Toy and the Light Rail Train is the fith episode of the fiveteenth season of Thomas and Friends Fanfic.



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Toby is a Old engine who’s bell shines like SILVER. He is both squear in looks and nature. Every engine no matter how old, wants to be Really Useful and once nearly being scrapped, Toby is always Sad to work. Well, this day was a day that Toby was able to make that happen. Diesel, Jaakko, Sidney,Norman, Dennis, Paxton, Den,Dart,Splatter,Dodge,Arry and Bert have been behaving themselves lately, so The Railway Manager decided to allow the twelve brothers to pull coaches on Toby’s line as passengers on his line were growing leaps and bounds. But the way Jaakko was talking to Toby at Maron Station, you might have thought that The Railway Manager did this for a different reason.

JAAKKO: You don’t understand, Toby! We diesels are “revolutionary” and have a position to keep up. The Railway Manager degrading diesels like this by making us work on the branch line. It’s…….It’s…..well it’s not the proper thing.

Toby didn’t answer and chugged away. Later that night, the twelve Class 08s had an indignation meeting in their twelve spaced shed.

JAAKKO: It’s a shame to treat diesels like this. The steamies work hard and get the privilege of pulling special trains such as the express and the flying kipper. We work hard and what do we get promoted to doing? Pulling old passenger trains on the branch line. It’s disgraceful. Ugh! Listen you two! We’ll do it tomorrow! The Railway Manager will look stupid.

The next morning, there was chaos at Tidmouth Station. The passengers began to complain. The stationmaster came and spoke to The Railway Manager about what had happened.

STATIONMASTER: It’s a riot in the station. Diesel, Jaakko, Norman, Dennis, Sidney, Paxton, Den, Dart, Splatter, Dodge,Arry and Bert are sulking. There is no train and the passengers are saying this is a bad railway.

RAILWAY MANAGER: Over my living body! We aren’t having that happen.

Diesel, Jaakko, Norman, Dennis, Sidney, Paxton, Den,Dart, Splatter,Dodge, Arry and Bert refused to move.

RAILWAY MANAGER: Come on, Paxton. It’s your turn to do the first train.

PAXTON: Uh…..well……..I

JAAKKO: Sir i think Paxton is tired

DIESEL: Paxton is chase you!

ARRY AND BERT: Paxton’s not going! We won’t work on branch lines like common steam engines do. That’s what engines like Thomas, Percy and Toby are for. We are revolutionary diesels. We want to pull grand trains like the express and the flying kipper.

DODGE:i agree with that

SPLATTER:i also agree with that i always agree with my brother and my sister Mavis

RAILWAY MANAGER: where is Mavis?

SPLATTER: at the Scrappyard!

RAILWAY MANAGER: she is being scrapp!

SALTY: even i agree with that

DEN: We won’t….uh well…..what i mean is

DART: What Den means is that Diesel’s don’t work on branch lines.

SIDNEY: thats for steamies only

DENNIS:im a lazy diesel and im too tired to be like a steamie

RAILWAY MANAGER:you'd better stop being lazy or i will send you away

NORMAN:no you cannot to that he is just tired today because he did alot of work last nightNorm

The Railway Manager got into his car and felt depressed.

RAILWAY MANAGER: I told that stubborn mayor that re-furbishing those old homes on Toby’s line was a bad idea. The line has never been the same since the quantity of passengers on Toby’s line extended

The Railway Manager found Toby in the yard fetching his coach, Henrietta.

RAILWAY MANAGER: Add three more coaches to that train, Toby and tell Brandon I said get five more coaches. We have a passenger load on your line today, Toby!

TOBY: (in a canche voice) ! So Toby and Cece fetched their coaches and for the rest of that day, things went as usual. Amazingly, Brandon actually got the passengers to calm down. One of Brandon‘s passengers was Madame Pusser, The Railway Manager‘s girlfriend. She spoke to one of the passengers.

MADAME: You know for a diesel, he sure is a cool guy.

Brandon winked and oiled away a few seconds after Toby. The next morning, Brandon brought five red passenger coaches into Arlesdale Station to start his journey when Diesel, Jaakko, Sidney, Norman,Dennis, Paxton, Den,Dart,Splatter,Dodge,Arry and Bert roared by hissing a usual. The Railway Manager and Madame Pusser were there.


SPENCER: They hate me, Sir! They say that diesels don’t work on branch lines and last night when i came back from The Summer House they called Stinky Silver Steam. I’m not stinky am i Sir?

The Railway Manager and Madame Pusser laughed

RAILWAY MANAGER: Away from Arry and Bert, you have the best attitude of any diesel I’ve ever had. All the same, I couldn’t help but notice that you had to add an extra your coach to your train because you couldn‘t fit all the passengers. The residence of the Arlesdale End Corridor Branch Line is going up rapidly. We do need another engine here. One that can take on the work herself.

BRANDON: What sort of engine?

RAILWAY MANAGER: A rather unusual one. Wait and see.

