Todd Marcus is a Piston Cup racer in the Cars series. He is one of two racers for the No Stall team, along with Jonas Carvers.



In Cars, Todd is one of thirty-six Piston Cup racers that compete for the Piston Cup trophy in the Dinoco 400 at the Motor Speedway of the South. Marcus is performing decently up until Chick Hicks creates a large accident between all competitors besides himself, Lightning McQueen, and Strip Weathers. During the wreck, Todd hits Ernie Gearson before spinning out of control and bumping into Claude Scruggs, and the two find themselves roof-to-roof. Though Todd suffers some physical damage, he is still able to race, and returns to the fray after a pit stop, finishing the race in the middle of the pack.

The World of Cars Online

In The World of Cars Online, Todd could be found competing at the Tailgator Speedway, as one of the opposing racers, along with Lee Revkins and Johnny Blamer.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, Todd is the first unlockable playable character, made available once both tutorial races have been completed as Lightning McQueen. Marcus comes to Radiator Springs to race against McQueen, who he cites as one of his idols. Todd owns his own track called Todd's Track, where players can earn all of Chick Hicks' stickers by emerging victorious from races against Fillmore, Tow Mater, Flo, and Hicks. Todd's Pit is unlocked alongside him, which is where Marcus resides in the player's town.

Todd has two unlockable paint jobs, Rookie Green and Golden Champion, which can be unlocked by earning stickers in practices races at Todd's Track.

Cars 3

Todd returns to compete in the 2016 Piston Cup season with Lightning McQueen, Bobby Swift and Cal Weathers in Cars 3, alongside many other traditional stock car racers. He sports a new look, with blue paint towards his rear and a sleeker "123" design. However, as Jackson Storm's performance sparks an interest of Piston Cup teams into next-gens, Todd either retires or gets fired by No Stall and gets replaced by a next-generation racer named Jonas Carvers.

Appearance in Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2019)

Along with several other Piston Cup Racers and characters from other movies, Todd makes a cameo appearance when the movie is rewinding back to the beginning.

General information

Physical description

Todd is an Axxelo Fission that is painted red, with a black spoiler and lining. He sports the No Stall logo on his hood and fenders, along with the number "123" painted in white on his doors and roof. In addition to his own sponsor, he also has conting envy sponsors for the on his doors, just like every other Piston Cup car. They include Leak Less and RPM. In Cars 3, Todd has an updated look, with the addition of blue into his paint scheme. His racing number has a sleeker look on his doors, and he has blue rims. He also has brown eyes.

Personality and traits

Todd has a kind personality, but still takes his career seriously, and has determination while he races. Todd seems to look up to Lightning McQueen, and inspires to one day become as great as him.

Profiles and statistics

Cars Fast as Lightning

  • Initial stats
    • Power: 17
  • Paint jobs: Rookie Green, Golden Champion


  • Jerry Trainor (UK/US)



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