & After The Adventure Begins: The Prequel Series.


In March 1915, a new engine arrives, only to have a 'death'.


  • Some fans, such as Thomas1Edward2Henry3, don't consider Timothy the Ghost Train canon to the Thomas & Friends fandom for several reasons. One is because Timothy never appeared in The Railway Series and

the TV series. In one episode of T1E2H3's 'The Engines of Sodor', Sir Topham Hatt states to Thomas and Percy that the story was written by someone on the internet who didn't have anything better to do, and that it was made to seem like it actually happened. Other Thomas fans like Kanefan701 had adapted the story into a feature-length film, 'Ghost Train: The Untold Story of Timothy', which was a success and was followed by two sequels, 'Horror on the Kirk Ronan Branch' and 'Ghost Train II: The Clinchfield Curse', which were also successes to Thomas fans.

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