The Railway Manager went to a workshop and was showed all sorts of multiple units. He had decided to let Edward come with him. Emily pointed to a Settebello train from France.

EMILY: Sir, let’s get that!

EDWARD : I think i will just [FART]

The Settebello looked insulted.

RAILWAY MANAGER: Edward, you’ve offended her! Emily my lady, I don’t think we can fit a Settebello on Toby’s line. His line doesn’t have wires.

EDWARD: What about this train, Sir!

And he pointed at a Tube Train from the London Underground system on the mainland.

RAILWAY MANAGER: I don’t know about a subway, Edward. They make too much noise and she might disturb the new residents of Arlesdale.

They at last saw a Dockland Light Rail EMU.

RAILWAY MANAGER: That’s the one!

Edward and Emily agreed.

RAILWAY MANAGER: If I choose you, will you work hard?

CECE: Yes Sir! Please Sir!

EMILY: thats a good engine. Let’s call her CeCe.

CECE: I like that name.

RAILWAY MANAGER: CeCe, it shall be then.

The Railway manager brought CeCe to the yard.

RAILWAY MANAGER: Toby, this is CeCe. Can you show her everything?

So Toby showed CeCe what she had to do and they had a nice morning. Then Dodge came up and was about to give CeCe a load of thick black smoke. CeCe blew her horn and screamed.


Dodge jumped and ran back to the sheds. Toby gazed with admiration for the light rail unit.

TOBY: How beautifully you shooed him! I can shoo like that!

CECE: Oh! It’s nothing. You have to shoo loudly so you can be heard.

Soon Toby introduced CeCe to her brother  and soon they became fast friends as well. Toby helped Thomas on the Knapford-Ffarquhar Branch Line greeting each other as they passed by. CeCe and Brandon worked on the Quarry Line. There were fewer trains, but the passengers didn’t mind. They knew that three other engines were having a lesson. Diesel, Jaakko, Sidney,Norman, Dennis,Paxton, Den,Dart,Splatter,Dodge,Arry and Bert were cold, lonely and miserable. They wish now they hadn’t been so silly.

DENNIS: I think we might be done guys!

The other twelve diesels agreed. The next day, The Railway Manager came to their shed.

RAILWAY MANAGER: I don’t know what’s gotten into you twelve , but I am sure you know. You have done well so I thought it might be reasonable to promote you twelve. There are always going to be engines who get bigger jobs than you, but there are engines who have less too. I know you only want to prove to be Really Useful, but your types are not built to handle heavy duties as Gordon,James, Henry and Spencer's are. You should be thankful for what you can do and stop worrying about what you can’t do.

The Railway Manager walked away and turned back around.

RAILWAY MANAGER: Another thing too! This diesel engines are revolutionary and don’t work on branch line business must stop. Understand?

The twelve Class 08s promised and were let out of the sheds to start their work.

Meanwhile, Toby was at a signal waiting for the signalman to change the points. Usually everything goes like clockwork, but today there was trouble. Toby usually rang his bell to warn the signalman to switch the points, but today, he was so excited to work that he was rather careless and forgot. So he waited…..and waited…….and did some more waiting, but nothing happened. Just then, he heard a horn. It was Dart coming his way with three coaches. He saw Toby and blew his horn loudly.

DART:: Get out of my way silly old diesel tram

Dart stopped just inches from Toby. Toby was so scared that he backed down very fast. He went dozens of places backwards. He glided backwards through Tidmouth Station. Then screeched through Henry’s tunnel backwards. when Spencer saw Toby he was surprised He went up and down Gordon’s Hill. The signalman who had heard about the incident shouted:


Toby kept on going and going!

TOBY: I want to stop! I want to stop! I have stopped!

He said as he hit a large lump of coal. The Railway Manager came aboard CeCe to help.

CECE: Wow! That was cool! Can you teach me that?

TOBY: I will never do this again.

RAILWAY MANAGER: I hope you will remember to ring your bell next time, Toby!

TOBY: I will, Sir!

Toby and CeCe are now good friends. CeCe worked so hard that Sir Topham Hatt gave her a new coat of paint. She chose periwinkle. The two allies keep each other very busy and sometimes does all the work to give Toby a rest. They both agree that diesels can be devious.


  • This story is a cross-parody of three Original Railway Series stories in one. Them being, Tenders and Turntables, Trouble In The Shed, and Percy Runs Away.
  • Three real trains are seen; The Tube Train, The Settebello. The third one being the Dockland Light Railway's EMU who later becomes CeCe.


  • There aren't that many homes on Toby's line and it is less likely that they wouldn't have cars. A housing devolopment that small wouldn't have been enough to extend the quantity of passengers on Toby's line.
  • It is unlikely thateard Toby the signalman would not have homing.
  • Daisy should have had a horn sound not a whilsle sound because she is a diesel and diesels have horns insted of whiltsles
  • Spencer should have had a cabbouse at the end of his train

is the fith season to be in CGI, a rewinded stock footage from Toby's New Shed is accidently used.

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