Story 4/8 of Favorite Places, Favorite Faces.

Characters: James, Spencer, Sir Topham Hatt, Donald, Douglas, Hiro (cameo), Thomas (cameo), Percy (cameo), Henry (cameo), and Emily .

The snow was back, the engines had to wear snowplows to clear the big drifts of snow. On a snowy day one morning, Sir Topham Hatt had some bad news.

Sir Topham Hatt: "Bad news. Another cold front is coming in from the Mainland today. You must all try to make good decisions again. Last time, Edward showed us what that looks like and how its done. Please be safe and sound."

Then Sir Topham Hatt left.

Spencer: "I'm too important to do that. That's only for little annoying engines."

Edward: "Spencer, this is very serious. If you are not safe, your driver and fireman will get hypothemia and will sooner or later die of it. This won't happen if you are safe, and your driver and fireman are in a nice warm place."

Spencer: "Edward, your an old weak engine who doesn't know about importance."

Spencer puffed away in disarry. He would prove that to Edward if he had to go into the hypothemia stage. Later that day, Spencer went to the coal hopper to refill his tender with coal, James was there.

Spencer: "Hurry up, I don't wait for engines who need bootlaces."

James: "Be quiet. At least I didn't fall into a ditch."

Spencer: "Didn't needed to be rescued by old weak Edward."

James: "I wasn't afraid of a cow."

Spencer: "I didn't show everyone my undercoat."

James: "I didn't get coal stuck in my funnel, and had to go to the Steamworks to get it out."

Spencer: "Well I didn't-"

Emily: "Can you two please be quiet. You are both wrong about both of you being right. There are times when we mess up, but we live and learn."

James and Gordon didn't speak to each other for the rest of the day. That night, Spencer was taking the last express train of the day at 6:00 P.M and had arrived at Mathiwate at 7:00. Spencer was uncoupled, and puffed home, back to Tidmouth Sheds.

Spencer: "Stupid James. I told him so."

But he was wrong. Emily noticed Spencer had stopped.

Spencer: "What happened?"

Emily's Driver: "Emily  has run out of coal. If we had only waited, then we didn't be stuck out here."

Emily's Fireman: "i'm sure Another engine could  pull her to the Coal Hopper"

Spencer: i can do it

Emily's Driver: "That's a good idea."

And so Spencer was coupled up to Emily .

Emily: " Thank you Spencer"

Spencer: (yawns) "your welcome, now i'll get some sleep". (closes his eyes) (snoring)

then Spencer closed his eyes and he went fast asleep.

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