Jessie: Oh.

???: Psst. Psst.

(The scene scrolls left. Woody pops his head out of the curtain)

Woody: (whispering) Hey, guys. (He disappears)

(Mrs. Potato Head gasps)

Jessie: Woody?

Rex: (with joy) Woody. Ah.

(The other toys run)

Jessie: (with joy) Woody!

(The scene cuts to the toys running into the gazebo to reunite with Woody laughing with joy)

Slinky Dog: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hamm: (chuckles) Woody.

Jessie: Thank goodness.

(Mr. Potato Head and Hamm pick up Woody)

Slinky Dog: You're alive.

Woody: (chuckling) Of course I'm alive.

(Rex laughs)

(Woody giggles)

(Bullseye places Woody's hat on Woody's head)

Woody: Ha. Hey. My hat. (Confused) Hey. Where's Buzz?

Rex: Lotso did something to him.

Slinky Dog: He thinks he's a real space ranger again.

Woody: Oh no.

Hamm: Oh yes. Return of the astro-nut.

Jessie: Oh, Woody. We were wrong to leave Andy. I... I was wrong.

Mr. Potato Head: Jessie's right, Woody. She WAS wrong.

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