Ultimate Friendship Adventures is an upcoming DVD featuring five episodes from the twentieth and nineteenth seasons.

Our Story Stops Are:

  1. Sidney Sings
  2. Toby's New Friend 
  3. Henry Gets the Express 
  4. Diesel and the Ducklings
  5. Saving Time
  6. No Help At All
  7. The Other Side of the Mountain
  8. Rocky Rescue
  9. Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt
  10. Thomas the Babysitter


  • This DVD marked the first of a couple things:
    • The first DVD since Milkshake Muddle not to have any bonus features at all. 
    • This is the first and only CGI DVD to date not to have bonus features at all.
    • This is the first DVD since Animals Aboard not to feature Guess Who Puzzles at all.
    • This is the first DVD to feature ten episodes since 10 Years of Thomas.
    • This is the first CGI DVD to feature ten episodes.
    • This is the first time to have one new episode.
    • This is the first DVD since High Speed Adventures not to feature segments at all.
    • This is the first time to have the Engine Roll Call theme since Engine Friends.
    • This is the first time Sidney Sings, Toby's New Friend, Henry Gets the Express, Diesel and the Ducklings, No Help At All, The Other Side of the Mountain, Rocky Rescue, Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas the Babysitter were on this US DVD. 
  • This is the last US DVD to have the old intro. Starting with Extraordinary Engines onwards, the new intro is used.


  • The new intro is not on this DVD. The Season 13-18 intro is used.
  • On the back cover, it says Bonus Features Not Rated hiatus. It does not feature Bonus Features at all.
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