Timothy is an Ghost Engine 0-6-0, Just Like Thomas, because he is her brother, but he become a Villain, and also, Professor Z from Cars 2 and the Steals of King Godred Crown work for he, and it's the real Identy of Grogar from MLP:FiM.


Timothy was born in April 10 of 1912, Along with Thomas, he want to be an Really Useful Engine, but their Controller (Who only likes Monneih) give all of the works to Thomas because the people Pay for travel in Thomas, so he decide to do an evil thing... Burn the Museum...

When Thomas do the Tour for the Tourist, he see persons running away from the Museum, because it was in Fire, Thomas was disacoupled from her Coaches and go to the Burning Museum, inside, he see a lot of things Falling Apart, and he see her Brother, Timothy, this last tell Thomas that an Innocent Kid called James Farr is catched, so he have 2 options, get out of the Museum and leave the Kid or Get the Kid out of the Museum and die, but Thomas decie the second Option, but he was saved, but Timothy wasn't, so he died, but he want to destroy Thomas, buuuut James Farr use the Phantom Zone projector to leave he to the Phantom Zone, but Timothy want revenge...

Days later, Thomas tell her friends what happened to Timothy, and they Promise don't tell nobody of that, because nobody knows what will happen if an Timtohy sidesick know the secret...

Timothy pass so much years encarcelted in the Phantom Zone, but in 2013, he said to Tirek destroy Equestria and found the Elements of Harmony because that and other 8 elements, make he Free, but Thomas stop he.

In 2019, Timothy say to some guys to steal the King Godred's Crown, but Toby stop him, Timothy was so sick of that, so he contrat Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, King Shadow and Cozy Glow, and he posseed an old Monster called Grogar, but the Plan fail... Yet again, so he Fight with the Mane 7, Spike and Sunset Shimmer but he lose and it's revealed as Timothy, and he expulsed the Ponies out of her place.

In 15' July of the same year, Timothy escape from the Phantom Zone thanks to the idiot of Diesel 10, and he launch Diesel 10 to an Florida Beach, and he with her league of villains go to destroy Sodor, Timothy defeat Thomas, but later, he become OpThomas Supreme and defeat Timothy.

Timothy pass her rest of her eternal life launching villains to defeat Thomas, but it's usually everything the Contrary, so one day, in 3017, he goes to Kill The Tank Engine, buuuuuuut Thomas become OpThomas Ultimate and defeat it, but killing he in the intent, so everyone is now happy... except Timothy who lives in a... ??????


  • Timothy is one of the most powerful villains in the TV Shows
    • Also, Timothy is one of the classic Evil Characters who is tried to be oculted by her Rivals.
      • Double Also: Timothy is actually the only villain who is trying to make her enemy gets Killed


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    Take' n' Play

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