Trouble at Brendam is the 34th episode from the spin-off series Teletubbies!


The Teletubbies are busy with Stephen Mulhern at the Love Home setting up an Ant vs Dec competition when the Teletubbies head back to Teletubbyland when the windmill spins for a TV event about kids in Russia blowing bubbles. After it ends, carnage is happening at the Love Home as Woody and Nemo are playing a game of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and at the same time, Woody is showing off about him beating Bowser. But after the game ends, Ant comes in and tells the toys that Bo Peep is in a spot of bother at Brendam Docks and the toys head to the docks only to find Sailor John taunting her and "accidentally" knocking her into the water. Woody is flabbergasted when he sees this happening and then him and Buzz think of a way to rescue her. Jessie then suggests that Woody should go underwater and rescue her. But Woody doesn't think that is going to work because his pull string might not work once he is out. Then, Buzz thinks that Jessie should do it because her pull string is already broken. Jessie does then agree and does it and rescues Bo from the water and then

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