Lotso: Thank you, Sheriff.

Woody: We're all in this together. Right, guys? Guys?!

Jessie: Woody. Down here.

(Lotso, Buzz and Woody drop down to join the other toys)

Jessie: Woody.

Hamm: He he ho.

(The other toys giggle as a birds eye view shows them on the treadmill and then the scene cuts back to them)

Rex: Woody. Look. I can see daylight. We're gonna be okay!

Woody: Ha ha ha.

Hamm: He hey.

(Woody lowers in fear)

Woody: I don't think that's daylight.

(The scene scrolls forward until it stops at the incinerator and then cuts back to the toys)

Woody: Ruuuuuuunn!

(Lotso gasps and them runs too)

(The toys try to run away from it. But Lotso falls and then spots a button. He grabs the first step of the ladder)

Lotso: Sheriff! The button! Help me.

Woody: Come on.

(Woody and Buzz run over and push Lotso's feet)

Woody: Go. Go! Hit the button!

(As Lotso climbs, the toys are getting so close to falling into the incinerator)

(Woody gasps in fear)

Woody: Hurry.

(Lotso gets to the top and is about to press the button, but then looks at the toys in anger)

Woody: Just push it! Push it!

Buzz: Push it!

Lotso: (pulling an evil look) Where's your kid now, Sheriff?! (He runs off in the opposite direction)

Woody: No. Nooo!

Buzz: Lotso.

(The toys get pushed into the incinerator)

Woody: Nooo!

(The toys land heavily and then stare in horror at the incinerator)

(Woody gasps and starts to climb as do the others)

(Rex slips)

Rex: Ahh!

Woody: Rex!

(Rex yells as he and the other toys slip)

(The incinerator is still burning flames)

Jessie: Buzz! What do we do?!

(Buzz looks at Jessie and then takes her hand and both look at each other. Jessie then sees Bullseye panicking and grabs his hoove to stop him panicking. Slinky takes Hamm's paw whom then takes Rex's hand. Mr. Potato Head, who is grazing hands with Mrs. Potato Head grabs Rex's other hand. Woody is then seen climbing and then turns to see Buzz who offers his hand. Woody reaches for Buzz's hand and takes it. Woody then takes Slinky's paw and then all of them stare in horror at the incinerator. One by one, they close their eyes. The last to close their eyes is Woody. A flashlight then awakes Woody who looks up to see a giant claw. The claw then grabs a giant pile of rubbish which holds the toys and drags them away from the incinerator. The toys stare in confusion at the claw and then look in the control booth to see the Aliens controlling it)

Aliens: The Claaaaaawww!

(Two of the Aliens push levers which drags the claw away. Woody looks back on the incinerator and sighs in happiness. The claw then stops outside with some other rubbish and then drops the rubbish pile with the toys. Some of them moan. Rex comes out of it in happiness belief. The scene then cuts to the potato heads who stop sliding as the reach the bottom)

Mr Potato Head: You know all that bad stuff I said about Andy's attic? I take it all back.

Slinky Dog: Ya darn tootin.

Hamm: You said it.

(The scene cuts to Buzz and Jessie who are still holding hands. The two smile at each other)

(The scene cuts to the potato heads)

Mrs Potato Head: Oh, darling. You were so brave.

(The Aliens approach them)

Mrs Potato Head: You saved our lives.

Mr Potato Head: And we are eternally greatful.

(The Aliens look at each other)

Mr Potato Head: (as he picks up the Aliens) My boys.

Aliens: Daaaadyyy.

Hamm: Hey. Where's that furball Lotso?

Slinky Dog: Yeah. I'd like to loosen his stitching.

Woody: Forget it, guys. He's not worth it.

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