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(The Pixar Animation Studios logo shows)

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Toy Story 3

(The logo burns and reveals the back of a train. The camera flows towards the bank car and the top of it blows. Bags of dollars come out of it as does Mr. Potato Head who is portraying One-Eyed Bart)

Mr Potato Head: Ha ha ha ha! Money, money, money. (He puts a bag in the back of him and then his foot gets lassoed) Hey. Oof. (He lands on his back)

(Woody walks into view and as Mr. Potato Head groans, Woody puts his foot on him)

Woody: You got a date with justice, One-Eyed Bart.

Mr Potato Head: Too bad, Sheriff. I'm a married man.

(Mrs Potato Head karate yells)

(Woody gasps)

(The camera scrolls to show Mrs. Potato Head who is portraying One-Eyed Betty)

Mrs Potato Head: Yah!

(The scene cuts to Woody)

Woody: One-Eyed Betty?

(Mrs. Potato Head yells as she goes to attack Woody but he dodges her attacks until he reaches the edge of the back of the train. Mrs. Potato Head knocks him off)

(Woody yells)

(Mr. Potato Head cackles)

Mr Potato Head: Huh?

(The scene cuts to Bullseye galloping. He has Woody and Jessie on his saddle)

Jessie: I think you dropped something, Mr.

Mr Potato Head: Jessie?

Woody: Give it up, Bart. You've reached the end of the line.

Mr Potato Head: (pulling out a button) I always wanted to go out with a bang.

(The camera flows to show the bridge. The scene then cuts to the bridge with lots of dynamite and a switch)

(The scene cuts to Mr and Mrs Potato Head on the train. Mr. Potato Head cackles as he presses the button)

(The scene cuts to the bridge. The switch beeps and the dynamite explodes leaving a big gap in the bridge)

(The scene cuts to Woody and Jessie riding Bullseye)

(Woody gasps)

Jessie: Oh no.

Woody: The orphans.

(The scene flows to show multiple trolls with different hair colours on board the train)

(The scene cuts to Mr and Mrs Potato Head on the train)

Mr Potato Head: Hate to leave early. But, our ride's here.

(Woody and Jessie spot two-eyed Aliens driving a pink corvette. As they pass Woody, Jessie and Bullseye....)

Aliens: Ooohhhh.

(The Aliens drive up to the train)

Mr Potato Head: It's me or the kiddies, Sheriff. Take your pick. Whoo-hoo.

Mrs Potato Head: Ha ha.

Mr Potato Head: Ha ha ha ha.